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Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th Select Committee Hoax

What is Nancy Pelosi and her hand-selected secret Select Committee on January 6th up to? Short answer: presiding over a politically motivated conspiracy fever dream to neutralize political opposition to the Democrats. Shorter answer: nothing good. Mao would be proud.

Jeff Lord has chronicled the persecution of the Trump administration for The American Spectator. He recently wrote about Steve Bannon. He’s written about the sham of the January 6 committee here, He wrote about how the real cause of January 6th was Nancy Pelosi and the real insurrectionists were Pelosi and Mark Milley. He calls out Adam Kitzinger’s backwards thinking and conspiracy theorizing. He notes the corruption of Liz Cheney’s collusion with Nancy Pelosi. In September, Jeff pointed out that Nancy Pelosi should be investigated for what happened on January 6th.

And for all of this, Jeff Lord does not go far enough. Yes. You read that correctly. Jeff has chronicled the malfeasance, but even with his heroic efforts, the scope of the gravity of what is happening almost cannot be adequately captured.

Consider: After the election, Trump (maybe or maybe not) believed that voting irregularities compromised election integrity in multiple swing states, causing the election to go to Joe Biden. If Trump didn’t believe his own b.s., many activists in various states did believe that he was robbed of the presidency.

Considering that the whole of Trump’s first term was mired in made-up allegations started by Hillary Clinton and her disinformation campaign, Fusion GPS, the FBI, CIA, DOJ, the FISA court, Russian agents, foreign intelligence agencies, and the whole of the media, it wasn’t a stretch that these nefarious entities would use their resources to rob Trump of reelection.

Keep in mind that Hillary just read her presidential acceptance speech on Masterclass this past week from an election she is pretty sure she didn’t lose five years ago. The whole of the Democrat political class still believes that Al Gore was robbed.

Believing in political conspiracies is not just a GOP thing, nor is it illegal.

It’s also not illegal to protest at the Capitol or at state Capitols. Remember when the Democrats occupied the Wisconsin State House for weeks causing millions in damage? