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U.S. Ruled by Executive, Legislative, Judicial Branches… and Richard Cordray


Could Congress create a fourth branch of government? Maybe break off a piece of what the executive branch handles now — commerce, say, or agriculture, or maybe even defense — and create a new office supported by its own dedicated tax stream and the authority to levy penalties? The president could still appoint this officer […]

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Great Again


One of the straws in the wind that indicates that the Never-Trumpers are becoming uneasy, as they are cantilevered out over the Grand Canyon while they try to attach credence to bad fairy tales about collusion and obstruction and unctuously incite thoughts of impeachment, is that some of the more sane commentators are asking for […]

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James T. Hodgkinson: Just Another Well-Intentioned Progressive


Washington Have you followed the drift of the Mainstream Media (MSM) as to what provoked James T. Hodgkinson to attempt the massacre of the Republican baseball team as it practiced in Alexandria, Virginia last week? Not the Democratic team, not the Washington Nationals team, but the Republican team. Well, it was not necessarily Hodgkinson’s politics […]

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Distressed City Exits Bankruptcy, But More Distress Ahead


Sacramento Officials for the decrepit city of San Bernardino are touting the great news that, after five long and tumultuous years, the city this week officially exited bankruptcy. Starting next month, it will begin paying its debts again. Of course, it pulled off this miracle by stiffing creditors — many of whom will receive only […]

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Somebody, Anybody, Run Against Bill de Blasio


Bill de Blasio is a left-wing buffoon of dizzying idiocy. The dimbulb mayor of New York City is so bad that he makes David Dinkins look Churchillian. And yet it appears that de Blasio is sailing towards re-election in November. The question — “Is that jackass really going to win re-election?” — is asked often […]

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Sorry Ladies, You’re the Wrong Kind of Muslims


The two women invited to the Dirksen Senate Office Building last week seemed like the kind of expert witnesses any Democrat, especially a female Democrat, would love. Both have become respected academics, authors, and activists for women’s rights. Both are outspoken critics of religious extremism. Both are Muslims, and both are critical of Muslim extremism, […]

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Air Cooled Oddballs — Outlawed by Uncle


Cars used to be like motorcycles still are (for now). You could even buy them with air-cooled engines, just like you can still buy bikes with air-cooled engines. No radiator to leak or water pump to fail or hoses to burst and leave you stuck by the side of the road — and later, holding […]

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Mass Hysteria and Murder


The map is not the terrain. Students of the human psyche understand that people navigate this dangerous and confusing reality with the help of mental maps. These maps are constructed from memories, learned information, and a vast set of assumptions and beliefs. No person is immune from the tyranny of the mental map. We all […]

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Trump’s Nationalism Is Consistent With Catholic Social Doctrine


Leading American bishops have complained about the “harshness” of Trump’s campaign rhetoric and called for an end to deportation of aliens until the “broken” system can be fixed. Yet, despite this opposition from the Church’s hierarchy, Trump won 52% of the Catholic vote (to Hillary’s 45%), a historic margin for a Republican. How to explain […]

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The Left-Wing Terrorist’s Capitol Hill Coup d’Etat


Throughout history, grandiose visions of world-altering consequences have motivated political assassins. Gavril Princip’s June 1914 rendezvous with Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo is a horrifying example. Despite the historical track record, until James T. Hodgkinson’s June 2017 criminal assault on a Virginia baseball diamond, a chilling congressional coup d’état scenario which alters history in these United […]

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