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Gay Rights and the Politics of Coercive Approval

Rod Dreher is not my favorite conservative writer, but his reaction to the Iowa Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling has provoked a revealing response from the blogger Anonymous Liberal:

Dreher thinks it’s getting hard to be a “public Christian” in this country. . . . Maybe Dreher should try being a “public homosexual” for a while and compare the experience. If I had a Quantum Leap machine, I’d be tempted to zap Dreher into the life of a gay high school student or maybe a gay man in a small Southern town and see how easy he finds it to publicly be himself. . . 
Tens of thousands of gay Americans (at least) remain closeted, afraid to admit to their family and friends–sometimes even themselves–that they are gay. Gay teenagers are three times more likely to commit suicide than straight teenagers. These facts can both be explained–at least in large part–by the continued willingness of many Americans to publicly display their intolerance of homosexuality.

(H/T: Memeorandum.) What is asserted here is that homosexuals are so inherently weak that they cannot survive mere disapproval of their preferences. Anonymous Liberal has witlessly dispelled all the legalistic nonsense about “equal protection” and confessed the real purpose of the crusade for same-sex marriage, which might fairly be summarized thus:

We will compel you hateful small-town troglodytes to approve of homosexuality, and will punish those who persist in displaying an anti-social attitude of disapproval.

Anonymous Liberal is not only contemptuous of the ability of homosexuals to withstand public disapproval, but seems to assume that opponents of same-sex marriage are either too stupid to see through his charade or too cowardly to denounce it as the dishonest humbug it is. And why should he think otherwise, when so many conservatives have been so silent about liberal humbug for years?

The differences between men and women, according to the egalitarian view, are so trivial that the law must forbid any recognition of such differences, so that the sexes are treated as interchangeable. As I argued in January, it is from a careless acquiescence to this egalitarian falsehood that Americans have been steadily — one might well say “progressively” — marched to the point where the Iowa Supreme Court mandates gay marriage and anyone who questions that ruling is dismissed as an ignorant, hateful bigot suffering from the mental disorder of “homophobia.”

That’s from my column that won’t be officially published until Monday, but you can go ahead and read the whole thing now. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m tired of having my intelligence insulted by these arrogant bullies. Therefore, thanks to Rod Dreher for smoking them out of their rathole.

Robert Stacy McCain
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