Tom Raabe
Tom Raabe is a writer and editor living in Tempe, Arizona.
by | Oct 27, 2019

It’s Reformation time again, and you know what that means. Big crowds will fill the pews of Protestant churches on Reformation Sunday. The sermon will probably reference Martin Luther’s nailing the 95 Theses on the Wittenberg church door, and there…

by | Jul 27, 2019

You are in a coffee shop. You have just ordered your tall, non-fat latte with caramel drizzle from the barista. The place isn’t too busy, so you strike up a conversation. Your barista has longish green hair with red highlights…

by | Jul 6, 2019

I was a politics junkie. Always watching cable news, clicking on political websites, listening to talk radio. The operative word here is “was.” It all got to me, in its maddening, frustrating ubiquity. I got tired of the constant stimulation,…

by | Jun 2, 2019

I talked with a good buddy of mine the other night about the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) takeover of my denomination, the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. Needless to say, we didn’t break any new ground. We’ve been complaining about this for…

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