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A Letter From Facebook Jail


Tuesday morning when I sat down in front of my computer to begin the day, I noticed a window open on my browser indicating to me that I was in trouble from Facebook. “This post goes against our community standards,” read the top line. Underneath, another message: “Only you can see this post because it […]

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Killing Pain That Lingers


Friday This has been an eventful week. As I might have mentioned, I’ve had terrible pain in my right knee for months. I mean EXCRUCIATING pain when I go up and down stairs. After much delay, I dragged my bad self to an orthopedic medical group in Santa Monica with my pal Judah driving. There […]

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‘Conservative’ Steubenville Becoming Liberal Notre Dame


Secularized American Catholic universities fail every test of honest advertisement: they are neither Catholic nor American, insofar as they peddle heresies and anti-American ideologies, and they don’t even resemble universities. They are more like glorified PC high schools or left-wing adult learning annexes. They are worse than a waste of time and money; they corrode […]

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Resurrecting the Jonestown Dead


The question of how over 900 people came to kill themselves in the South American jungle animated the writing of Cult City: Jim Jones, Harvey Milk, and 10 Days That Shook San Francisco. But in trying to solve that puzzle another puzzle, well, puzzled. How did the victims go from “religious zealots” in the first […]

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A Good Divorce Can Beat a Bad Marriage


If the liberal consensus was correct about nationalism, world order, and Europe, Czechs and Slovaks would today be preparing for war. Instead, they are — quite literally — celebrating the 25th anniversary of their “Velvet Divorce,” which created two new nations among two peoples who did not get along for decades. More than just another example […]

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Google: Unpatriotic, Inconsistent, Insecure


Imagine the following scenario: A group of technical whizzes found a new car company in the United States. After initially going through vigorous competition, the company eventually establishes complete market dominance not only in building cars, but also in building everything associated with car safety. At which point, the United States government offers the company […]

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Pocahontas No More


What in the world was Elizabeth Warren thinking? What did she really hope to accomplish with this Indian business? Surely you’ve heard that the senior senator from Massachusetts released DNA testing results on Monday asserting that she probably had a Native American ancestor “6-10 generations ago.” For those who can do math — which leaves […]

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Malice Has Its Day in the Sun


Ever hear of the “Anti-Trump Diet”? It’s a thing you might not know about unless you live in or near Raleigh, North Carolina, where it was a cover story in the September 19 issue of the local weekly. The diet was touted by a self-described “Vegan Feminist” who “wants to weaponize what you eat in […]

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Does Midterm History Really Augur Big GOP Losses?


The Democrats and the media tell us that midterm history portends large Republican losses in November. This factoid is firmly imbedded in the Beltway belief system and in the algorithms used by most political analysts, who predict that the Democrats will capture the House and perhaps the Senate as well. Forbes echoes the conventional wisdom: “Historically, […]

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Four Revived Whine Vintages From the Democrats’ Whineries


They whine without end. At times one wonders whether the Democrats are a political party, a stomping grounds for urging people to stomp on opponents’ grounds, or a whinery. And when they whine, they never stop, no matter how often the truth is explained. So we again GOPsplain, as truth demands we must, why four of […]

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