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The Ever-Expanding Reach of Anti-Tobacco Zealots


San Francisco’s rent-control and tenant ordinances are so oppressive that thousands of apartment units sit vacant in a city where fierce housing demand has pushed rents for tiny apartments to above $3,000 a month. Basically, many property owners there refuse to rent out their apartments because once they do so, it becomes virtually impossible to […]

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The Goal of Common Core Completely Misses the Point


A recent op-ed at FoxNews.com illustrates the philosophical problem with Common Core and other progressive education schemes: the schemes are misguided because the goal is wrong. Vince Bertram, president and CEO of an organization called Project Lead the Way, argues that Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos must focus less on controversial issues such as school […]

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Airbnb Doesn’t Want the Law to Apply to Them


Scratch just beneath the surface of any of the multiple lawless stays on President Trump’s travel ban, and you will find one thing in common: certain tech companies back all of them. The leading example, so far, has been Airbnb, which, incredibly, signed on to both the lawsuit against the travel ban in its original […]

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They’re Not Federal Prisons — They’re Factories With Fences


More than a decade ago, I was working with a publisher who was experiencing a crisis of conscience. Printing books in the U.S. had gotten expensive. But in Asia, printers were offering quality work at significant savings. The publisher told me from the perspective of the bottom line, the two top contenders were printers in […]

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I’m With Her: Tomi Lahren vs. Glenn Beck


Earlier this week Tomi Lahren was suspended from the Blaze by her boss Glenn Beck. Tomi Lahren was suspended after she said, “I’m someone that is for limited government, so I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government, but I think that the government should decide what women do […]

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Chuck Brunie, An Investor Exemplar


What are more important to the health of an intellectual movement, writers and academics or investors and philanthropists? That thought occurred to me, when I was informed of the death of Chuck Brunie, the former longtime Chairman of the Board of the Manhattan Institute and the Chairman Emeritus of The American Spectator. Of course, an […]

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Thanks to Trump, Pruitt, Gorsuch, and Goodlatte, the Constitution Is Back in Business


America has begun the process of reclaiming the Constitution. This week, the Senate is taking up the confirmation Judge Neil Gorsuch, one of many Trump nominees known for his dedication to constitutional government. This follows the Senate confirmation of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA — a federal agency he has […]

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Airbnb May Finally Win Its Long Battle Against Nashville


Places like Nashville, Tennessee, should love short-term rental platforms like Airbnb or HomeAway. For one, the city has a booming tourism industry but remains short of enough hotels to meet surging demand. This is why Nashville’s downtown has the highest average nightly hotel rate in the United States — ahead of cities like San Francisco […]

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They Published, and Their Articles Perished


About 100 years ago I decided to give up my job in New York, enroll at a big Midwest university, and pursue a Ph.D. in medieval English literature. I had some very good teachers in the doctoral program and a few who were not so great. But one of the things that puzzled me, now […]

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In Favor of American Nationalism


Now as throughout the campaign, we hear liberals and neoconservatives rail against the nationalism espoused by Donald Trump that also resonates among tens of millions of regular Americans. Elitists and media messengers likewise express horror when Mr. Trump announces that in all matters, be they domestic or foreign, his policy and attitude will be “America […]

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