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Ukraine, Sudan, and the Electric Army
President Joe Biden, May 1 (The White House)

Ronald Reagan used to joke, “Hard work never killed anybody, but I figure why take the chance?”

No one will accuse President Joe Biden of working hard. His work schedule reportedly only requires his attention six hours a day and five days a week. When the 80-year-old president announced his 2024 campaign, no one was happier than the person he frequently calls “President Harris.”

Precisely which idiot decided that we should rely on the Sudanese army for the safety of U.S. citizens?

There are so many things going seriously wrong in the world that Biden and “President” Kamala Harris are dealing with unrealistically or not at all. We need to take a few snapshots to see just how badly they’re doing.

The East African nation of Sudan is very large, about one-fifth the size of the United States. It is a tribal nation, and the tribes don’t coexist peacefully. Sudan has been riven by war essentially since it gained independence from Egypt in 1956. The current civil war — yet another contest of warlords — has brought another emergency to Sudan and its capital, Khartoum.

If you thought that Biden had learned any lessons from his August 2021 Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, you’d be wrong.

As I have written again and again, the Biden plan for the withdrawal was too sudden for our allies and left behind hundreds of U.S. civilians, as well as at least $7 billion in weapons and equipment.

Biden’s plan for evacuation of Sudan resulted in the extraction of about 72 diplomats from our embassy in Khartoum, reportedly by members of SEAL Team 6. It left behind as many as 16,000 U.S. citizens. At least two have already died trying to get out. A U.S.-negotiated cease-fire has already broken down.

And why have U.S. citizens been left to their own devices to flee Sudan?

The Pentagon reportedly said that the situation was too dangerous to evacuate U.S. citizens. On April 26, National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby told reporters:

We extend our deepest condolences to the family…. We continue to make clear at the highest levels of our government the leadership of both the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces that they are responsible for ensuring the protection of civilians and noncombatants, including people from third countries and humanitarian staff that are working to save lives.

Kirby also said:

We’re going to do everything we can to help guide people, get them the information they need to get out safely…. But it is not safe right now, for another evacuation attempt. That would actually put Americans in more danger, not less.

Too dangerous for whom? For the Sudanese? Precisely which idiot decided that we should rely on the Sudanese army for the safety of U.S. citizens? We have the forces to safely evacuate any U.S. citizens who want to leave, but Biden isn’t deploying them to do so.

Whatever dangers there may be can be dealt with by U.S. air and ground forces deployed to Sudan. But Biden won’t deploy anything or anyone.

Some European nations, especially Britain, have had a lot of experience with disasters in Sudan. (See, for example, the murder of British Gen. Charles “Chinese” Gordon in Khartoum in 1885 and the British war against the “Mahdists” that continued until 1898.)

The U.K. and France are evacuating their citizens by air. Why in hell can’t we?

The Brits reportedly evacuated nearly 1,600 people. Germany and France have evacuated about 1,700 more. Another 3,000 citizens of various nations have been evacuated by sea to Saudi Arabia.

The Brit evacuation was completed by last weekend when the U.K. announced that too few people were asking to get out.

By April 28, five days after the evacuation of U.S. diplomats, we had — at long last — begun taking bus convoys, reportedly surveilled by unarmed drones, out of Khartoum to safety. About 300 people left in the first convoy. How long the convoys will continue is anybody’s guess.

Why did it take so long to organize the bus convoys? Where is our Air Force, which could — as it did in Afghanistan — evacuate hundreds every hour?

And then there’s Ukraine. The long-awaited Ukrainian spring counteroffensive still hasn’t happened. There are many theories as to why.

Biden and his crew have done so much to weaken our military that it would take at least 20 years to rid it of wokeness.

First is that Ukraine lacks the manpower and weapons to accomplish it. Rumors are that it lacks sufficient anti-aircraft weapons to keep Russian aircraft out of the fight. If Russia establishes air supremacy, the war is lost.

Second is that the leaks, allegedly by Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira, gave away so much about Ukraine that it has to reshuffle its plans to make the counteroffensive effective.

Third is that the drone and missile strikes made by both sides — like the one that blew up a Russian oil depot in Crimea last weekend — are delaying the counterattack. The Russian attacks on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant — the largest in Europe with six reactors — endanger the whole region and may be giving Ukraine pause.

In truth, it’s probably a combination of all three.

Biden is content with the current stalemate in Ukraine because he can pour money into the war without making any more decisions. Republicans who are opposing or voicing skepticism about further aid to Ukraine should instead be passing legislation to create a special inspector general to see where our money is going.

Biden is intent on projecting weakness at every turn, as Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm did last week.

Biden is a climate change true believer and has taken executive actions to prove it, such as his establishing a goal for every federal agency to worship trees.

Faithful readers will remember that Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said in 2022 that she was going to turn every army vehicle into an electric-powered one. That apparently includes tanks, armored vehicles, and heavy trucks.

Last week, Granholm doubled down on that idea. She said she supported the idea of transforming all armed services vehicles to electric power by 2030. She added, “I do think that reducing our reliance on the volatility of globally traded fossil fuels where we know that global events, such as the war in Ukraine, can jack up prices for people back home — it does not contribute to energy security.”

So where, as former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo mused, are army vehicles going to find recharging stations in combat areas? Apparently neither Wormuth nor Granholm think about that.

One can only wonder how long it would take to recharge the batteries on a tank. Hours? Days? And for every second soldiers are trying to recharge the battery, that vehicle is out of action.

Biden and his crew have done so much to weaken our military that it would take — if we started this minute — at least 20 years to rid it of wokeness, the electric vehicle nonsense, and all the other things Biden has done to weaken the force. It would probably require firing every officer above the rank of lieutenant colonel.

At the risk of repeating myself, no military commander should be concerned with anything other than the readiness and lethality of the force he commands.

Biden’s continued dedication to the weakness of our military and our economy weakens us at home and abroad. It can only be ended by electing a vastly different president.


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