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2004: A Sexual Space Odyssey

It sounds like a Sci-Fi movie conceived in the mind of Betty Friedan: Misogynist Muslim males in an Iraqi prison under the control of a female general are leashed like dogs for the amusement of female guards during a game of carnal hijinks — “2004: A Sexual Space Odyssey.”

What once was a men-are-dogs satirical cartoon in feminist magazines is now a photo on the front page of newspapers. Will Hillary Clinton, who sits on the Senate Committee on Armed Services set to browbeat Donald Rumsfeld today, apologize for the photo of the female guard leashing a Muslim male? Where did the female GI ever get such an idea — at the March for Women’s Lives? Hillary Clinton spoke at that vile event and wasn’t shocked by the crude behavior there. Why is she so shocked now?

Perhaps this female GI is in need of “understanding.” What horrible oppression led her and her cohorts to write “I am a Rapest” (sic) on a prisoner’s leg? Can’t the feminists who cried at Charlize Theron’s Monster understand the rage this GI must feel? Liberal Hollywood was so shocked at Charlize Theron’s performance as a truck-stop prostitute killing her clients it gave her an Oscar. Shouldn’t Michael Moore and company who cheered at Thelma and Louise, who applauded Demi Moore in GI Jane, who park their daughters in front of Xena: The Princess Warrior cut this GI a little slack?

And why is the behavior depicted in the photos so appalling to liberals? If the behavior had been voluntary, liberals would call it free speech. Are they upset that the war has gone pay-per-view? In the liberal mind, such acts form an important identity and alternative lifestyle worthy of respect and tolerance. As the pop culture they have bestowed upon us might say, “Don’t be ignorant.” Who is to say those acts are wrong? After all, in Massachusetts now, they are construed as courtship.

The Democrats don’t want this to ever happen again? Okay, let’s discuss Bill Clinton’s Don’t ask, Don’t tell, Don’t care policy. Could that perhaps have something to do with indiscipline in the ranks? No, that’s not a permissible thought, according to the Democrats. We must close our eyes to the obvious lest the march of progress in the military grind to a halt.

Nor will the Democrats permit their vision of a unisex military to be a matter of debate. Even if the clock is broken, we must not turn it back. The female GI who tried to turn that prison into a pound personified Bill Clinton’s unisex military perfectly: it is difficult to tell if she is a man or a woman. (According to last night’s news reports, we know she’s with child thanks to a fellow torturer to whom she’s now engaged.) The Democrats who said that women could perform the dirty deeds of war as well any other man are horrified that women are performing the dirty deeds of war, but not so horrified that they would reconsider the wisdom of placing women in the muck next to men. Again, not a permissible thought.

But perhaps Hillary Clinton can at least explain to her fellow members of the Armed Services Committee the pressing military importance of unisex policing in Muslim countries. Surely the Democrats so sensitive to the feelings of the “world” can promise the Muslim world that they will no longer advocate making American women the jailors of Muslim men? Or does promotion of women in the military trump their customary multicultural sympathies?

The phoniness of the outrage in Washington, D.C. can’t be overstated. If a college president decided to house a fraternity and sorority on the same dorm floor and shocking sexual pranksterism broke out, then said, “This is deeply troubling. I had no idea this would happen,” parents would call him a jackass and call for his sacking. Democrats do the equivalent of this in the military and ask for reelection. When their experiment blows up in their face they just blame the ensuing mess on the very conservatives who didn’t want the experiment conducted in the first place. Then once the cameras stop rolling and the appropriate anger has been exhausted, the Brave New World experiment resumes.

Life under liberalism is a Sci-Fi movie Stanley Kubrick couldn’t have dreamed up.

George Neumayr
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George Neumayr, a senior editor at The American Spectator, is author most recently of The Biden Deception: Moderate, Opportunist, or the Democrats' Crypto-Socialist?
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