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Kamala Harris to Co-Sponsor Bernie’s Single-Payer Health Care Bill

At a time when Republicans hold the White House, Congress, most state houses and state legislatures, it might seem prudent for top Democrats to look at becoming more centrist.


Instead, many of the biggest names in the party are fleeing leftward, fully embracing progressivism. One of the only rising stars on the anemic Democratic bench is the first-term senator from California, Kamala Harris. Sen. Harris announced that she will be co-sponsoring the single-payer bill the Bernie Sanders will introduce next month.

Sen. Kamala Harris is the first Democrat to announce she’ll co-sponsor Sen. Bernie Sanders’ single-payer health care bill when it’s introduced in September.

The California freshman — seen as a rising star in the party and a 2020 presidential prospect — revealed her plans to back Sanders’ legislation at a town hall Wednesday night in Oakland.
“Here, I’ll break some news: I intend to co-sponsor the Medicare-for-all bill, because it’s just the right thing to do,” Harris said. She announced her support for Sanders’ single-payer plan at the end of her town hall and joked that “somebody should tell my staff.”
Her co-sponsorship is another sign that the Democratic Party is increasingly embracing a shift away from the private health insurance market and toward a government-run program. The issue is poised to become a major litmus test for its presidential candidates in 2020.

Harris then repeated her support on Twitter, providing the usual leftist blather about healthcare being a right.

Is Bernie Sanders does run again in 2020, he will most likely become a Democrat again for the primaries. That means that three of the biggest names the Democrats have in the 2020 rumor mill-Harris, Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren-are all far left progressives.

It’s almost as if the Democrats want President Trump to be re-elected.

This also indicates that, despite the many lessons that the 2016 election has offered, the Democrats have learned none of them.

If the Democrats ever want to make a play for political relevance again it’s difficult to see how they do it from the lunatic fringe.

I write this not because I want the Democrats to figure out how to win again-quite the opposite. Rather, this is more of a lament about Mitch McConnell’s clown show being unable to capitalize while the Democrats are working so hard at making themselves irrelevant.

This would be a perfect time to seize the narrative, and not let any talk of single-payer gain traction. Instead, they’re busy caving to the demands of the media and apologizing for extremist groups that they have nothing to do with.

The should be a Golden Age for the GOP and it almost feels at times like they’re in a race with the Dems to see who can do a bigger job of blowing it.

It is time that congressional Republicans learn from the president’s handling of the media, rather than condemning it. Stop complaining about his Twitter habit, which is brilliantly knee-capping a thoroughly corrupt press corps. Learn to do the same.

The coastal progressives don’t really represent much of America, but they have disproportionate voice in the Democratic party, all aided and abetted by-you guessed it-the MSM.

Republican officials need to use opportunities like this to point out that the Democrats are moving in a direction almost no one outside of Manhattan, Los Angeles, or San Francisco wants to go.

They need to learn to be more like the head of the party, and not less.

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