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How Does a First-Year National Monument Become an Institution? It’s the Obama Touch


The New York Times’ graphic said it all. On one side, the map displayed the “original boundaries” for Bears Ears National Monument with 1.35 million acres in green. On the other side was the drastically scaled-down monument with less green representing 201,876 acres, thanks to a recent proclamation by President Donald Trump reducing the national monument.

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Ma’am, Can I Be Brutally Franken With You?


If only Al Franken had left a woman to die in an air pocket in his submerged Oldsmobile instead of striking a grope-pose for laughs on a sleeping woman protected by a flak jacket, then his fellow Democrats might have called him “the lion of the Senate” instead of called on him to resign. Speaking […]

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Franken’s Phony Finale


Al Franken’s resignation speech on Thursday seemed less heartfelt than grudging. He cast it not as an act of atonement — he continues to deny the charges largely and acknowledged through his stifled rage that his previous quasi-apologies had hastened his demise — but a reluctant act of gallantry. He was submitting docilely to the […]

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Sexual Anarchy in the U.S.


Two progressive icons in the Capitol have recently announced their resignations. Sen. Al Franken, under pressure from the Senate Democratic conference, announces his resignation in the wake of the resignation of Rep. John Conyers under pressure from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. The consequences of sexual misconduct are taking a big toll beyond the progressive […]

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Negative Polling on Tax Cuts Prove the 1980s Are Over


The Republican tax plan that won a majority of votes in the House and the Senate fails to win anything close to half of the public. Gallup found support from just 29 percent of Americans with opposition from 55 percent. Quinnipiac revealed much of the same with a 29-53 percent split. Tax cuts once acted […]

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Beauty and the Beast for Adults


The voice of Sally Hawkins is appealingly clear. Just last year she hummed and muttered her way through the overlooked indy Maude. So seeing this English actress shine in a film without saying a word is, to say the least, odd. It is true, though: The British actress doesn’t speak in The Shape of Water, […]

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A Drinky Gift Guide


No to rock-hard fruitcakes. No to hideous neckties that match nothing in one’s wardrobe. No to useless contraptions like the Ronco inside-the-egg scrambler. And no to more electronic gadgets that pester and scatter the mind with pings, bleeps, and jangles. Go for drinky gifts instead, which cannot fail to delight and provide hours of levity […]

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America’s Decline and the Neglect of Luther’s Principles of Liberty


With the nation’s news dominated by reports of political corruption (most recently, the Clintons’ apparent use of “pay to play” schemes during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as U.S. secretary of state), sexual harassment scandals pandemic among the nation’s elites, extreme vulgarization of political speech and the common culture, riots against freedom of speech on the nation’s […]

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The Middle East ‘Peace Process’ Meme: WHAT Peace Process?


Now that he formally has announced that the United States of America fully recognizes Jerusalem as the undisputed capital of the country of Israel, President Donald Trump once again has proven that he is the first American President since Ronald Reagan who actually fulfills campaign promises he made to the American people who elected him. […]

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America Divided: The Republican Party in Theory and Practice


Turning to the Right, the dominant ideology is libertarian anti-statism. Among mainstream conservatives, there is a marked tendency to reduce politics to a zero-sum battle for liberty between the federal government and the rest of the country (individuals primarily, but also the states, the private sector, and civil society), and to trust in markets to […]

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