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FBI: Famous But Ineffective


I’ve got a theory which continues to be supported by evidence — namely, that the American Left is a movement by and for people who simply cannot do a good job. That’s not to say all the competent people in this country are conservatives, though it does appear that on balance you’ll find more people […]

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Mueller Indicts the Cold War


Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Friday indictment of three Russian organizations and thirteen Russian individuals is an interesting but futile exercise. For all his time and expense Mueller might as well have indicted Nikita Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev. The indictment is interesting because it lays out a strategy that the Russian government pursued successfully to interfere […]

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Immigration: The Issue Democrats Cannot Afford to Close


The Senate’s immigration debate ended before it began because Democrats must have it continue. Democrats face just such contradiction from internal and external pressure to keep the immigration issue alive through at least this November. More importantly, agreement with the president on immigration now risks their losing this issue forever. The left has made immigration […]

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Sports for Glory


Federer returns a serve to the body with a backhand to Dimitrov’s feet on the baseline, which the young Bulgar, on his turn to hit, puts into the net. Second break of the set, Swiss champ is up 5-2 and closes it out with his own service, which includes two aces. One set to go […]

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The Silence of the Lambs


Is there a correct way to respond to a horrific tragedy? I’m thinking, of course, about the children in a Parkland, Florida high school, randomly shot dead by a deranged young man, long known by federal and local authorities to be dangerous, and the brave adults who died protecting them. Beautiful children whose joyous voices […]

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It Took 100 Years for Liberals to Grasp That Russians Interfere


The grand jury indictments against Russian nationals secured by special counsel Robert Mueller make a strong case that foreign interference in American politics thrives. They make no such case regarding collusion between the Trump campaign, or the campaigns of Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein for that matter, and foreign interests. “By 2016, Defendants and their […]

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When Do We Get to Talk About the Other Reasons?


It is hard for a great many people — and understandably so — to avoid thinking of “guns” instantly when we hear of a school shooting or other villainous attack against innocent people. And the chorus ensues: Why only in America? Yes, if we banned guns, there would be fewer deaths caused by guns. Indeed, […]

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Trump, Republicans Go on a Spending Spree


White House budget director Mick Mulvaney would not allow cameras into the briefing room as he outlined President Donald Trump’s budget to reporters. He explained, “This is going to be really, really boring and really, really hard.”

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Spare Us the ‘Conversation’


The pols and pundits most insistent upon holding a gun-control “conversation” in the wake of mass shootings at schools did the most to turn them into nihilistic wastelands. From the puffed-chest phonies on CNN and MSNBC, we hear a lot about sinister “lobbies” that intimidate passive, cowardly pols. The insufferable Chris Cuomo, whose partisan arrogance […]

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Wrong Prescription for Skyrocketing Prescription Drug Prices


Donald Trump’s budget contains several reforms aimed to save consumers money on prescription drugs. The proposal, whatever its merits, comes at an opportune time. An article published on Wednesday in Health Affairs by researchers affiliated with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services labeled prescription drugs prices as the fastest rising of all medical costs. […]

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