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Money for Nothing and the Rent’s for Free


Sacramento After debating rent control in Santa Monica on Monday with a leader of a liberal community group, I was left thinking about a great quotation from a famous left-wing Californian, author Upton Sinclair: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” In this […]

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‘Everyone Knows’ — Why John Cox Can Win Governor of California


Everyone “knows” that a Republican like John Cox can’t be elected Governor in California because the state is just too blue, right? Well, the people of Maryland, Massachusetts, Illinois, or Maine might not know that. Each of those states elected a Republican governor even though they are as blue, or even bluer, than California. Conventional […]

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An Easy Way to Lower the Trade Deficit


From the first day Donald Trump started running for president he has raged against America’s large and persistent trade‎ deficit. His tariff policies are designed to try to reduce these trade imbalances — it is the metric he uses to gauge whether other nations are playing by the rules of our trade deals. As a […]

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Lay Off Boris Johnson — and Us for That Matter


Washington A fellow Spectatorian is under enemy fire, and we all must rally around him, particularly because he has done nothing wrong and because if those attacking him triumph we shall all suffer. The cause is free speech. The free speech that is endangered is in Great Britain, but if the forces of censorship win […]

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CEI Study: Remove Tariffs and Trade Barriers


A pro free-market group released a study Wednesday that argues the trade wars originating from President Trump’s tariffs will depress, not encourage, financial growth. Competitive Enterprise Institute’s (CEI) “Traders of the Lost Ark: Rediscovering a Moral and Economic Case for Free Trade” says that free trade is one of the most important factors that has […]

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Reagan Library Shows America at Its Best


Fresh on the heels of lamenting the Aug. 6 death of former U.S. Sen. Paul Laxalt, known as Ronald Reagan’s “best friend in politics,” I found myself last Friday looking at a hand-written sentence from Reagan to Laxalt. On an otherwise routine response to a policy-inquiry message from Laxalt to the White House, Reagan wrote that […]

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Strzok Out, Ohr In


The FBI finally pink-slipped Peter Strzok on Monday. The Deep State’s policy is to keep its bad employees close and its worst employees even closer. The cocky Strzok had thought he might survive under that rule, but apparently even Mueller pal Christopher Wray has his limits. The FBI had made sure to keep Strzok employed […]

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Of Guilt and the Late Confederacy


Anti-Confederate liberals (of various races) can’t get over the fact that pro-common-sense liberals, moderates, and conservatives (of various races) can’t go over the fact that rhetorical agitation over race has led us down a blind alley. The supposed “nationalist” rally in Washington, D.C. last weekend was more an embarrassment to its promoters than it was […]

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Dems Battle to Limit Your Health Insurance Choices


Democrats are trying to ban low-cost health insurance that covers less than Obamacare. They claim they’re protecting the public from what Senator Chuck Schumer calls “junk insurance.” Don’t believe it. In truth, they’re sabotaging middle class consumers who’ve been priced out of Obamacare and dread being uninsured. The Affordable Care Act requires all health plans […]

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Melting Pot Meltdown


America’s greatness, they say, is built on its patchwork cultural foundation. The ability of numerous and varied peoples to peacefully live side by side, each contributing their best while recognizing the best of others, is the backbone of the American experiment. This “melting pot” mentality produced a stew so rich that in a little over […]

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