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The Hissy Fit Over Britain’s Departure From the EU


Pass the smelling salts. The beautiful Europa is having a fainting fit. Not the first time this has happened. One day many, many years ago, Zeus, the greatest of the gods, saw her innocently picking flowers in a field. Consumed with lust, he transformed himself into a white bull and swept her off her feet. […]

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Ignoring the Real Scandal at the University of Texas


The Supreme Court upheld affirmative action at the University of Texas in a 4-3 decision Thursday by openly ignoring the facts of the case. In his opinion for the majority, Justice Anthony Kennedy dismissed a bombshell report on admissions corruption at UT as mere “extrarecord materials” which “the Court properly declines to consider.” The excuse […]

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Fiduciary Virtues: How Important Is Donald Trump’s ‘Character’?


As an ROTC product, I got my infantry credentials in the summer of 1971. The Vietnam War was winding down, and, to my surprise, they didn’t need all us young lieutenants on active duty. So they offered us the Guard/Reserve option if we’d agree to a longer commitment. I took it so that I could […]

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