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Disney Says No to Anaheim Subsidies


Mickey Mouse is turning down corporate welfare in Anaheim. The Walt Disney Company and the City of Anaheim have agreed to end a plan that would have given $267 million in subsidies for a luxury hotel to serve Disneyland Resort, a fixture in that city since 1955 and its largest employer. The city also canceled […]

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Why Is Obama’s Secret Service Head Working for Cardinal Wuerl?


“Wuerl met with the pope on Thursday [August 30] and Francis wants him to determine his future by consulting with his priests,” a source close to the chancery informed me earlier this month. I broke that story on Twitter, then waited for the scandal-besieged Wuerl, who has emerged as the Cardinal Law of 2018, to […]

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Why Cardinal Wuerl Placed Me on the Basilica’s Most Wanted List


I learned from a chancery-connected source last week that Washington, D.C. Cardinal Donald Wuerl, choking on his rage at my reporting of his misdeeds, ordered security staff at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the crown jewel of his archdiocese, to call the police immediately whenever its officials saw me upon […]

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Rise of 5G Lessens the Case for Net Neutrality


Verizon will begin offering its 5G Home service in select major cities in October, putting more nails in the net neutrality coffin and also potentially lowering the cries for taxpayer-funded municipal broadband. Residents of Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento can now sign up for 5G Home, which will offer wireless speeds of 1 gigabit […]

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Ronald Reagan’s Soulcraft


In a modern world of dispiriting news, I offer for your perusal something uplifting. It’s an edifying letter from August 1982, found only recently, written by a great man and great president. Credit goes to Karen Tumulty, who discovered the letter within the personal keepsakes of Nancy Reagan. Tumulty, a journalist, is writing a biography of […]

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The Real Victims of the Kavanaugh Smear


President Trump’s predecessor famously justified his high-handed governing style by gloating, “Elections have consequences.” That axiom, it seems, doesn’t apply when Republicans win. According to exit polls, 75 percent of those who cast ballots for Trump in 2016 said Supreme Court appointments were “either the most important or an important factor” in their votes. In other […]

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The Lingering Stench of Coverup at Justice and the FBI


President Trump told a Friday evening rally that there’s a “lingering stench” in the FBI and vowed to get rid of it. Trump was right: there is a lingering stench of political bias in the FBI and Justice Department, and both need to be cleaned out of the people who have destroyed the public’s trust […]

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Bangladeshi Islamists Go to Washington


From October 9 to 12, London-based barrister Abdur Razzaq will visit Washington, D.C. to meet with White House officials, legislators, House committee staffers and analysts at a number of think tanks. That a lawyer is speaking with politicians is not particularly worrying. But the fact that Razzaq is also an assistant secretary general of the […]

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Democrat Joes Who Will Stop at Nothing


Brett Kavanaugh’s qualifications, both personal and professional, are so outstanding that only some kind of “Hail Mary” political play could have stopped or even slowed his confirmation. Sure enough, the Democrats managed to find one. The surfacing of a serious and devious charge at the 11th hour should surprise no one. The late in the game […]

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The GOP’s Spine of Silly Putty


The Republicans in Congress prove yet again how hapless they are, this time in the confirmation battle over Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States. Just as with so much in American politics today, the Republicans have the power to implement most of their agenda. Yet, their implacable left-wing foes use […]

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