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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Why am I running into a pay wall?

Like most other online publications, The American Spectator allows visitors a limited number of free articles per month. If you are seeing a paywall you have hit our monthly limit; to continue reading please register here.

Q: I subscribed to the American Spectator but I am unable to log in.

First make sure that you have successfully subscribed by checking your inbox for a confirmation email from us. If you have no such email please try subscribing again here. If you have a confirmation email, make sure you are inputting the correct email address in our login screen. If you are still having issues feel free to contact us.

Q: I am a subscriber but I keep having to log in every time I want to read an article.

There are a number of possible reasons for this issue, but the most common cause involves the “cookies” setting on your web browser. Our website relies on cookies to remember your account while you are browsing the site. Before checking your cookies settings, first make sure you have a working subscription by checking your inbox for a confirmation email. Next, make sure you have the “remember me” box checked when you log in. To check your cookies please visit this link. Make sure you have JavaScript, Cookies and Third-Party Cookies enabled. If any of these are disabled, please follow the “How to Enable” instructions on the right side of the page. If you have followed all these steps and continue to run into problems, please contact us and include the name of the web browser you are using to access our site.

Q: Why do I continue seeing ads on your website even after I subscribed?

Our basic Digital subscription plan allows unlimited access to our articles, but it does include advertisements. If you would prefer an ad-free experience please upgrade to our Digital+ plan. More info on subscriptions can be found here. If you have a Digital+ plan and continue to see ads, please make sure you are logged in while reading articles.

Q: Is The American Spectator still in print?

Although the American Spectator mostly exists online, our Digital+ and Foundation subscribers will receive by mail our annual print magazine with exclusive content.
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