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Florida: The Inevitable

The obvious and inevitable have finally become so obvious and inevitable that even Democrats, their battalion of lawyers on speed dial, and their cheering sections in the mainstream media have had to bend to it. After an interminable campaign and a frustrating 13 days of vote counting, which featured law suits, wild accusations, and trash talk, Florida will have a Republican governor in Ron DeSantis and a Republican junior U.S. Senator in Rick Scott. The same things they thought they had Election Night.

Democrat Andrew Gillum, who ran against DeSantis for governor, conceded Saturday night. This was two full days after a machine recount showed he trailed DeSantis by 33,360 votes. The Senate race was closer. But Sunday afternoon, after a hand recount, which followed the machine recount, Democrat Nelson, a three-term incumbent, conceded on account of still being more than 10,000 votes behind Scott. When Nelson’s term expires in January it will be the first time Nelson has not been in public office in or from Florida since Tricky Dick was president.

The deadline for the hand recount was noon Sunday. When the adding up from Florida’s 67 counties was done, Nelson still trailed Scott by 10,033 votes. There was indeed a post-Election-Day blue wave for Nelson, who trailed Scott by more than 57,000 votes at end of business Nov. 6. The wave was real enough, just not big enough to avoid Nelson’s unconditional release from public office.

Although the mainstream media in Florida have always described Nelson as a moderate, his voting record in his almost two decades in the Senate has been reliably left. He will be replaced by Scott, currently governor of Florida finishing his second term, who, there is every reason to believe on the basis of his record as governor, will be as reliably conservative as Nelson was leftist.

The final step in the process comes Tuesday when the Florida Secretary of State certifies the election. This is considered a formality. Candidates have 10 days after the certification to challenge the results. But it’s hard to imagine what grounds on which such a challenge could succeed. And both Democrats have conceded, Gillum for the second time.

Sunday’s news casts and Monday’s newspapers featured one more round of vote recount news and analysis, to be followed, you may be sure, by a sigh of relief, originating in Florida that will probably be audible across most of the lower-48.

A warning: Bill Nelson delivered a maudlin concession speech a little after 3 p.m. Sunday. It will probably be available on news shows for a day or so and online forever. But I urge you not to watch it, especially before a meal. It will put you off your feed. It’s not a dog whistle but a donkey whistle.

Just as the MSM insisted on calling the leftist Nelson a moderate, they will almost certainly describe this swan song as gracious. It’s anything but. In it, without using names of course, he paints his side of the political equation as red, white, and blue, generous, enlightened, civil, and everything public officials in a free society should be (a society a hell of a lot less free now, thanks to his party’s policies — but let it pass for now). The other side is both wrong and evil: ignorant, racist, sexist, the bane of gays, lesbians, immigrants, and anyone else on the left’s lengthy listed of certified victims. If you’re nurturing any doubt, dear TAS readers, he’s talking about you here. And you are, well, deplorable. Our Bill’s way of saying nyaah, nyaah, nyaah on his way out the door. Sanctimony is not unheard of among Republicans. But Democrats are better at it, and far more relentless in deploying it.

There are more details I could share of the final result, but patriotic Americanos are tired of hearing about the unending attempt by Democrats to turn losses into wins. So I’ll spare you the fine print. Besides, I want to join in that sigh of relief. Add the fact that the Florida elections are over to the list of things we can be thankful for this Thursday. The results weren’t bad either.

Larry Thornberry
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Larry Thornberry is a writer in Tampa.
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