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by | Nov 19, 2018

What do Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams, and Bill Nelson have in common? Each asked the voters for important…Read More

by | Nov 19, 2018

The obvious and inevitable have finally become so obvious and inevitable that even Democrats, their battalion of lawyers on speed…Read More

by | Nov 18, 2018

Almost two decades after the infamous Florida recount to determine the 2000 presidential election, voters again have reason to look…Read More

by | Nov 16, 2018

Obama-appointed federal judges have brazenly rewritten election statutes to favor Democrats challenging the outcomes of races in Florida and Georgia….Read More

by | Nov 14, 2018

If Americans are losing confidence in elections, don’t blame Russian hackers. The damage is self-inflicted. A week after polls closed,…Read More

by | Nov 14, 2018

Tampa A frequent complaint from reasonable Americanos is that political races and the annoying campaigns that accompany them last waaaay too…Read More

by | Nov 12, 2018

Tampa OK, let’s ease off on the Flori-Duh pedal please. The somewhat inaccurate refrain heard over and over across the…Read More

by | Nov 10, 2018

Stunning. A transcript of a court hearing on the voting in Florida reveals a startling fact. The campaigns of Democrat…Read More

by | Nov 9, 2018

Tampa  The saying, often attributed to Joe Stalin, is likely apocryphal. But it goes something like this: “It doesn’t matter…Read More

by | Nov 7, 2018

Yesterday was a good day for the “world’s greatest deliberative body.” The voters banished four Democratic Senators to outer darkness….Read More

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