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Planned Parenthood’s Latest Casualty

Planned Parenthood’s website offers a question-and-answer section on aborting fetuses with RU-486. “When can I have sex again?” is one question. Planned Parenthood’s answer: “…one week after the abortion.” The site also offers a few breezy reminders, such as: “It’s important to remember that choosing medical abortion means that you will need to visit your clinician’s office more than one time.”

That is, if you are still alive. Holly Marie Patterson didn’t make her second visit. The California teen recently died after taking RU-486 at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Northern California. She died from “a massive infection caused by fragments of the fetus left inside her uterus,” which “caused her to go into septic shock,” reports the Associated Press, paraphrasing the account of Patterson’s father.

Risks to teens’ bodies, particularly their lungs, usually concern liberals. But abortion, which does violence to two bodies, isn’t a health risk they will announce to teens. Eric Schaff, chair of the National Abortion Federation, casually tells the Associated Press that RU-486 is less dangerous than aspirin.

The liberals who tell the Holly Pattersons that smoking may kill them won’t offer the slightest warning about abortion. They have taught teens to equate Philip Morris with evil profiteering. But Planned Parenthood, a public-health menace that profits wildly off death and disease, gets no scrutiny. Since 1977, Planned Parenthood has performed 3,019,559 abortions while raking in nearly $1 billion from those abortions, reported the American Life League this year.

And American taxpayers subsidize this lucrative industry of death. Planned Parenthood, whose president makes over $350,000 a year, has received “almost $2.5 billion in government money (since 1987),” according to the American Life League.

Patterson is Planned Parenthood’s latest casualty in its grim history of malpractice. In 2002, an abortionist at a Los Angeles Planned Parenthood clinic punctured the cervix of Diana Lopez. The 25-year-old bled to death. Planned Parenthood didn’t report her death to the state until six days later, according to the Sacramento Bee. In 2001, reports the American Life League, a Yugoslavian immigrant successfully sued Planned Parenthood after one of its hacks performed an abortion so ineptly the child came out sans two limbs.

This is a ghastly racket teens like Patterson should be nowhere near. Planned Parenthood knows that RU-486 can fail on them, as former abortionists have acknowledged. But RU-486 means even more money for them, not because it is more expensive than a surgical abortion, but because after its frequent failure women have to pay for the more expensive clean-up surgical abortion.

On its website, a hint of this appears. Planned Parenthood asks, Who can choose medical abortion? and answers, “You may choose medical abortion if you are up to 63 days pregnant. But you must agree to have a surgical abortion if the medical treatment fails.”

The “medical treatment” failed in Patterson’s case. Had the fragments of the fetus not killed her, Planned Parenthood would have performed a surgical abortion on her and pocketed more money.

But now it may pay. Patterson’s father didn’t learn of his daughter’s visit to Planned Parenthood until after she died. “What’s disturbing is these young couples, they are relying upon what they think is good solid info, and relying on what they think is a supportive network telling them everything is OK, ” he said to Associated Press. “I would have said, ‘You know what, they don’t know everything. Let’s get more information.'”

Planned Parenthood will cite its right in California to counsel teens horribly behind parents’ back. That may work this time. But as these cases mount a parental backlash against Planned Parenthood is inevitable. While it has held itself out as a surrogate parent, it has been operating as a despicable profiteer.

George Neumayr
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George Neumayr, a senior editor at The American Spectator, is author most recently of The Biden Deception: Moderate, Opportunist, or the Democrats' Crypto-Socialist?
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