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Gary Anderson
Gary Anderson lectures on Alternative Analysis at the George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs.
by | Nov 21, 2022

Today’s slackers come in roughly three varieties. The most obvious suspects are those millennials and Gen Zers who never returned to work after the COVID shutdown. Mom’s basement, a bag of Cheetos, and an iPhone or Xbox are all they…

by | Oct 15, 2022

As Francis Sempa reports in this publication, Robert Kaplan and Mike Pompeo take very different views on the future course of American grand strategy, with Pompeo advocating a more muscular approach and Kaplan favoring restraint. While I respect both, having…

by | Oct 2, 2022

FBI officials thought they had put an end to La Cosa Nostra in New York State decades ago. They were wrong. The mob in New York is still alive and well; it merely changed its name to the Democratic Party….

by | Sep 18, 2022

President Joe Biden has followed in President Barack Obama’s footsteps in rewarding Iranian bad behavior with carrots rather than punishing it with sticks. Biden is desperately seeking a new Iranian nuclear deal despite prevarication by Tehran and continued troublemaking in…

by | Sep 6, 2022

When then-President Donald Trump had Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, accompany him on a visit to a Washington, D.C., church to denounce Black Lives Matter protesters who were besieging the White House, Democrats had…

by | Aug 29, 2022

If I were an American ally in NATO or the Indo-Pacific region, I would be nervous about President Joe Biden’s leadership of the free world. A year has passed since our disgraceful exit from Afghanistan. Neither Biden nor any of…

by | Aug 20, 2022

Depending on the political orientation of media outlets you follow, both major American political parties are too hopelessly divided among themselves to prevail in the fall elections. Unless the Socialists, Commies, or a Cheney-led third-party stages a miraculous upset, somebody…

by | Aug 14, 2022

When body-armored paramilitary agents with automatic weapons showed up to raid the house of Donald Trump, former president and rival of sitting U.S. President Joe Biden, many conservatives likened it to the beginning of a banana-republic rule in our country….

by | Jul 24, 2022

No phrase is hated more by the anti-gun cartel than “the way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” It challenges the narrative that guns in America are inherently bad and that…

by | Jul 17, 2022

My paternal grandmother — God rest her soul — was a confirmed independent. She could remember a time when women were not allowed to vote, and she took great pride in franchise and scrutinized the records of candidates very carefully….

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