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Red Lobster Hillary Cabal Targets Tucker Carlson


I had a great dinner at a local Red Lobster the other night. The crab cakes were excellent, the staff and service friendly and terrific. But alas that was my last meal at the Red Lobster. The Red Lobster, which I thought was in the business of selling seafood dinners and lunches, is in another […]

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The Middle Way: Bringing Sense to Our Polarized Positions


One unremarked side effect of the uproar that goes by the name of Donald Trump is the hardening everywhere of hearts and positions. Everything’s got to be one way or another! — border wall or shutdown, impeachment or public demoralization, allies or enemies, war or peace. War: That puts on our plates, or should, the […]

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Macron Addresses His Subjects


Emmanuel Macron addressed a letter today to the French people, inviting them to participate over the next couple months in a national debate on broad themes of public policy. The first-term president, under pressure from a tax revolt that has raised large issues of governance and national purpose, asks his compatriots to participate in town […]

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Democrats’ Big Lie on the Border Wall — Yet They’re Winning


Despite the fact that President Trump has fired almost every big gun he has, his battle with congressional Democrats over funding the construction of a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border has been stalemated. He will probably lose the fight. The partial government shutdown, the longest ever, is in its fourth week. Despite his fondness for […]

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The Buck Stops With Congress


Beginning in December, President Donald Trump rightly decided to link the funding for a $5 billion border wall with keeping the government funded. Naturally, all of Washington has been atwitter as the economy in the Beltway tanks and life in the Emerald City grinds to a halt. Trump has maintained that the shutdown will last […]

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Debt and Deficits: They’re Unsustainable


The most important issue facing America today is the national debt and increasing federal deficits. Our national debt now exceeds yearly gross domestic product (GDP). The U.S is the wealthiest country in the world, but our government has the largest spending deficits and national debt in recorded history. The budget deficit in FY 2018 was […]

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Voters Side With Judge Who Nullified Obamacare


One day after Nancy Pelosi and her modest but all too real Democratic majority in the House of Representatives voted to interfere in Texas v. United States, the lawsuit in which Federal Judge Reed O’Connor ruled Obamacare unconstitutional, a new survey found that nearly six in ten registered voters want O’Connor’s ruling to stand. Of […]

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Tax Reforms, Not Rises, to Combat Inequality


In the wake of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez telling Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes that she wants a 70 percent income tax on the superrich, Democratic presidential aspirants outdo one another in endorsing a rate hike. “There was a time in this country where the top marginal tax rate was over 90 percent,” presidential hopeful Julian […]

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The Unraveling of Wuerl’s Lies


In the latest revelation about Donald Wuerl — that, contrary to his claims of ignorance, he knew about McCarrick’s misconduct for at least 14 years — he emerges as the amoral but self-protective bureaucrat, undone by his own pass-the-buck-style record-keeping, which gives a grimly ironic dimension to his downfall. Wuerl’s policy wasn’t one of zero […]

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The Dems Who Cried ‘Wolf!’


The President whom the Left media had been challenging for three years to “act Presidential” did it during his Oval Office address to the nation on Tuesday night, and the Democrats came back ten minutes later, crying “Wolf!” in an American Gothic that even MSNBC’s Brian Williams had to pan. The boy who cried “Wolf!” We all […]

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