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The Stupid Party Had Better Get Smart on Guns

I’ll start this column with a quick announcement which may be of some interest to its regular readers. Namely, June 21 is the publication date for The Revivalist Manifesto, the new book I have coming out which explains why we’re where we are and why a new political era beckons to us which is dominated by, and benefits from, Republican leadership.

But as the book emphasizes, that GOP leadership has to be of a certain stripe. It cannot be the Stupid Party/Bush Republican crowd in charge, or else what happens this November and/or in 2024 will be, at best, a great big fizzle.

I say this in my book, but I’ll say it here — the Republican Party, as personified by its elected officials, treats its voters with a contempt which is difficult to explain without employing the many conspiracy theories our readers are distressingly familiar with. Particularly among that old-school GOP set, the one the Mitch McConnells and Mitt Romneys and Bill Cassidys have so depopularized in the years since George W. Bush was its avatar.

From that contempt, you get things like “compassionate conservatism,” which rushes off to war and freshens those graveyards we frequent each Memorial Day with newly upturned dirt. You get “infrastructure bills” which are loaded not so much with road and bridge and canal projects as they are giant paydays for public-employee unions and the Woke Governmental Complex.

And you get stupid dealmaking on core constitutional issues with leftist Democrats.

The last of the three is what’s at stake now, as following what happened in Uvalde, Texas, last week there are now fresh rumblings that Republicans in the Senate are willing to make deals on some sort of gun control package. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Connecticut), who isn’t exactly what you’d call a good-faith negotiating partner, trumpeted that an arrangement was afoot over the weekend

I think there is something dying inside the soul of this country when we refuse to act at a national level shooting after shooting. And I do think there’s an opportunity right now to be able to pass something significant. I’ve seen more Republican interest in coming to the table and talking this time than at any other moment since Sandy Hook. It is true, you know, Republicans are not willing to support everything that I support, like banning assault weapons. But I really think that we could pass something that saves lives and breaks this logjam that we’ve had for 30 years, proving to Republicans that if you vote to tighten the nation’s gun laws, the sky doesn’t fall for you politically, in fact, you probably will get a lot of new additional supporters. So red flag laws are on the table. Background checks, expansion and on the table, as well as things like safe storage of guns. I think we can get something done, but we don’t have a lot of time.

The temptation is to say that Murphy is lying, and it wouldn’t be unsafe to make such a statement. He doesn’t have a truth-telling way; none of the Democrats on Capitol Hill do.

Except there are reasons to believe he might not be lying, and perhaps he isn’t just getting shined on by the Republicans up there.

Adam Kinzinger is by no means a bell cow for GOP politicians, but he ran off at the mouth about gun control over the weekend. Then there was the RINO Chris Jacobs, a congressman from New York, who is now saying he’d vote to ban sales of AR-15 rifles, which millions of Americans own (and which are by no means the most deadly or high-powered on the market).

And there is word that McConnell has directed his lieutenant, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), to drum up support for some sort of gun control legislation.

Classic, egregious Stupid Party actions, all.

At Townhall, Kurt Schlichter perfectly delivered the warning to McConnell et al.:

The GOP better not give up one single inch on gun freedom.

The Democrats are giddy. They were hoping that SCOTUS putting the kibosh on kid killing was going to save them from annihilation in November. That did not work – Americans were less interested in preserving a non-existent right to snuff out a life two minutes from crowning than in $6 gas. But this scumbag’s murder rampage in Texas has given them new hope, they think. All the GOP has to do is be spineless and stupid.

So, they’re feeling pretty confident.

We could discuss the facts, like how the real issue is mentally ill kids (lib COVID lockdowns were no help) and lax security at schools where some cretin can wander in with a rifle and hang out unchallenged. We can also point out the obvious – that disarming law-abiding citizens only empower the criminals Democrats excuse and the tyrants they want to be. But facts and evidence will not stiffen the spines of the noodle caucus that thinks that the regime media will let up if they only “DO SOMETHING” even though the doings the Democrats demand are acts of political onanism.

