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Bernie’s ‘Medicare for All’ Plan Gets Cold Shoulder From Insurers

One thing is consistent about Bernie Sanders: he stays on message.

After packaging single-payer health care as “Medicare for All” during the 2016 campaign, the senator from Vermont is now introducing legislation to realize his socialist vision, and leftist Democrats are rushing to support it.

California’s Kamala Harris was the first, with progressive Grand Dame Elizabeth Warren signing on a week or so later.

One group who won’t be rushing in with applause is America’s insurers.

The main insurer trade group issued a strongly worded statement against “Medicare for all” ahead of the release of Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) single-payer health-care plan.

“Whether it’s called single-payer or Medicare For All, government-controlled health care cannot work,” David Merritt, executive vice president of America’s Health Insurance Plans, said in a statement Wednesday.

“It will eliminate choice, undermine quality, put a chill on medical innovation, and place an even heavier burden on hardworking taxpayers.”

That last part is the real key.

Sanders is completely disingenuous on that point, saying merely that taxes “may go up” to pay for his folly. That’s like saying you “may” need a jacket while visiting the Arctic Circle in February.

The nonpartisan Urban Institute crunched the numbers for Bernie’s plan during the campaign and found that it would increase spending by $32 trillion over ten years.

Here’s a little context on how much tax revenue that is relative to what’s curently brought in annually:

All we would need to do is double the annual federal taxpayer haul to cover this bill. Simple, right?

Sanders and Co. don’t ever get into any real details about how all of this should be funded. They want to sell the emotions and not horrify the tax paying public with the math.

When they do discuss it, they go to the old “tax the rich” progressive rallying cry. That is a leftist fantasy that, no matter how you calculate it, never comes up with enough to cover costs this outlandish.

The burden will fall to the middle class, because that’s where economics and logic place it. We have already seen that happen with Obamacare. It was the middle class who were priced out of their insurance by the “Affordable Care Act.”

Had Obamacare been presented with even a minimum amount of honesty most of the public would have recoiled in horror. Instead, the president told us that if we liked our doctors, we could keep our doctors.

Bernie’s plan is Obamacare on steroids, and the reality is that “the rich” aren’t going to be able to be sufficiently fleeced to pay for his socialist fever dream.

The Democrats are running hard in the direction of single-payer, despite any real sound, or even honest, plan as to how we are supposed to pay for it.

Can the American public afford to be suckered a second time in less than ten years?

Hopefully, enough people will answer “No” to that to derail this nonsense.

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