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Is Judge Gorsuch Biased for Business?


My purpose here is very narrow. In 2005, when Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch was in private legal practice, he co-authored a paper published by the Washington Legal Foundation. (It is an organization, for whom I, too, have written.) This paper is being used by the media as one example to allege that Judge Gorsuch […]

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Trump Cabinet Science-Denial or Scientific Skepticism?


One shocking claim has dominated the nomination battles for Donald Trump’s Cabinet appointees, from Science magazine, Mother Jones, and mainstream media to constant invective from Democratic senators — the candidates are science deniers! The idea that people will not accept the findings of science drives a certain class of self-described intellectuals crazy. Even those who […]

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Donald Trump: Feminist in Chief


If it accomplished nothing else, last month’s Women’s March on Washington highlighted the acidic disdain feminist intellectuals feel toward Donald Trump and his administration. Paradoxically, however, if there’s one group of people who should be grateful for the election of Trump, it’s feminist intellectuals. Believe me — as the man himself might say — they’ll […]

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At UC Berkeley, It Pays Well to Worry About Inequality


Sacramento Former Clinton-era Labor Secretary Robert Reich, now a public-policy professor at the University of California at Berkeley, has warned that “we are heading back to levels of inequality not seen since the Gilded Age of the late 19th century,” invoking the term applied to a society festering in poverty but covered by a veneer […]

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Déjà Vû: Private Tax Collection Leads to Corruption


The end of January was the beginning of tax season in America. After employers mailed out W-2s, workers started the long trudge towards April 18th. The Internal Revenue Service is notorious for its abysmal service. In 2015, the agency reported that criminals had “potentially accessed” more than 700,000 total accounts between 2014 and 2015. In 2016, IRS […]

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Out Like Flynn


“House Atreides took control of Arrakis 63 standard days into the year 10,191. It was known that the Harkonnens, the former rulers of Arrakis, would leave many suicide troops behind. Atreides patrols were doubled.” — From the 1984 David Lynch movie Dune, as adapted from the Fran Herbert novel. You’ve got to read, if you […]

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How Can a Group of Women Prevent a Conflagration?


Foreword: Nagorno-Karabakh: The Long Frozen Conflict and the World It Affects, by Jason Katz Azerbaijan and Armenia have been locked in a “frozen conflict” for a half century with no peaceful resolution in sight. This conflict, were it to turn hot, promises to grow into a regional conflagration involving larger and much more powerful states, […]

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Fake Blonde News


The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will later today release its judgment on two highly charged U.S. District Court rulings regarding women’s rights in the realm of hair color, both natural and artificial. It is no small joke to suggest that the court will be forced to split hairs in its decisions, as the two […]

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They Even Hate Love


Valentine’s Day, we are told by a feminist blogger, is “a consumerist holiday, personified by patriarchal and heteronormative traditions which reinforces sexist stereotypes.” The anonymous 25-year-old assures her readers that she is “a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need a man.” This is fortunate because, apparently, no man needs her. She is alone and unloved, […]

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Confirmation Crack-Up: Congress Craters


It has long been evident that the process of confirming legions of appointees — which takes place even as countless legislative matters are considered — has overwhelmed the resources of Congress to expeditiously process them. Administrations find that many positions are unfilled even as Congress recesses for the summer — some 200 days into the […]

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