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Our Kids Are Not All Right

The news has been reporting on the willingness of several schools to allow high school students to engage in a walk-out protest over the continuation of the Second Amendment in this country. Many in the media are lauding this approach to civic behavior. Although, I am wondering if the county will have enough truancy officers after all of these students have to be arrested for skipping school. More importantly, given how ignorant they sound, these students should be required to remain in school and learn something about the Constitution. (Okay, in many schools learning the Constitution is not an option these days, but you get what I’m saying!)

The kids seeking to skip school to protest America’s Second Amendment are not allotted the same rights as you and I. They are minors, for the most part. So, while they are certainly free to speak their minds, they are not free to deploy their First Amendment free speech rights as a defense against skipping school without an acceptable excuse. All children in the United States are legally required to attend school of some kind. If not, the state is compelled to intervene and ensure that each child is getting some kind of daily education.

Fact is, these kids are not all right — and it has nothing to do with post-traumatic stress disorder, or even fear of becoming the next target of a school shooter. They have been propagandized into believing a particularly pernicious lie about how terrible the United States is. This lie has been perpetuated for years by their teachers, Pop Culture, and certain political leaders they’ve been told to look up to. We are witnessing the results of this immense Leftist mission to corrupt our children’s minds. And it seems to be working well for the Left. Our children are being taken from us.

During a particularly noxious episode of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the young, aspiring agitator — err, I mean activist — David Hogg was featured. Joe Scarborough brought up the rather bizarre conspiracy theory floating around Right-wing message boards that young Mr. Hogg, a survivor of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, was a “crisis actor.” That absurdity being perpetuated by a fringe element on the Right is now being gleefully used by good ole Joe as a means to obfuscate the fact that David Hogg and his compatriots are not only clueless but downright dangerous. They are clearly ignorant of the Constitution and are utterly contemptuous of it. Their vision for America is not the one that our Founding Fathers — or even one that historical Progressives, like FDR — had for the United States.

For instance, during the interview, Hogg menacingly stated that the anti-Second Amendment protest “will continue. This will be a generation-long thing. And this is just getting started. Millennials are some of the most politically active, and some of the most critical individuals that I’ve ever met.… And as such that’s what’s really going to sustain this process: realizing what’s wrong with this country and trying to fix it, because the previous generation won’t.” Hogg then added rather ominously that, “We’re [Millennials] going to have to outlive the NRA — and we will.”

David Hogg is being lauded for his political activism, yet no one is stopping to think what Hogg and his cohorts are saying. When I watched the MSNBC clip of Hogg, I was reminded of the terrifying pictures of the young, Red Guard during Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution in China. Back then, Mao used Chinese children to carry out his purges against Chinese intellectuals. While the current wave of Leftist protest in the United States is not as violent as Mao’s Cultural Revolution, the cultural revolution that the Left is subjecting the United States to is no different.

Hogg and his fellow Millennial activists are vowing to continue — and expand upon — a ceaseless assault upon America’s fundamental constitutional protections. As I’ve written previously, the Founding Fathers believed gun rights were so important that they enshrined that right in the Constitution. What’s more, they placed it immediately following the First Amendment. That was intentional. Neither Hogg nor those Millennials (I belong to the Millennial generation as well) who are demanding that they be allowed to protest rather than attend school understand the United States Constitution specifically grants American citizens access to guns.

But, you and I both know that this entire ordeal is not about reasonably restricting access to dangerous weapons. This is partly about taking away your guns. Although, I suspect that the main purpose of this movement is to galvanize young people — the group that overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and altered the course of American history because of those votes — going into the 2018 and 2020 elections. This is also about destroying the National Rifle Association, a leading financial supporter of Republican political candidates. These kids are just useful props for the Leftists in America to push through their wholly anti-American agenda.

Rather than sacrificing their futures to take away law-abiding American citizens’ rights to own a gun, these young people — or at least their teachers — should recognize the idiocy of having children dictate the course of politics in this country. With each media appearance, my fellow Millennials prove that they are incapable of rationally debating or even supporting worthwhile causes.

If these students had had a proper civic education, or if they had ever listened in class, they would understand the dangers of an all-powerful police state. Further, these young people would know why the Founding Fathers did not want such a state to exist — and why the Second Amendment plays such an important role in that formulation. Of course, it is doubtful our kids even understand this concept today, let alone believe it. And, rather than insisting on the full punishment for the perpetrator of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, these young people would instead attack the Constitution.

Let’s face it: our kids are not all right. Their minds have been warped by toxic liberalism. I’d start calling in those truancy officers en masse. If you ask me, some quiet time in a holding cell would do all of these rebellious children quite well. This country cannot survive with the next generation of leaders no longer believing in the Constitution. First, the American people must take our schools back, then they can retake the culture, and then we can truly protect our kids. Otherwise, we will continue finding ourselves in an increasingly youthful stage of endless Marxian revolution.

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