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Feminism’s Experiment Against Common Sense


In the wake of the Weinstein scandal, the commissars of feminism are policing ideological infractions with increased vigor. Several women in the entertainment industry have had to apologize abjectly to the commissars for daring to suggest that women seek protection from a salacious, pawing Hollywood culture by not participating in it. “Big Bang Theory’s Mayim […]

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Toxic Femininity


Since the election of Donald Trump to the White House a little under a year ago, the interwebs have been awash in complaints and “analysis” by our postmodernist betters on the subject of “toxic masculinity” and what a threat it poses to our general harmony. And yes, “toxic masculinity” is an actual thing. Or better […]

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‘Only the Brave’ — Running Into the Danger


The towers burned, the city was in a panic. Most of us fled as smoke and fear filled the air. Still, a small group of men and women moved toward the danger. It was September 11, 2001, when new generations, raised without war or imminent threats, became acutely aware what heroes do: the opposite of […]

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Intellectual Morons: Professor Evil Calls for the End of Humanity


New research on Mensa members claims demonstrably higher rates of mental illness among people with high IQs. One finds anecdotal support for the statistical evidence in a new article by a South African philosopher calling for the elimination of mankind. Philosopher David Benatar argues in an article at Aeon called “Kids? Just Say No” that […]

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Congress Poised to Bailout Insurers, Fleece Taxpayers


Democrats and some Republicans in Congress are pushing for a $10 billion a year payout to insurance companies that sell Obamacare plans. President Trump calls it “bailing out” the insurance industry. Truer words were never spoken. The politicians backing this sweetheart deal claim it will protect consumers. Don’t fall for it. The money will go […]

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An Open Letter to Jeff Bezos


Dear Jeff: Amazon is amazing. In just 20 years as a public company, the company you founded has experienced a thousand-fold growth in sales — going from $148 million in 1997 to $138 billion in 2016 and a projected $160 billion in the current year. Adjusted for splits, the price of the stock has gone […]

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The Next Solyndra: DOE Proposing Massive Energy Subsidies


Energy Secretary Rick Perry has come up with a proposal for nuclear energy and coal that would make the Obamacrats “who cooked up the famously botched bailout of defunct solar-panel manufacturer Solyndra blush.” That’s according to Mark Perry, the American Enterprise Institute scholar and University of Michigan economics professor, writing in U.S. News last week: […]

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Senators Scramble to Save Subsidy Smartly Stopped by Trump


Donald Trump pulled the cost-sharing reductions (CSRs) propping up the individual healthcare market last week. Senators Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) and Patty Murray (D-WA) hastily offered a temporary fix to those ailing individual markets in an effort to salvage them. But it remains unclear why the president would want to sign a bill to restore what […]

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Explanations of (Excuses for) Sex Harassment: Are They Relevant in Court?


As the national media spotlight continues to glare on Harvey Weinstein’s arrogant and shameful sexual misconduct (and possible criminal assault) and the “me too” social media campaign demonstrates the grotesque depth of the problem nationwide, a variety of questions swirl around the perplexing complexity of sexual harassment laws. Employment lawyers often are called upon to […]

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Muslimedia Wants You to Think It’s Moderate


Coming soon to a mosque near you: Muslimedia, a forum that promises to offer “blunt debate about the way journalists cover Muslims at home and abroad.” For the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which organizes the events with the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), the forum serves as an opportunity to deceive the press and […]

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