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Biden: Placeholder or Puppet?
President Joe Biden on April 25, 2023 at the Washington Hilton in Washington, D.C. (The White House)

A friend of mine, the Louisiana syndicated radio host Moon Griffon, has a theory he offered on the air Tuesday upon the announcement by Joe Biden that he’ll be running for reelection next year.

Griffon noted that the Democrats can change Joe Biden out any time they want. They can do it now, they can do it at the beginning of the primaries, they can do it halfway through the primaries, they could do it at the convention.

He thinks they ultimately will, and when they do, they’re going to install Michelle Obama as the nominee. He thinks this because, in his estimation, Barack Obama is still in charge of the country.

Which means that Moon’s theory is that Joe Biden is both a puppet and a placeholder for the Obamas.

I can’t really say with any conviction that he’s wrong. Whether it’s Michelle Obama or somebody else, Biden’s handlers could pull the plug on him whenever they feel like it. He’s non compos mentis by any rational standard and nobody would smell anything amiss if he were to step down for “health reasons,” and he has so much exposure for all of his various misdeeds that the leverage over him is total and complete. He’s gone whenever they say he is.

Not only that, the word hit that the Democrats won’t even hold a single primary debate. They’ve got another candidate in the race, the thoughtful, if slightly eccentric, old-time liberal Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and you would think the Democrats would owe Kennedy at least some consideration. But of course that’s not what’s happening. And they know their voters won’t punish them for it.

There are a few items of note that are at work here. The one which strikes me heaviest is the utter arrogance and disregard for the American public that is on display where the Biden cabal is concerned.

After all, Tuesday’s announcement came less than 24 hours after perhaps the worst poll yet for Team Biden:

President Joe Biden’s 2024 presidential campaign declaration is reportedly coming Tuesday, but the latest polling suggests it is an unwelcome announcement for a large majority of Americans.

With age the “major” reason why Americans do not want Biden to run again, there were 70% of Americans, and even a majority of registered Democrats (51%), telling the Hart Research Associates and Public Opinion Strategies poll conducted for NBC News that they do no believe Biden should declare a run for reelection.

“The president needs to reflect the age group in the country,” a registered Democrat respondent from Washington state told NBC News.

“It is someone else’s turn.”

Just 26% of American adults believe Biden should run again, and that is 9 percentage points less than those saying the same for former President Donald Trump, who always been wildly unpopular with Democrats.

Among those saying Biden should not run, 48% say age is the major reason with 21% saying it is a minor reason, and just 29% saying it is not the reason.

Now, obviously I don’t have any expectation that an American politician will prepare on Sunday night to run for reelection and then see a bad poll on Monday morning that changes his mind and causes him to bow out. That sort of thing has happened in the past, but it doesn’t happen much anymore.

I get that.

But it’s still a pretty noxious set of optics, and what it brings to mind is the pattern of oblivious arrogance that clearly characterizes Team Biden.

Maybe oblivious arrogance isn’t quite the description we’re looking for. Tyrannical disregard, perhaps?

Consider: Biden nominates Kamala Harris as his vice presidential candidate despite the fact she eviscerated him as a racist in the primaries. A sane political analysis would indicate that Harris would have been a complete nonstarter; choosing her would essentially be to validate her attacks. But he did it anyway. Then he spent the 2020 election in his basement, not even bothering to run a real campaign, something you would have thought would be fatal even with the COVID plague rippling through the country.

Then there was Joe Biden denying he had the constitutional authority to mandate a vaccine, right before he went ahead and did it. That was an early manifestation of a more or less nonstop pattern of presidential overreaches and clearly illegal actions, a full recitation of which would fill a book.

This is the administration that inflicted Queen Karine, “Rachel” Levine, and Sam Brinton on the public. Their outrageous lifestyle identities weren’t things their merit overcame; none of them had any merit. They were chosen for their jobs for the specific fact of those lifestyle identities. The whole Biden Cabinet is a collection of outrages; it’s a massive f-bomb dropped at high volume on the American people.

Imagine the calculus that would have gone before the Mar-a-Lago raid if this was a more … traditional? administration. You’d figure that Joe Biden, with as much cheese as he had flapping in the wind on the subject of loose classified documents in his possession, would opt to slow-play any hard actions against Donald Trump on that subject. But nope. Not these guys.

Showing up underwater by a 26–70 count where the American people are concerned, in what’s usually a pretty friendly survey, and then announcing for reelection the very next day? No hill for these steppers. It’s not even a pitcher’s mound. They’re so used to flipping the middle finger to folks that a vocal rejection by seven in 10 voters has literally no effect.

They don’t even have a sense of irony. Consider that his handlers actually sent Biden out to say this:

The whole country is aware of how Joe Biden acts around other people’s children. Not to mention his own. And he still has the gall — when I say “he,” please understand, I’m speaking of the corporate Joe Biden, not the principal; Biden has no idea what he’s reading on that teleprompter — to tell you that he should have more power over your kids than you do.

This is a president who is possibly hiding his son away in the White House so that he’s not served with legal documents arising from the paternity action the mother of his illegitimate child has filed against him. That’s the son who it’s documented has been fronting the Biden family influence-peddling operation for a dozen years or more, an operation that has greased the palms of no less than 12 different members of the Biden family with filthy lucre from countries so degenerate that House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer noted recently that China might be the most reputable of them.

Joe Biden refuses to answer for any of it. He gave the secretary of state position to the man who organized 51 partisan hacks who’d worked in the intelligence community to say that the true revelations of Hunter Biden’s grotesque illegalities were “Russian disinformation.”

Forget about Dominion Voting Systems. This was the theft of the election. Polls later demonstrated that more than 10 percent of Biden’s voters would have rejected him had they known about the laptop. Biden himself said before the election that his camp had the best voter fraud operation ever; that was taken as a misstatement, but given what Tony Blinken was cooking up with those 51 spooks, it shouldn’t have been.

All of it is straight in your face. It’s a message from Biden’s handlers: You know what I’m doing, I know you know what I’m doing, but you also know that you can’t stop me and I’m going to stick it to you.

American political parties, at least those that we’d recognize throughout history, do not operate this way.

You know who does? The Chinese Communist Party. The Soviet Communist Party. The Castroites. The Chavez-Maduro mob in Venezuela.

The 2024 election is beginning to look like the last chance for American pluralistic democracy. It’s also starting to look like the last chance for political accountability.

So yes, Joe Biden says he’s running again. But that’s not really what’s happening. What’s happening is the cabal of tyrants, radicals, and kleptocrats really in charge are picking him up and carrying him for a while longer. And they expect you to take it, even though you’re screaming that you don’t want to.

Seems like the ball is in your court, America. Do you want to survive, or not?


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