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What I Learned Over Lunch With the Real Jamal Khashoggi


Like all murders, Jamal Khashoggi’s was an evil deed. Should the United States respond to it with a major disruption in relations with Saudi Arabia? No — emphatically no. Far from being indifferent to Khashoggi’s fate, I was deeply anguished by his murder. I once had the pleasure of a lengthy, cordial, and fascinating conversation […]

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A Shambles in Texas


James David Younger is a six-year-old boy. He lives in Dallas. By most accounts he’s a healthy, reasonably well-adjusted boy who is caught in the middle of an ugly divorce case between his parents. Based on court documents, one might begin to understand why that divorce sprang up. It seems that James’ mother, Ann Georgulas, […]

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This Is No Drill


The first bomb fell a little before morning colors and by the time the attack was over, less than three hours later, the U.S. Navy had lost almost all of what it considered its capital ships. These were the battleships, one of which had blown up when a Japanese bomb penetrated a magazine where powder […]

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A Just-So Story: How This Brooklyn Rabbi Got Into Country Music


In my last article I wrote on the need for climate change and diversity on American college and university campuses to counter and offset the truly “McCarthyite” suppression of ideas and opinions that now poison the contemporary American college and university experience. Inter alia, I also discussed some of my interest in country music. And, yes, no list can be complete […]

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The Weekly Standard’s Suicide


Reports indicate that The Weekly Standard soon joins Life, Look, Calling All Girls, Hit Parader, George, and Oui on the great newsstand in the sky. (Perhaps loyal “readers” find Oui on some lower-elevation newsstand.) Death by internet seems a tempting obit but it does not capture the self-inflicted nature of the magazine’s demise. Like the […]

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Comey and the FISA Warrant Hillary Bought


James Comey uncorked the whopper earlier this year that he still “didn’t know for a fact” Hillary Clinton financed the infamous dossier of Christopher Steele — an epic lie reminiscent of his denial, leaked through James Clapper and other stooges, that the FBI spied on Trump Tower, even as warrants to spy on Trump Tower […]

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A Birthday On Hold


Sunday, November 25, 2018 It was my birthday. I’m old. I lay in bed looking at my swimming pool and then started to put on my bathing suit. Mary, our spectacularly good nurse who takes care of my wife on Saturdays and Sundays, came running — yes, running — into my room. “Miz Alex,” she […]

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Democrats Are Just Too Darned Smart


At the dawn of the information age, when dumb terminals began appearing on desks and the din of dot matrix printers deafened all and sundry, every enterprise of consequence employed a misanthrope charged with the care and feeding of these machines. Occasionally, this reclusive individual reluctantly submitted to questions about the output of the equipment. […]

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Anniversary of a Failed Progressive Experiment


Sacramento During my first trip to Salt Lake City years ago, I wandered into a nondescript little bar and — forgetting about Utah’s arcane drinking laws — tried to order a whisky. The bar wasn’t open to the public, I was told, but was for members only. I could, however, fill out a membership application, […]

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Poll: Dems, GOP Disagree Profoundly on Healthcare Solutions


Americans unite on identifying the major problem facing the nation but divide profoundly on the solution. We agree, and then we agree to disagree. Exit polling for the 2018 midterms found voters citing healthcare far more than any other issue, even the economy, as their number one concern. But a new poll by Gallup indicates […]

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