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by | Nov 24, 2019

Saturday Okay, lots to say. Last night Tommy, my handsome son, our handsome son, appeared at our home after a…Read More

by | Jul 24, 2019

Sunday Wow. It is hot down here in the desert. Judah and I drove down here this morning just for…Read More

by | May 12, 2019

When I was a junior in Montgomery Blair High School, my teacher, Mrs. F., asked us if we thought America…Read More

by | Apr 25, 2019

Wednesday About twenty years ago, there was a rash of witch sightings in the elementary schools of America. Teachers, in…Read More

by | Apr 21, 2019

First of all, about reparations, the notion of paying money to black or partially black Americans for the enslavement of…Read More

by | Mar 22, 2019

Wednesday An idiotic day. I went up to my favorite Italian restaurant, The Rainbow, on Sunset Strip, to get some…Read More

by | Mar 1, 2019

To begin at the beginning, I’m at the Breakers, a spectacularly built and situated resort in Palm Beach, Florida. I’m…Read More

by | Feb 19, 2019

Now for the charming topics of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Ed Markey, and the so-called “Green New Deal.” If ever there was…Read More

by | Feb 17, 2019

Well, it had to happen. We were taught in econ 101 (actually my first class in econ was “Money and…Read More

by | Jan 25, 2019

Sunday Here I am in Miami Beach with my friend and assistant, Bob Noah. He’s a super smart guy and…Read More

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