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How Much Did the Cornyn Gun Surrender Cost the GOP?

In the long run, the answer might be: not much. But this column warned the Stupid Party Republican crowd in the U.S. Senate not to sell out their voters on guns, and they ignored the advice, and right about now it’s pretty clear this column was correct.

We can say that because here’s the latest Rasmussen poll on the generic congressional ballot

A generic Republican candidate shows a slight five-point lead against a generic Democrat, shrinking four points since the previous week, in the latest Rasmussen Reports poll released Friday.

As the Republicans look to retake control of Congress in the 2022 midterm elections only 143 days away, the most recent Rasmussen Reports survey showed that 46 percent of likely U.S. voters would elect a Republican, compared to the 41 percent who said they would vote for the Democrat.

Only four percent said they would vote for some other candidate, and the other nine percent said they were not sure. However, the GOP’s lead shrunk by four points from the previous week when the lead spread nine points, 48 percent to 39 percent.

What else happened in America over the course of the past week that would bolster the Democrats’ hopes of retaking Congress? Word of an economic recovery on the way? Did we go and win a war somewhere?

Nope. Falling off four points in the generic ballot while everything the Democrat Party is doing becomes more and more manifestly disastrous can only be the product of your own voters’ disgust with you.

And maybe giving the Democrats a win they can take to their people.

Why give the Democrats a win in the middle of a massively important election year?

Other than that you’re stupid and weak, that is.

It turns out that Republican voters are sick and tired of stupid and weak politicians. So when John Cornyn, the architect of this “bipartisan” gun deal which essentially green-lights unconstitutional “red flag” laws which deny basic constitutional rights without due process to people who, while sketchy, have yet to commit crimes (something you absolutely cannot trust that Democrats in government power will not utterly and egregiously abuse, by the way), made his way to the Texas GOP convention, here’s what he got for his “leadership” on the gun issue…

Can you ever remember anything like that?

Here’s more…

When Cornyn started in with his defense of the gun deal, it didn’t get any better…

Republican voters have absolutely had it with the ruling elite, and that includes the John Cornyns of the world who think it’s OK to climb over the rubes back home to get membership in the big club in DC and then ignore the people who put them there.

These mass shooters the gun-grabbing ghouls on the Democrat side are so quick to attempt to politically monetize are not the product of “easy” availability of guns. They’re the product of a culture which has gone septic, particularly in its utter destruction of the nuclear family and the absence of fathers from the homes of so many of these dysfunctional kids, and an education system which is hostile to the point of abusive of so many of its victims.

Who controls the cultural institutions and the educational system? Democrats. Who abandoned the cultural fight and who has larded up the educational system with good money after bad for decades?

Stupid Party Republicans like John Cornyn.

None of this is surprising. It’s gone on forever. Cornyn doesn’t come from some swing state where he needs Democrat votes to survive; he’s from Texas. And of all the statewide elected officials there he’s far and away the least spirited conservative.

That’s true of most of the rest of the 10 Stupid Party conspirators who have signed on to this gun deal.

Wake up, you idiots. Your voters are screaming at you that it’s time to fulfill your promises. It’s time to stop treating us as chumps and be worthy of what you’ve been given.

It’s time for there to be an actual difference between Republican politicians and Democrat politicians. The Democrats understand that extremely well; it’s too bad for them that their embrace of contrast has made them utterly anti-American, and the voters have noticed.

But that isn’t a reason to give them half a loaf.

It’s actually not too late to dump this gun deal. Maybe if John Cornyn was humiliated enough by the activists who elected him in the first place giving him the Bronx cheer at a convention he’s supposed to be a star of, he’ll actually listen to those boos and realize he’s on the wrong track.

It isn’t hard, you know. It really isn’t. Make sure you don’t sell out your own people and you can go quite far in politics.

Nobody booed Ted Cruz, who has nothing to do with that stupid gun deal, at the Texas GOP convention, you know.

Scott McKay
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