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Napolitano Deserves Boot Over Latest UC Scandal


Sacramento The University of California warned Californians early this year that if tuition weren’t significantly raised or public funding increased, education at the 10-campus system — with its staff of 200,000 and $28.5-billion-plus budget — would suffer. “We’re at the point where if we don’t do this, if we don’t invest, the quality of education […]

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Scamming the Pro-Life Movement


From last August 1st to mid-September, an obscure pro-Life group called National Campaign PAC reported spending over a million dollars in “independent expenditures” to defeat Hillary Clinton. During the same period, Voter Education PAC, listing the same treasurer and address, reported $160,000. Both supposedly spent the money convincing voters through phone banks. At first glance, […]

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Down They Come: Mitch Landrieu’s Revenge


As he nears the end of his two terms as the Big Easy’s mayor, the truth about Mitch Landrieu is he has a staggeringly meager legacy. This is true of most politicians. It’s particularly true of most urban Democrat politicians, and even more particularly true of that sub-genre since the Democrats have mastered the art […]

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Inquisitions and Tribunals on America’s Campuses


Young women on college campuses have reasons to be fearful. The sheltering protections of housemothers and parietals are long gone. Unisex dorms and bathrooms do not raise eyebrows. Time-honored patterns of courtship and chivalry have gone up in smoke, leaving women empowered but vulnerable. Young men who are louts can and do scheme to obtain […]

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How Will Trump Deal With Iran?


For the next month, the media is going to busy itself with grading President Donald Trump’s performance by the meaningless standard of how much he accomplished in his first 100 days in office. The standard is made doubly meaningless by the fact that Mr. Trump is not anchored to any ideology against which progress can […]

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Why the GOP Is in No Rush to Repeal Obamacare


President Trump recently stated that he would like the House of Representatives to move forward on its revised Obamacare “repeal and replace” bill immediately after Congress returns from its spring recess. On Saturday, however, Speaker Paul Ryan announced that no vote was scheduled on the measure. The Trump administration would like to chalk up a […]

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George Soros’s Contributions to a Cannabis Hotbed


Albania’s socialist prime minister, Edi Rama, is the only foreign leader who came to the U.S. to trash talk Donald J. Trump last year, possibly at the behest of his close friend, George Soros. “God forbid” Trump wins the Republican nomination Rama told CNN’s Richard Quest. Trump’s election would “harm a lot America and it […]

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American Whiskey Trail Tour, Day 5


Don’t get me wrong — Jack Daniel’s is a very impressive company. Its sales growth over the past 40 years is mind-boggling. During the 1970 and 1980s, most American whiskeys saw their sales drop. They laid off workers and cut back on capital upgrades. But not company the Jasper Newton Daniel started 150 years ago. […]

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Israel Is the Key to Solving the World’s Water Crisis


During the 20th century, the world saw the greatest population boom in human history. The annual growth rate of the world’s population stands at 1.6 percent and the world population is expected to grow from 8 billion to 10 billion by the year 2100. The need to fix our ever-growing water shortage has never been […]

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Why Trump Won Wisconsin


There are four reasons why Hillary lost Wisconsin: she didn’t show up, Russ Feingold pulled her numbers down, the Republican Party was strong, and grassroots conservatives like Dan Feyen never gave up. Woody Allen once said: “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” Hillary Clinton did not visit Wisconsin, after she lost the April 5 […]

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