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But Who’s Counting? (And For How Long?) 


Tampa A frequent complaint from reasonable Americanos is that political races and the annoying campaigns that accompany them last waaaay too long. Sometimes it seems they’re a permanent feature of our public landscape. Now it has become reasonable to object that election vote counting is too lengthy and tortuous as well. Take what’s happening in Florida. […]

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Empower Voters, Not Lawyers


If Americans are losing confidence in elections, don’t blame Russian hackers. The damage is self-inflicted. A week after polls closed, Americans still don’t know who won major races: Gubernatorial races in Florida and Georgia, a Florida Senate race, and many House contests. Candidates who conceded on election night are backtracking and demanding that “every vote […]

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Legislating Human Nature Is a Pipe Dream of the Left


As a child, I was terrified to fly. Still am to some degree. But back then, seeing the aftermaths of the occasional plane crash on the evening news filled me with unspeakable terror. I always dreamed of going to Europe, but vowed that when I did, I would travel by boat. My fears soon subsided, […]

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The Democrats Are the Threat to Democracy


For two years, the Democratic Party has insisted that the American people must follow their lead and #Resist President Donald J. Trump at all costs. The Left has argued that Trump is unlike any leader that we’ve had in American history.

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Gary Palmer Is the Policy Maven the House GOP Needs


What better person could there be to run House Republicans’ internal think tank than one of the founding fathers of the State Policy Network (SPN) of conservative think tanks that for nearly 30 years has spawned successful conservative reforms coast to coast?

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On the Inhuman Condition


Cult City: Jim Jones, Harvey Milk, and 10 Days That Shook San Francisco
By Daniel J. Flynn
(ISI Books, 258 pages, $27.95)

Dan Flynn’s Cult City is not a happy read, but an instructive one.

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Democrats and the Rule of Lawyers


Cicero is remembered today as a great Roman orator, but few recall that he was a lawyer by trade. In fact, he first rose to public prominence by using his rhetorical skills to secure the acquittal of a man accused of patricide.

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Changes the GOP Should Love


I first ran into Heraclitus, a great Grecian shedder of tears, while writing in college about the fearful subject of Change. Heraclitus opined, in answer to my query about human disruptions: “The only thing permanent is change.”

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The Fire This Time


Sunday Wow. This has been some week. I will leave politics to someone else except to note that the shenanigans in Broward County are a disgrace to humanity. Why don’t we just give every Democrat two votes and be done with it. Plus, tonight at Pavilions a scarily dressed man asked me if I were […]

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Pittsburgh Anti-Semitism — the Selective Liberal Outrage


The terrorist massacre of eleven American Jews at a Pittsburgh synagogue understandably received ample coverage in mainstream media. However, in the era of identity politics, the Pittsburgh tragedy conveniently fits the liberal narrative of racist bigotry: an anti-immigrant white male subscribing to neo-Nazi conspiracies targeting a liberal Jewish congregation.

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