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Bubble America and the Phantom of White Nationalism


It is wonderful to watch the reptile-quick post-election pivot from White Privilege and Identity to White Nationalism and Supremacy. At a Harvard University conference last week, sour-grapes Democratic campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri charged that white nationalism and supremacy — she used the words interchangeably — were foundational to Donald Trump’s election victory. These anti-white […]

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Democrats Prepare to Bork Tom Price


Until a week ago, the adjectives most frequently applied to Georgia Rep. Tom Price were “mild-mannered” and “low-key.” This isn’t surprising. Like his father and his grandfather, he is a physician and thus trained to approach problems in a calm, analytical fashion. However, now that President-elect Trump has picked Price to be his Secretary of […]

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Attack of the Pfft People


The cool clique inevitably reveals itself as the loser league. In Napoleon Dynamite, this phenomenon plays out during the school-auditorium-dance-routine scene, when cool kid Don delivers a patronizing “pfft,” as his classmates go crazy over the title character’s sweet moves. You see it in Revenge of the Nerds, when the dorks switch places with the […]

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The Case of the Leftie Who Actually Left 


We’re used to the dreary quadrennial spectacle of various lefties declaring they will leave the country if this or that conservative wins the White House (even the compassionate variety of conservative puts them off, as we saw in 2000). But, as we’re also used to, the bums never do it. Never follow through. Never live […]

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Jill Stein Is (Re)Counting Her Money


Call it entrepreneurship if you will — it’s the closest to the real thing you’re going to get out of a dyed-in-the-wool socialist like failed Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein. But give her credit for her efforts. Stein, who managed a little over 1 percent of the popular vote on Nov. 8 to finish […]

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California GOP’s Final Death Throes


Sacramento The final vote tallies are in for a handful of tight legislative races. It’s now clear that California Democrats have gained supermajorities in both houses of the Legislature, meaning they can raise taxes without needing to woo any Republican votes. The state Republican Party has long abandoned hope of ever gaining majorities, but each […]

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Willie and Phyllis: A Couple of Christmas Books


Pretty Paper By Willie Nelson with David Ritz (Blue Rider Press, 283 pages, $23) The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories By P.D. James (Alfred A. Knopf, 157 pages, $24) Books about Christmas, or with Christmassy themes, can be saccharine. Consider a couple that aren’t. Some may argue that the Willie Nelson book Pretty Paper comes close […]

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To America


Attention must be paid: To Wlady Pleszczynski, whose dear mother Irena passed away last month in beautiful Santa Barbara in her 90s. Growing up in terror in Poland, she came to America and found peace and the glory of this blessed land in more than sixty years of Santa Barbara life. I only met her […]

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Secession Is for Morons


I love California. I have lived here since the summer of 1976 and while I travel like a madman, Sunny Cal has always been my base for the last forty years. What’s not to like? It almost never rains. The weather is balmy year-round here in L.A. The people are ambitious and lively and know […]

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What America Needs Is a Good Dose of Bob Barr at Justice!


In an article he authored last week for townhall.com, former Congressman Bob Barr echoed the sentiments shared by me and many others who support President-elect Donald Trump’s choice of Sen. Jeff Sessions as the next attorney general. The insights offered by Barr are especially apropos considering his background. The Georgia lawyer served as the presidentially appointed […]

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