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To Its Eternal Shame, the GOP Hands Victory to the Dems on Gay Marriage
RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel on Fox News on election eve (Fox News/YouTube)

The ruling class portrays “bipartisanship” as the solution to our problems. In truth, it is a source of them. More often than not, bipartisanship simply means that Republicans and Democrats have joined together to pass legislation damaging to the country’s future.

Take Tuesday’s “bipartisan” passage of the Democrats’ “gay marriage” bill, which forces all 50 states to recognize it. The bill first passed in the House of Representatives, where it enjoyed considerable GOP support. Then on Tuesday it passed in the Senate with only 36 Republicans opposing it in the end. The bill, after reconciliation, will soon head to President Joe Biden’s desk for signing.

Those who think that religious freedom can coexist with the codification of “gay marriage” are utterly deluded.

The elites are cooing over the bill’s “bipartisan breakthrough,” as if America benefits from two equally delusional parties. The passage of this bill destructive of the family and the welfare of children marks a point of no return for America: Its passage confirms that two socially liberal parties, albeit moving at different speeds but in the same basic relativistic direction, now rule America with only minimal input from Christians who have become, in effect, enemies of the state. As during the last days of the Roman Empire, virtuous Christians are now seen not as the best citizens but as the worst ones — “bigots.”

As I lamented at the beginning of this debate, this anti-family bill was sure to pass not in spite of the GOP but because of it. Given that Ronna McDaniel, a supporter of the “gay rights” movement (she celebrates “Gay Pride” month on Twitter), leads the party as head of the Republican National Committee, this Democratic victory aided by the GOP was utterly predictable. On social issues in particular, the GOP plays the Washington Generals to the Democrats’ Harlem Globetrotters. We can expect the entire LGBTQ agenda, including much of the transgender agenda, which, after all, grew out of “gay rights,” to advance with GOP support. Christians have never sat farther in the back of the GOP bus as they do now. The GOP is the party not of Franklin Graham but of Dave Rubin, a podcaster who is now invited to “conservative” events to gaslight rank-and-file Republicans about the supposed glories of gay marriage and gay adoption. (READ MORE from George Neumayr: GOP Helps Dems Impose Gay Marriage on Everyone)

Naturally, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is reveling in his victory. He has a “married” lesbian daughter who, using IVF doctors, will soon make Schumer a kind of grandfather. After passage of the bill this week, he expressed his pride in his daughter and joy at her coming child. He didn’t mention, of course, that the child will go through life without a father and will likely never know the identity of the biological father. The Orwellian-named “Respect for Marriage Act” might as well have been called the Destruction of Marriage Act and Orphan-Creation Program. The latter is the grimmest consequence to which the bill will lead.

“Gay marriage” is designed to deprive children of a stable, two-parent home from the start. It is a policy of deliberately orphaning a generation of bewildered children. It is a massive affront to God and a violation of the natural right of children to have two biological parents known to them and bound together by marriage.

Orphans, of course, have always existed. But it wasn’t until our pagan times that governments saw it as virtuous to create them under official state policy and to treat anyone who opposes this now-regnant state policy as enemies of the state. Those who think that religious freedom can coexist with the codification of “gay marriage” are utterly deluded. Let’s cut the nonsensical prattle: The “gay marriage debate” is a zero-sum game that the “woke” have won and Christians have lost. Their banishment from the public square will now accelerate. In the eyes of the government, they will occupy the same moral category as segregationists, and the state will mistreat them accordingly.

Judeo-Christian America is for all intents and purposes dead. America is now a secularist dystopia moving headlong toward the liberal tyranny that Biden and Barack Obama long cast as a “fundamental” revision to our political order. The “revolution” to which they appeal is the atheistic French Revolution, not the God-fearing American one. Only on the issue of abortion have the Democrats failed in their secularist ambitions. But even on that issue, one suspects that an LGBTQ America will produce in the near future a majority on the Supreme Court willing to reverse the Dobbs decision. Let’s not kid ourselves: The “bipartisan” passage of sham marriage is a catastrophic change to the country, one that will lead to the suffering of untold numbers of children, hasten the disintegration of the traditional family, and permanently poison the moral foundations of the country.

George Neumayr
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George Neumayr, a senior editor at The American Spectator, is author most recently of The Biden Deception: Moderate, Opportunist, or the Democrats' Crypto-Socialist?
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