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Hillary’s Cop-Bashing, Past and Present

As a student radical during the Black Panthers era, Hillary Clinton gravitated to the company of anti-cop activists. At Yale, she helped edit a law journal that depicted police officers as racist pigs and ran numerous articles in defense of cop-killers.

During her law school stint, she spent free moments offering assistance to the lawyers for Black Panthers who had killed a federal agent. She “monitored” the Bobby Seale trial in New Haven, hoping to catch the prosecutors out in mistakes that could later trigger an appeal.

She also hobnobbed with the “Radical Chic” social set, going to cocktail parties with the lawyers for the Black Panthers. Through one of those events, she met Robert Treuhaft and Jessica Mitford, two Stalinists from California whom historians have established collaborated with the Soviet Union as members of the American Communist Party. Robert Treuhaft ran a law firm in California, and Hillary spent one of her summers doing a legal internship at his firm in Oakland. Treuhaft thought that she might object to his Red ties. But at the time she didn’t care. In her autobiography, however, she was embarrassed enough about the association to try and minimize her work there: “I spent most of my time working for Mal Burnstein researching, writing legal motions and briefs for a child custody case.”

Treuhaft’s firm was notorious not only for its Red associations but also its unapologetic defense of cop-killers. That Hillary would devote a summer to working for such creepy subversives reveals the depth of her radical instincts. It is not hard to imagine her signing off on cartoons in the Yale Review caricaturing cops as pigs conjuring up the foulest racist thoughts as they walked the streets.

Even Bernie Sanders might have thought twice about working for Robert Treuhaft. But not Hillary. Having written her senior thesis at Wellesley on the radical agitprop of Saul Alinsky, who was so impressed that he offered her a job after graduation, Hillary was game for a summer in Oakland in the company of Marxists and ACLU anarchists. She chanted “no justice, no peace” long before Black Lives Matter did.

A justification for violence against police officers is assumed in that chant, but that doesn’t stop Hillary from casting it as a legitimate protest. Even as they denounce the violence against cops, the Democrats join in chants, walk in protests, and give speeches that rationalize it. The ideology behind the protests holds that the racially aggrieved should not have to obey the law and that any government seeking to enforce it is inherently racist and thus worthy of resistance.

This ideology creeps into Hillary’s remarks, even at moments when she is straining to appear irenic. In her speech to an African Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia last week, she uncorked the claim that “implicit bias” exists “even in the best police departments.” While claiming to detest “profiling,” Hillary gives herself the right to profile good police officers as racist. She adds “implicit” to dilute the insult and to build herself up as the omniscient central planner who will reorganize police departments so perfectly that not even implicit racism will shape their policies. How these central planners are immune to the implicit racism Hillary sees everywhere is never made clear. She says it “exists across society” but somehow it doesn’t touch her.

The upshot of this ideology is that as long as police officers arrest minorities for committing crimes they will fall under suspicion and face resistance. They can only escape the charge of racism by abdicating their duties. Hillary doesn’t want to “reform” police departments but castrate them. Her cop-bashing these days is more circumspect and subdued than it was in the 1970s, but it is no less ideologically crass. She is no longer romanticizing the Black Panthers, but she is romanticizing their heirs.

Even after a jury found that Trayvon Martin had died after trying to smash George Zimmerman’s head into cement, Hillary still casts him, as she did last week, as a cherubic angel struck down by society’s sinister forces. “White Americans,” she said, need to do a better job of “listening when African Americans talk.” If they did, she said, they would understand why black people say a prayer when their “baby” goes to a store “to buy iced tea and Skittles.”

For Hillary, whether shilling for the Black Panthers in the 1970s or Black Lives Matter today, the cops always end up as the criminals.

George Neumayr
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George Neumayr, a senior editor at The American Spectator, is author most recently of The Biden Deception: Moderate, Opportunist, or the Democrats' Crypto-Socialist?
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