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California’s Burning Once Again


Sacramento As California’s particularly vicious wildfire season raged on, President Donald Trump and outgoing Gov. Jerry Brown couldn’t help but use the tragedies to grind their own particular policy axes. Both of them touched on some reasonable points, but I was left wishing they’d just shut up, tend to their bread-and-butter responsibilities, and articulate whatever […]

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Soros Money Standing Behind Climate Activism in Texas


A George Soros-funded government attorney in Texas has been leading the charge against a chemical manufacturing company that stands accused of jeopardizing the public safety. The optics of the case have not been good for the company. But the money trail that flows between Soros and elected officials comes with its own baggage and points […]

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Progressive Nationalists… When Leftists Love Nationalism


“The true nationalists and patriots were progressives — and environmentalists.” So declared an August 2015 article at the website of Think Progress, founded by the Center for American Progress, citadel of the progressive-liberal left. Back then, nationalism was good to progressives. Now, with Donald Trump having bothered to weigh in, nationalism is bad to progressives. In fact, […]

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Tucker Carlson’s ‘Ship of Fools’


A truer examination of a serious American problem could not be had. In his new book,  Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution, Tucker Carlson gets to the heart of the seriously bad situation that confronts America. Ship of Fools is, says the opening flap of the book, […]

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Michelle Obama

Soundings: Additional Perspectives on the News


(Sounding: noun, the act of measuring the depths or the heights) What Would Be an Invasion? CNN “reporter” Jim Acosta asked President Trump at the November 7 post-midterm press conference about the “caravan” of people intending to cross the Mexican-U.S. border illegally, arguing with the President that it would not constitute an invasion. Sixty thousand (60,000) people […]

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From Churchill to Trump


Washington I have been reading a most perspicacious book by my friend Andrew Roberts. It is just out, Churchill: Walking With Destiny. It is terrific. In fact, I shall hazard the judgment that readers will not completely understand the greatest political leader of the 20th century (and one of the most endearing) without reading Andrew […]

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Federal Intervention Is a Killer


The next time an ambitious politician suggests an intervention by the Federal Government to solve an important issue of the day, we must remember Caveat emptor — let the buyer beware. Let us consider the adverse impact of federal funding and regulation of the healthcare, college tuition, and college textbook industries. Government intervention is a primary […]

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The Bishops Go Bust in Baltimore


Baltimore In the early days of Baltimore, if a Catholic leader had proposed a religious gathering at a swanky hotel, he would have been ridiculed. Such a suggestion would have been taken as a mark of spiritual unseriousness. Ascetic, serious-minded bishops might meet in monasteries or religious houses to discuss matters of grave importance to […]

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But Who’s Counting? (And For How Long?) 


Tampa A frequent complaint from reasonable Americanos is that political races and the annoying campaigns that accompany them last waaaay too long. Sometimes it seems they’re a permanent feature of our public landscape. Now it has become reasonable to object that election vote counting is too lengthy and tortuous as well. Take what’s happening in Florida. […]

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Empower Voters, Not Lawyers


If Americans are losing confidence in elections, don’t blame Russian hackers. The damage is self-inflicted. A week after polls closed, Americans still don’t know who won major races: Gubernatorial races in Florida and Georgia, a Florida Senate race, and many House contests. Candidates who conceded on election night are backtracking and demanding that “every vote […]

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