No, the GOP caucus in Congress needs to understand if good policy and a respect for the Second Amendment are not reason enough for them to derail the runaway freight train of bullSchiff exploitation legislation the Dems are pushing then our vengeance at the ballot box will be.

The whole thing is a must-read, and I won’t crib further from it. But Schlichter is manifestly correct that Republican voters categorically refuse to surrender our gun rights to a government run by the likes of Chuck Schumer, Ron Klain, and Pete Buttigieg, and if the politicians who purport to represent us will sell us out to such monsters, then the massive victory staring them in the face will fall away into the ether.

This victory, this new political era which beckons, cannot be won by a party undeserving of winning. It cannot be won by the Stupid Party.

And agreeing to allow Democrats to weaken our Second Amendment rights is unquestionably a Stupid Party move.

The Democrats aren’t even offering anything in return. Schumer killed a GOP-driven measure which would have hardened schools against mass killers last week. They certainly aren’t contemplating some grand bargain which accedes to Republican wishes on other issues like the economy, energy or cultural matters.

No. This is a straight surrender demand. And apparently they’re OK with it.

Even if there was after decades of idiotic and counterproductive gun control policies (none of which have worked in blue states and blue cities Democrats have run) a measure which might prevent the next Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook), Nikolas Cruz (Parkland), or Salvador Ramos, why would you give Schumer and Nancy Pelosi a victory to run on? As Schlichter notes in his column, pass it in January so they can’t take credit for it. That’s basic politics and it’s what Schumer and Pelosi would gleefully do to the GOP.

But there is no such measure. Gun control doesn’t work. All it does is limit the number of available good guys with guns. I wrote this at my site on Friday

The ghouls are telling you that because Salvador Ramos, who rode around shooting people with BB guns, who cut his own face with a knife and then claimed he’d gotten in a fight with a cat, who regularly terrorized classmates and who is now said to have been arrested four years ago for plotting a mass murder once he’d turned 18, did what his entire life was leading up to in eyeshot of his whole community and nothing was done about it, you have to consent to have one of your most fundamental rights infringed upon.

There is an implicit, insulting promise in all of these gun-grabbing ghoulish speeches, which is that you should give up the means of protecting yourself so that you can outsource that to the government. If the government thus has a monopoly on violence, it can be trusted to use that monopoly in benevolent ways and make you safe.

But there is no historical evidence indicating this is so.

Governments able to disarm their populations act in the most bloodthirsty, merciless and foul ways imaginable. Nazi Germany, Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Cambodia, the list goes on. In medieval times, before there were guns, the people were lucky to have weapons better than an axe or a small knife. The king and his nobles would employ knights armed with swords, maces, suits of armor, war horses. And when the king or lord sent his men to impose his will on the populace, no resistance was possible.

No resistance has been possible in disarmed Australia, a supposedly free and democratic country which stupidly gave up its weapons and ceded a monopoly on violence to a government which then imposed draconian lockdowns and quarantine concentration camps on its people in the name of moronic and tyrannical “COVID zero” policy. And that’s what the ghouls demand we subject ourselves to.

As the gun is the current currency of heroism and villainy, surrendering your weapons to the government is tantamount to making yourself a serf. It’s outsourcing your safety to a local police department staffed to write you a traffic ticket rather than protect your kids when the monsters come.

And this government is little better than those awful regimes described above. It’s staffed to a disturbing level by admirers of those regimes.

Under no circumstances should any deals be made with Democrats on guns. Under no circumstances should the Stupid Party rear its head in this debate.

And under no circumstances should anyone in the Republican Party suffer the delusion that taking its voters for granted will make for a reward in the November elections.

Wake up, you idiots. You’re the only thing standing between us and the ghouls having the full monopoly on violence they’ve fantasized about since they first read Karl Marx. Now is no time to fan their fire, and it’s certainly no time to go wobbly on a core principle to which we insist you hold fast.

Sell us out and you’ll be very disappointed in the results. We’ve had more than enough of that.

Scott McKay
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