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On One Senator Calling Another a Slut


Is Sen. Elizabeth Warren running against President Trump as the Democrats’ version of Trump? The only other explanation for a tweet of hers Tuesday, the one where she called Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York a “slut,” is that it was some horrible mistake. But then she went and talked to a bunch of reporters […]

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The Wealth Gap Between White and Black in America


Now for a few words about money and race. It’s hardly a secret that black households in this country as a group are substantially less well off than white families. The income gap between white and black families has narrowed over recent decades. But the disparity between what black households own in dollars and cents […]

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The Revolution Eats Its Own


As I ponder the lengthening list of alleged sexual offenders drawn from Hollywood, the arts, the media, and politics, I am moved to wonder why are the overwhelming majority of the accused prominent luminaries of the left. Those accused on the right claim utter innocence including Bill O’Reilly, who nonetheless paid out a fortune to accusers — go figguh, as they say in Brooklyn. At any rate, the lefties constitute the growing multitude.

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Thanks a Lot, Chauncey Gardner


If you’re looking for an understanding of the bone-grinding groupthink stupidity of a political elite, one effective means of doing so is to watch Being There, a 1979 movie starring Peter Sellers as a mentally retarded gardener on the estate of a wealthy Washington, DC businessman who is thrust, through a series of misunderstandings and […]

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Playing to Lose


In Alabama, the Democrats played to win, the Republicans played to lose, and both got what they wanted. The media had declared victory no matter the outcome, hoping for a Jones win but also salivating over the prospect of using Moore as the poster boy of the GOP for the next year. “It was a […]

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California’s Infrastructure Is Crumbling (When It’s Not Burning)


Sacramento When I first moved to California from Ohio in the 1990s, I spotted a postcard in a gift shop that noted the state’s four seasons: wildfires, mudslides, earthquakes and riots. The postcard wasn’t entirely wrong. Outside of drought years, the state does suffer through a regular cycle of fires, slides and earthquakes, although the […]

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The War of Wars Analyzed to the Third Decimal Place


Yes, Virginia, after thousands of books, lectures, debates, veteran memoirs, and documentaries, there is still something to say about World War II that advances our knowledge of that tragic, deadly and totally unnecessary world conflagration that claimed 65 million lives and changed the shape of the world. Military historian and Hoover Institution fellow Victor Davis Hanson says it in his huge, dense, and important new book.

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Hitting Terrorists Where It Hurts Most


After signing the Oslo Peace Accords in 1993, Palestinian leadership under Yasser Arafat promised an end to their terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians. In exchange, Arafat was granted a significant degree of autonomous rule in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, which would serve as the prototype for a future Palestinian Arab state living alongside Israel.

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Gimme Shelter: Foreign Finance Ministers Protest Trump Tax Plan


The Democrats’ opposition to President Donald Trump’s tax plan finds unusual allies — abroad. The finance ministers of Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Great Britain have voiced their objections to the Trump tax plan in a letter to the U.S. secretary of the treasury. Steve Mnuchin’s foreign counterparts charge that the tax bill may “discriminate in […]

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Senator Gillibrand, Washington Post Peddle More Fake News


What is it with liberals and their obsession with sex? Why say something that is so provably false in a day when it takes mere seconds to spot and disprove fake news? Here is this tweet from President Trump in its entirety: Lightweight Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a total flunky for Chuck Schumer and someone who […]

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