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Trump Should Ignore Pope’s Prattle About Paris Deal


The Vatican under the frenetic political activism of Pope Francis has become a nest of extreme environmentalists. Operating almost like an annex of Greenpeace and the Sierra Club, Francis’s Vatican has held a series of conferences and events that promote the rawest and most aggressive theories of “climate change.” As the ultra-left Nation has pointed out, even […]

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A Bit of This, A Bit of That


“Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.” —Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride For this week’s installment in this space, The American Spectator’s editors indulged me in allowing an escape from the limitation of one topic per column, for which I am thankful. Attempting as a columnist to sort meaning from […]

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Greece: George Soros’ Trojan Horse Against Europe


One of the few fascinating things you learn by looking closely at George Soros’s output is how often he is wrong. The financial Dark Lord, who made a billion dollars overnight when he bet against the British pound in 1992, constantly predicts the sky is falling. Most of the time, it isn’t. He was mocked […]

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California Wants to Make Health Care a ‘Right’


Sacramento A Bay Area Assemblyman got an earful last week as he pushed a largely symbolic bill that would have made it legal for California public employees to be members of the Communist Party. Rob Bonta of Oakland contritely withdrew the measure, which had passed out of committee, after leaders from the state’s large Vietnamese […]

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Roger Ailes’ Exit, Stage Right


Washington A major threat to the predominance of the Kultursmog in these United States passed away last week, but he had succeeded in what he set out to do, namely to damage the left in America beyond any hope of recovery. Not many people recognize this, but it is nonetheless true. Possibly it will take […]

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Republicans Go to Jail, Democrats Run Free


How odd: During the eight years of one of America’s shadiest presidencies, not one Obama administration official went to prison. Or was convicted of a crime. Or even indicted. Sure, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held plenty of hearings. But while they called countless press conferences, not one […]

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Impeachment Pandemic


As Sigmund Freud first warned, when virtually everything one person does leads another to the same compulsive conclusion, one may assume this is very important to those with the fixation and that if they get the chance they will likely do what they can to carry-out their obsession. The first warning was a New York […]

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A Great Time to Buy Used… But Not Because They’re Cheap


You might want to buy a used car while they’re cheap — but not just because they’re cheap. And cheap they are. Because of unprecedented desperation tactics to sell new cars — including under-bid incentives, cash back offers, and “free money” loans at zero or nearly zero interest, which the car companies have had to […]

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Trump at the Vatican: The Secret Transcript


Your Holiness, thank you for inviting me here. I am so honored. You know that a majority of American Catholics voted for me last November. It made the difference. States like Pennsylvania, Michigan. I wouldn’t be here without their support. And I am honored for that too. Some Catholics didn’t support me, of course. But […]

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Johnson & Johnson’s War on Affordable Healthcare


Last week, industry executives from Johnson & Johnson, including J&J Vision North America President Peter Menziuso, conducted meetings with legislators on Capitol Hill to “deliver a message to Congress about eye care, patient safety and the importance of ‘in-person vision care’ provided by optometrists.” They focused the bulk of their energy on influential members, such […]

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