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Has Obama’s Would-Be Publisher Read ‘Breaking the War Mentality’?


On February 17, Publishers Weekly reported that former President Barack Obama and his attorney are shopping a memoir among the Big Five trade publishers in New York. The price is expected to be high for one unusual reason, unusual at least for a political figure. Explained the New York Times’ Gardiner Harris in September 2016, […]

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Who Will Hold the IRS Accountable?


In the bubble of Washington, pols strain at the gnat and swallow the camel. They chase after media-driven pseudo-scandals while letting real scandals linger. Take the scandal of the IRS’s harassment of non-profit groups during the Obama administration. Getting to the bottom of that scandal is far more important than any of the election-related wild […]

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The Lessons of Oroville


Oroville dam and its out-of-control spillway dramatize California’s sudden water turnaround this winter. The rains continue, and about 7 inches are predicted this week in the Sacramento Valley. The six-year drought is over. “At least for now,” say Californians. Like other Americans, they greet any unusual weather event by affirming climate-change awareness. In pouring rain […]

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Sunshine Democrats in Disarray


Having had their electoral lunch unexpectedly eaten in November, Democrats across the nation are in more disarray than Bob Dylan’s hair, with factions riding off in different directions. There are all manner of sub-sets and niche gripes, as you would expect in an outfit as big as the Democrat Party. But the main demarcation organizes […]

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John Irving and the New Fascism


It all sounds so righteous. Soooo tolerant. There is the Oscar-winning novelist John Irving (in 2000, for the screenplay of his novel The Cider House Rules) saying this as the Oscars approach: “In our community, tolerance of intolerance is unacceptable.” And there it is. The Orwellian world view come to Hollywood. What, pray tell, is […]

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The Trump Effect


Presidents Day. L.A. Off in a drizzle to my 12 step meeting. It has been raining steadily here most of the winter. It’s like living in a dimly lit aquarium. The “climate change” nuts had been telling us that we humans had caused the drought and now we were going to have 500 years of […]

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Happy Birthday to Our Greatest President


In the Revolutionary War as well as the formative years of our nation’s independence, no one played a bigger role than George Washington. The late historian James Flexner called him “the indispensable.” Without his leadership, it is hard to imagine the fledgling nation surviving intact. At Washington’s funeral, Rep. Henry Lee famously eulogized him as, […]

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Dumbest Ever Defense of Obamacare


Rational observers of Obamacare’s accelerating implosion will be drawn inexorably toward the conclusion that it is, as Aetna chief executive Mark Bertolini put it last week, “in a death spiral.” However, as our friends on the left have clearly demonstrated since November, they are anything but rational. Thus, they continue to delude themselves that “reform” […]

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Rating the Presidents — and Obama


I’ve been getting emails from bewildered colleagues asking about a survey of presidential scholars that determined that Barack Obama is the 12th best president in the history of the United States, putting him near the top quartile of our presidents. How can this be? I, too, was mystified, especially given that I participated in the […]

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That’s Entertainment! Trump’s 75-Minute Tour de Force


Donald Trump, giving press conferences as president, is like a cross between Fidel Castro’s long-windedness and machismo and Christopher Walken’s theatrical presence — and nobody else in the room can compete with that. This was on display Thursday, when after a week’s worth of his administration being buffeted by a hurricane of negative media coverage […]

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