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Florida: The Inevitable


The obvious and inevitable have finally become so obvious and inevitable that even Democrats, their battalion of lawyers on speed dial, and their cheering sections in the mainstream media have had to bend to it. After an interminable campaign and a frustrating 13 days of vote counting, which featured law suits, wild accusations, and trash […]

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Reflections on the Bishops in Baltimore


As I walked outside the hotel in Baltimore where the bishops gathered last week for their annual Fall conference, I noticed a couple of bishops taking a smoke break. One was puffing a cigar, the other a cigarette. I overheard one say to the other: “What do you think of the conference so far?” The other […]

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An Exit Too Far


There is little doubt that the UK is fed up with interference from Brussels in its domestic and economic affairs. Having willingly entered into a collaborative framework with Europe under the Maastricht Treaty of 1993, with even earlier antecedents, many Brits now see the European Union as a misguided, socialist colossus, governed by an elitist […]

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Pentagon Caught in a Perfect Political Storm


Sebastian Junger’s book The Perfect Storm chronicled an unusual weather event when several storm fronts combined to create a storm of unimaginable strength. Years of cuts in defense spending, the atrophying of our forces strained by seventeen years of war, President Trump’s sudden decision to cut Pentagon spending willy-nilly, and the Democrats’ taking control of the […]

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Democrat Losers: Undignified and Dangerous


What do Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams, and Bill Nelson have in common? Each asked the voters for important positions of leadership and promptly proved themselves unworthy of those offices when the answer was “No.” It isn’t necessary, of course, to revisit Gore’s reluctant acceptance of reality or Clinton’s querulous hypocrisy. The tawdry details […]

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Stan Lee and The Triumph of Imagination


Stan Lee died this past week. If you don’t know his name, surely you know his works. Stan was the co-creator of Marvel Comics, where he served as head writer, editor, editor-in-chief, art director, publisher and eventually chairman emeritus. And it was there in the 1960s that Stan launched what one chronicler called “the most […]

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Immunity Abuse in New York and Washington


Washington A group of protesters gathered in front of the Moroccan Embassy in Washington, D.C. last Tuesday to vocalize their opposition to the North African nation’s decision to shield Jamal Benomar, a former UN official accused of masterminding Qatar’s hack of former RNC chairman Elliott Broidy and more than one thousand others, from a lawsuit […]

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The Mainstream Media Is Not Independent


If you want to know where media bias resides, simply look at who the media isn’t questioning. The most recent row between CNN’s Jim Acosta and President Donald Trump reinforced this observation. On the heels of the Trump Administration’s decision to revoke the press pass for Jim Acosta (which a D.C. judge has since ordered the White […]

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So Invite Him In


A story is told about a defiant non-believer who stood outside a shtibl (a small synagogue) one Sabbath afternoon, yelling hostile imprecations, while the congregation inside were eating the traditional Sabbath “Third Meal” (a tradition that treats the Day of Rest with special love and significance). Members of the congregation raced to the Rabbi and told him […]

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Florida Recounts Dredge Up 2000 Election Nightmare


Almost two decades after the infamous Florida recount to determine the 2000 presidential election, voters again have reason to look at Broward County’s election system with contempt and suspicion. In 2000, Broward County went so far as to judge indentations in ballots as legitimate votes. This netted Democratic nominee Al Gore an extra 567 votes […]

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