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If You Thought Scrooge Was Bad, Consider the Victorian Home


We owe many popular Christmas traditions to Victorian England, from carols and decorated trees to gift-giving. These cheerful traditions stand in stark contrast with our recognition of the nightmarish working conditions at the time. In Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, for example, the miserly businessman Ebenezer Scrooge exemplifies the alleged spirit of the Victorian age: heartlessness, he maintains, […]

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Trump Border Wall Showdown


Congressional Democrats are butting heads with President Trump over his demand for $5 billion to continue building a wall along the southern border. Rep. Nancy Pelosi vows not one dollar will go for a wall. She calls the idea of a wall “immoral.” Not building the wall is what’s truly immoral. Allowing destitute, uneducated people […]

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Euthanasia Zealots Push Starvation as ‘Death with Dignity’


It’s getting very dark in euthanasia-land. Not content with legalizing assisted suicide for the terminally ill in six states plus the District of Columbia — with Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Colombia allowing lethal jab euthanasia — and unsatiated with Switzerland’s suicide clinics to which people from around the world attend — the so-called […]

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Comey, Careless and Corrupt


Drunk on his own self-deluded rectitude, James Comey has become one of the most insufferable voices on the Left. He teaches “ethics” at William & Mary, but it is hard to imagine a more unethical FBI director than one who signs off on the most invasive spying warrants imaginable without bothering to verify them, or […]

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Afghanistan: What’s in a Victory?


The United States used to win wars. Today, however, the United States military has been mired in the War in Afghanistan since 2001 — with no hope of winning. Not only has the war gone on without resolution, but the once-unquestionable dominance the United States military exerted in the country has been degraded to such […]

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The Coming Collision


With Nick Ayers’ withdrawal as prospective chief of staff to the president, the way opens for a candidate who will swear on his mother’s grave to do just one thing: namely, on the first day of the job, seize Donald Trump’s cell phone — the one on which he tweets — and throw it out […]

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The Man Who Defeated Communism


At The American Spectator, we always agreed that it was quite fair and true to admonish our neighbors (and now our children and even grandchildren) to remember that the Soviet Union was defeated, and thus the Cold — often hot — War won by the Free World, largely thanks to three men: Ronald Reagan, Karol […]

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From Ho-Ho-Ho to No-No-No


The Nebraska principal’s classroom Christmas ban teaches America: Political correctness hasn’t gone crazy; it always was. If ever there was a season for reflection, this is it; and if ever there was a reason for reflection, this would-be overreach is it. Both reflections show the distorted image political correctness wants for America. A new school […]

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Of Course Trump Will Be Impeached


Since Robert Mueller and his revanchist inquisitors filed their sentencing memoranda on the President’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, the Democrats and their friends in the legacy media have been squealing with undisguised glee. They clearly believe that it marks the beginning of the end for an “illegitimate” presidency. Never mind that the filings contain no […]

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What Is Putin’s Game?


Between America’s most dangerous adversaries — Russia and China — it’s a toss-up which is the single most dangerous. The threat an adversary poses is best gauged by determining its intentions and capabilities. That analysis makes China, which has much greater capabilities than the Russian Federation, the greater danger. We have to add to the […]

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