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The Climate Change Social Engineering Project

We are now in the midst of the greatest social engineering experiment ever foisted off on the American people. If conservatives and Republicans do not put brakes on it in the next few years, it will do irrevocable damage to our society and our economy. The contrived war on climate change is an overblown threat pushed on gullible Americans over the last two decades by leftist progressives, the mainstream media, and elites in the New York-D.C.-Hollywood axis. That agenda has far less to do with saving the planet than it does with destroying the oil, coal, and natural gas industries that have fueled the American economic miracle for over a century. This cabal would see us become dependent on inefficient, inferior, and overly expensive energy sources.

The recent farce of the UN climate change summit in Glasgow (COP26) has shown that no other major industrial nations except Europe and the United States are serious about eliminating greenhouse gases by 2050. While useful idiots like Joe Biden and John Kerry tout wind, solar power, and electric cars, China and India will be cleaning our clocks in the world marketplace because our products will be overpriced and our population will be wallowing in the misery of unemployment and inflation. It is no secret that those nations pushed hard to eliminate language about phasing out carbon-based industries quickly from the language of the final COP26 report while the Biden administration is doubling down on crippling our industries.

Except for Lady Bird Johnson’s war on littering in the 1960s, almost all government-driven social engineering experiments in history have foundered due to unanticipated or hidden consequences. Some, such as the Holocaust and Pol Pot’s attempt to turn Cambodian society into an agrarian paradise, became genocidal war crimes. Others, such as the Chinese one-child policy are now being revealed as ill-thought-out. As Daniel Patrick Moynihan pointed out, the welfare system social engineering experiment in the United States literally destroyed the African American nuclear family by penalizing fathers for living with their partners and children. Moynihan was duly punished for his heresy until he was properly re-educated.

The Basics of Social Engineering

Mass government-driven social engineering projects need two things to be implemented without causing a revolt by the masses. First, they need a dedicated group of elites in government and the media to “educate” the population that there is a problem serious and imminent enough to warrant immediate drastic action. All one needs to do to see the reality of this today is to watch MSNBC or CNN, read the Washington Post or the New York Times, or listen to NPR. The mantra is that virtually every national disaster is unquestionably attributed to climate change.

Secondly, social engineering needs enforcement mechanisms. These can be carrots, sticks, or a combination of both. In Cambodia, the stick was pure terror. In China, it was a combination of rewards and punishments for toeing the one-child line. At the height of the welfare boom in the U.S., social workers used Gestapo-like surveillance to keep fathers away from their families while single mothers were rewarded for having more children than they could reasonably control.

In their battle against climate change, the societal elites who are running this misbegotten crusade are counting on both. They are offering tax incentives to buy inefficient, overpriced solar panels and dangerous electric clown cars. What the more gullible among the American public do not realize is that they are being bribed with their own money.

The climate change fanatics are not shy about using sticks, either. High gas and oil heating prices are not an OPEC plot. They are deliberate government social engineering attempts to force our population to adopt green products, and the most vulnerable among our population are the worst hit by predatory taxes on carbon-based energy and canceling energy projects like the Keystone Pipeline. 

Liars and Hypocrites

If carrots and sticks are not enough, climate fanatics are not shy about lying. When asked by an interviewer if there was anything that could be done to increase the nation’s gasoline supply, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm giggled inappropriately and then told a bald-faced lie in saying there was nothing that could be done. The executive orders of her boss, Joe Biden, are directly responsible for the increased cost of energy. He could bring prices down tomorrow by easing off on his war on carbon-based energy, but that would disrupt the social engineering project. Regarding Biden, the fact that a sitting president of the United States could tell an international audience that civilization as we know it will end if we do not adopt his deranged climate change policies immediately goes beyond incredible and drifts into fantasy. More preposterous is that he was not fact-checked by any major network or news organization.

The hypocrisy doesn’t stop there. On November 9, COP26 was supposed to discuss potential scientific solutions to climate change. The subjects on the agenda included, and I could not make this up: the role of indigenous people in the climate, the gender impact, and awards to scientists for raising climate awareness (a code word for social engineering reeducation). If this sounds absurd, it should be noted that this august assembly was also addressed by a talking dinosaur. No mention was made of emerging carbon-scrubbing technologies that might actually remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. That is not a coincidence. In the High Church of Climate Change, eliminating carbon-based industries is the only solution; anything else is high heresy.

After 20 years of climate change brainwashing, conservatives and Republicans have their work cut out for them in trying to throw a monkey wrench into the gears of this progressive juggernaut, but it can be done. If a lie can gain traction by constant repetition, a few simple truths can also. Conservatives and Republicans must realize that damage has been done by two decades of climate change hyperbole, and denial is not an option. Our people need to play the equivalent of a “soft zone” offense in football. Give up the short yardage by admitting that there may be more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than is good for us, but prevent the long touchdown pass through not allowing progressives and Democrats to destroy the economy in trying to solve the overhyped problem. Three simple bullets should be a mantra for Republican candidates going into 2022:

– Climate change is not an existential crisis. Technology created it and technology can solve it.

– The technologies, such as carbon-scrubbing and capture, that can attack climate change are expensive, but far less so than destroying the economy.

– If Republicans win, they will not fund programs that destroy jobs and hurt the economy in the name of fighting climate change. They will use solid science to solve the problem.

Most Americans do not like to be lied to or manipulated. The social engineering associated with the climate change mafia is the worst kind of manipulation. Conservatives and Republicans must stop it in its tracks.

Gary Anderson was the Director of the Marine Corps Center for Emerging Threats and Opportunities. He lectures on Alternative Analysis at the graduate level.

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