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She Happened: It Took a Village to See Through Her


As a matter of full disclosure, I have not yet read Hillary Clinton’s latest opus, What Happened. I did, however, read Shattered. As for What Happened, I will wait for the movie. But here is the part of “[w]hat [h]appened” that the book reviewers have not all addressed. And this part is addressed to the […]

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On Immigration, Let Trump Be Trump


It looks like President Trump may have lost Ann Coulter, maybe for good this time. These screamers from the entertainment wing of the Republican Party are part of the reason for our present troubles with immigration policy. Immigration is a practical problem with practical solutions, yet the second anybody proposes one, somebody starts shrieking “amnesty” […]

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Deterrence Games With Kim Jong Un


After its nineteenth missile test of the year (so far), the last being a second shot over Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, and its sixth nuclear weapon test detonation, North Korea is claiming to be near completion of its nuclear forces. The last nuclear test, the North Koreans claim, was of a hydrogen bomb which […]

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The New Gotcha Game of Variable Speed Limits


Even better — from a certain point-of-view — than a radar trap based on an under-posted speed limit is a radar trap with a changing speed limit. One that can be dumbed-down at random and with no prior notice, at the whim of the same government workers who enforce the limits and profit from that […]

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The Patent Troll Lobby Never Learns From SCOTUS


Here’s a simple question for you: If, every time you faced a particular court, it found against you either unanimously or close to it, would you not do anything possible to avoid that court? To most people, the answer to this question would seem to be “yes.” However, for the extortion rackets known as patent […]

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Dear Fellow Conservative


If you haven’t figured it out yet, the game of life is being stacked against you. This, courtesy of the unscrupulous left. This is true in all facets in American life and can be illustrated by reliving a stunning few days in the sports & entertainment world. Take the recent Miss America contest that was […]

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Bring Back Horsewhipping


Okay. Now I’m pissed off. Vandals have defaced the Baltimore monument in honor of Francis Scott Key, whose most famous work is known today as “The Star-Spangled Banner” and is, of course, our National Anthem. The scumbags who vandalized the monument splashed it with red paint (which has become their oh-so-subtle trademark — “Look! It’s […]

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Sore Loser Hillary Broke Campaign Promise Without Winning


Hillary Clinton described last fall’s presidential election as a “theft” in an interview with Anderson Cooper. “I think it needs to be eliminated,” Clinton said of the Electoral College on CNN. “I’d like to see us move beyond it, yes.” Like Miss Havisham wearing that wedding dress or Uncle Rico talking about throwing a football […]

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Secularist Dogmas That Live Loudly Within Lefties


For years, the Washington establishment held up Sally Quinn, the wife of the late Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee, as the society doyenne par excellence and a “serious” reporter. The Great and Good would gather at her mansion to bat around the issues of the day. Much talk of a sinister religiosity afoot in the land […]

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Off With His Head!


A few days ago, the first employee to show up at the office of the Old Mission Santa Barbara discovered something very, very wrong. During the night, an intruder had entered the mission grounds, hacked off the head of a life-size bronze sculpture of St. Junipero Serra, then doused the mutilated statue with red paint. […]

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