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Comey’s Latest Charade


The Comey-Mueller investigation into Trumpworld has proceeded like a Soviet show trial from the start, complete with confessions to crimes its targets didn’t commit. As they brag about these extracted pleas, Mueller and Comey sound less like guardians of democracy than the corrupt commissars of yesteryear, whose victims, as Pravda would duly report, had “incriminated themselves.” Mueller […]

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The Law Flynn ‘Violated’ Should Be Repealed


While much has been written about the entrapment of Michael Flynn by the ethically challenged Andrew McCabe and his accomplice Peter Strzok, little discussion has been devoted to the constitutionally dubious federal law under which he was charged. Most commentators have noted in a cursory fashion that it is a felony to mislead the FBI, […]

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Enzo Ferrari Himself


How could a country boy come from rural Italy early in the 20th century to become the boss of a company that made the most elegant cars in the world. He did it for some three quarters of a century: the fastest sports cars and Formula Ones, the most elegantly flamboyant, the cars bearing the Ferrari marque with the prancing black horse on their fenders.

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Stop Being a Jerk and Give Him His Wall


New York’s senior senator made the rounds on the Sunday shows boasting of his caucus’s ironclad commitment to blocking funding for President Trump’s border wall: Democrats dug in their heels Sunday on President Trump’s threat to shut down the government unless he gets money for his border wall, saying if the president makes good on his demand, […]

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Baby It’s Crazy Outside


As Cole Porter slyly reminds us: “In olden days a glimpse of stocking/Was looked on as something shocking/Now heaven knows/Anything goes…” Well, you know: depending on the state of Puritan politics at a given moment. The Puritan habit of scolding, and gazing sourly, on others for Improper Behavior is a human constant. And not just […]

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The FBI’s Whacking of Michael Flynn


Long ago, when my three wonderful daughters were in grade school, they regularly conversed over the telephone with a rather unique life coach. They called him “Uncle Al.” He was, in fact, a member of the Mafia and one of my informants from my days in the Justice Department’s Organized Crime and Racketeering Section. Even […]

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French Riots May Put Paris Climate Treaty on the Guillotine


As the shock and chaos from weeks of rioting in Paris and the French countryside finally tampers down, it is becoming increasingly clear that the French have all but declared “off with its head” regarding the Paris Climate Accords. Actions speak louder than words. And the actions of countries around the world show, whatever agreement […]

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Why Michael Cohen Is Particularly Detestable and Despicable


Michael Cohen once famously said that he would take a bullet for President Trump. At the time of his pronouncement I had my doubts, but no longer. For the past three weeks, his excretory system has been eliminating bullets upon bullets. If Mr. Cohen were a member of the same Native American bloodline that Elizabeth […]

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President Trump Is Right: Shut It Down


The Tuesday showdown between President Trump and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal) was not supposed to be a press event but Trump, ever the stage manager, made sure it was. He turned it into a good political scrap. At the meeting voices were raised, fingers were pointed […]

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Pacific Life Joins the Anti-Free Press Bullies


Don’t be fooled. Pacific Life pretends to be in the insurance business. They are not. Pacific Life is in the decidedly political business of supporting the American Left-Open Borders specifically — which is exactly why they have announced that they are pulling their ads from Tucker Carlson’s eponymous Fox News show. The 150-year-old company that […]

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