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Assassination Fascination


Since long before Brutus, Cassius, and their gang carved up Julius Caesar in 44 BC, political assassinations have been a favorite tool of revolutionaries, terrorists, and despots. People find assassinations to be endlessly — and not grimly — entertaining as demonstrated by the constant market for books, plays, and movies about them, both fact and […]

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Trump Is Right About Medicare-for-All


President Trump’s recent declaration in USA Today that Medicare-for-All would “demolish promises to seniors” produced a deluge of denunciations from the Democrats, the media, and the plan’s primary congressional promoter — Bernie Sanders. The latter’s response to the President’s op-ed uses the word “lie” repeatedly and CNN claims Trump’s op-ed “assaults the truth.” But elderly voters […]

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Night After Night


Sunday Last night, as is usual, I went out to Mr Chow for dinner. It was packed, as usual. My favorite Irish waiter, James the Flirtatious, whirled around with his magic of bringing Diet Coke just when it’s needed. And by the way, what a miracle Diet Coke happens to be. It’s always delicious. Never […]

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The Fall of the Gay Mafia’s Don


Some of Donald Wuerl’s priests called him the “Tin Man,” a reference to his cold, heartless style as the archbishop of Washington, D.C., a position from which he has now formally resigned, though outrageously Pope Francis is permitting him to continue as an “apostolic administrator” until his successor arrives. It is hilarious that Wuerl became […]

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Believe Emmett Till


The “Believe Women” movement started with a commendable goal, namely, to take women seriously when they charge that they’ve been sexually harassed. But now, in the wake of the Brett Kavanaugh spectacle, and the uncorroborated charges made against him by Christine Blasey Ford — uncorroborated by the very witnesses Ford herself named and the FBI […]

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Pope Francis, Cardinal Wuerl, and the Communist Chinese


What do the Communist Chinese have to do with this event? I’ll get to that later. But first the news is not that Pope Francis accepted Cardinal Wuerl’s resignation as Archbishop of Washington. The news is: Pope Francis dithered over accepting it since Wuerl had submitted his resignation as a matter of course three years […]

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How Living Two Years Under Socialism Made Me a Capitalist


Background In 1985 my family moved to Israel for two years, playing our part in reclaiming a heretofore unclaimed portion of our Biblical patrimony. So, with 35 other young families, we co-founded the new community of Neve Aliza in Ginot Shomron (“Samaria Gardens”) in the heart of Samaria, the northern half of what is falsely […]

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Does Washington Want to Lose Little or Bigly in the Mideast?


Sir Winston Churchill once quipped that, “Americans will always do the right thing, only after they have tried everything else.” Unfortunately, in the Middle East, doing the right thing is often the wrong thing to do for the national interest. Since 1945, the United States has vacillated between propping up savage dictatorships in the region […]

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Trump May Be Inching Toward Broad Criminal Sentencing Reform


Washington President Donald Trump frequently brings up prison reform at his Make America Great Again rallies. The subject is on his short list of favored topics, like the wall at the Mexican border and killing NAFTA. Trump brought up prison reform in his 2018 State of the Union address. On Monday, he thanked the International […]

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Gosnell: A Must, Must, Must See Movie


Saturday Run. Don’t walk. If you care about abortion. If you care about the precious innocence of the hundreds of thousands of unborn babies — and especially BORN babies — murdered every year by the abortionists. If you care about the sanctity of life. RUN DON’T WALK to see “The Gosnell Movie,” as I call […]

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