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How Perkins Coie Plan to Get Congressman Jim Jordan


Washington Have you been keeping up with the charges against Congressman Jim Jordan? They first wafted from the swamp around July 3 when NBC News quoted three former wrestlers as saying the congressman had to know about “inappropriate” behavior by an Ohio State University team physician towards some Ohio State wrestlers. The “inappropriate” behavior supposedly […]

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Generation Trump?


Your author has noted, mostly via anecdotal evidence, that it appears a very large part of President Donald Trump’s core support comes from people in my age group. And that makes sense to me, for a number of reasons I’ll outline with the help of Jay Connaughton, a Mandeville, Louisiana-based political consultant who spent quite […]

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Peter Strzok, A Cocky Liar to the End


The Peter Strzok hearing was a travesty, starting with the fact that he testified as a cocooned, lawyered-up government employee still working for the FBI. It is outrageous that he hasn’t been fired yet. He even still has a security clearance! That alone is proof of the deep state’s hold on certain executive branch agencies. […]

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Strzok and His Rabid-Dog Handlers


Thursday Wow. What a day on Capitol Hill. Rogue FBI agent Peter Strzok, married, long-time FBI powerhouse, having long-term affair with other FBI agent named Miss Lisa Page, had sent texts over his official FBI phone calling Trump supporters “pieces of s–t,” had said he could “smell” them at a Walmart in southern Virginia. Had […]

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Hungry to Feed on Kavanaugh


“The dogma lives loudly within you, and that’s of concern.” So said Senator Dianne Feinstein (D.CA.) after she had finished her outrageous and shameful interrogation of Notre Dame law professor Amy Coney Barrett about whether Barrett’s Catholic faith rendered her unfit to be a federal judge. Despite Feinstein’s best efforts to expose Barrett’s putatively unacceptable […]

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Trump NATO

NATO Must Pay


Repeat after me: NATO is the most important defensive alliance in history. Keep repeating it, lest you gain the undying enmity of the Davoise. In fact, repeat the mantra at all times, like some Gregorian Monk who endlessly chants incantations to the Lord. NATO is the most important defensive alliance in history. Or, is it? […]

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Who Kept Putting Strzok in Charge?


Let no one say Peter Strzok failed to prove interference into the U.S. presidential election by an intelligence agency. The more zealously Strzok pursued the idea of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, the more convinced observers became that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), to include disgraced former acting director Andrew McCabe, attorney Lisa […]

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Stop the Fake News That Hungary Is Anti-Semitic


Next week Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban makes his first visit to the state of Israel. This symbolic and diplomatic event, considered against a consistent record of pro-Israel support and concrete measures to confront anti-Semitism in Hungary, should bring closure to the myth, popular among the Left, global Jewish organizations, and in the world press, […]

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Fake History That Inspires Today’s Progressives


Mindful of Voltaire’s dictum (“To hold a pen is to be at war”), we take up the pen against five enduring myths about the Russian Revolution and the advent of socialism. The five myths are long-standing pillars of falsehood — used to curtail liberty, justify past atrocities, and (in the name of “progress”) lead free […]

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Can California GOP Reignite a Tax Revolt?


Sacramento The fate of Republican control of the U.S. House of Representatives might come down to this simple question: Are enough California voters angry enough about the recently passed tax increase on gas and vehicle-registration fees to come out in droves? If they do, this potential anti-tax wave will benefit a handful of Republican candidates […]

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