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Moondog at 100: A Classicist in a Class of His Own


If you were in New York City between 1947 and 1972 and found yourself walking on Sixth Avenue between West 52nd & West 55th Streets, there is a very good chance you saw a blind Viking carrying a stick as large as himself.

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The Case for Vice President Newt Gingrich


Experienced, conservative, smarts, bold colors — and a willingness to fight back. So we have reached that latest stage of the campaign. Let the speculation begin. Gather around your favorites and put your chips down. Mine: Vice President Newt Gingrich. Readers in this space will know I’ve spent months urging a Trump-Cruz ticket. At least […]

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And the Winner Is… John Kasich!


In the past I was no devotee of Kasich’s Scriptural exegesis, as when he discovered Obamacare tucked neatly into his Bible. Still, his campaign this time did strike a resonant chord with its worshipful vibrato. I believe him when he professes to seek God’s purpose for his life.

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