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A Day at the FBI National Urgent Tipster Emergency Hot-Line Call Center


(Background Music): Tonight’s Episode: The Animal ACT I (Phone rings.) RECEPTIONIST (answering phone): Welcome. This is the FIB. (Indistinguishable voice speaking on other side of phone) RECEPTIONIST (again): Did I say FIB again? I gotta stop doing that. I’m sorry. Welcome. So this is the FBI. A Spin-Startin’ Production. (Indistinguishable voice speaking again on other […]

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Against Gun Control: The ‘I-Want-To’ Factor


So, in response to the Parkland, Florida shootings, the government, federal or state, strongly tightens control of firearms. And then…? No more shootings? No more Nikolas Cruzes and such like, taking out their personal malice on the innocent and unwary? I speak as a lifelong non-gun owner when I say we ought not count on […]

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The Economy Is Booming


I did not support Donald Trump for president. I recall arguing with some of my pro-Trump Consumer Technology Association (CTA) board members in 2016 — smart business leaders who were convinced that as president, Trump would drive U.S. economic growth. I was skeptical and focused on Trump’s personal, divisive attacks. But within hours of Trump […]

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Pharma Thinks It Owns Medicare


It’s a depressingly common aphorism in Washington policy-making circles that “pharma always wins.” This happens regardless of the merits of any particular policy — in fact, the more “pharma always wins,” the more often taxpayers and consumers lose. Nevertheless, the industry keeps racking up successes by pouring money into D.C. and bribing its way to […]

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Hillary Campaign Colluded With British Labourites


It was more than the Russians. The British were coming, the British were coming. Amid the news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has indicted 13 Russians charged with trying to influence an American election? The American Spectator has been tipped to a damning article published in Buzzfeed UK two days before the 2016 election. An […]

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Down Here, We Race


They ran the Daytona 500 yesterday and it was the kind of race that made you think fondly of the old days. Of a time, that is, when they raced on the actual beach at Daytona and among the great drivers were men like Lee Petty, Curtis Turner, and Junior Johnson. A time when all […]

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Mueller’s Sop to the Slavering Media


Having anxiously watched Robert Mueller blunder around the Beltway for a year with his metal detector and tinfoil hat, the legacy media were doubtlessly relieved Friday when he seemed to have finally found something they could sink their teeth into. Sadly, for them, there isn’t much to his indictment. All it confirms is the blindingly […]

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FBI: Famous But Ineffective


I’ve got a theory which continues to be supported by evidence — namely, that the American Left is a movement by and for people who simply cannot do a good job. That’s not to say all the competent people in this country are conservatives, though it does appear that on balance you’ll find more people […]

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Mueller Indicts the Cold War


Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Friday indictment of three Russian organizations and thirteen Russian individuals is an interesting but futile exercise. For all his time and expense Mueller might as well have indicted Nikita Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev. The indictment is interesting because it lays out a strategy that the Russian government pursued successfully to interfere […]

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Immigration: The Issue Democrats Cannot Afford to Close


The Senate’s immigration debate ended before it began because Democrats must have it continue. Democrats face just such contradiction from internal and external pressure to keep the immigration issue alive through at least this November. More importantly, agreement with the president on immigration now risks their losing this issue forever. The left has made immigration […]

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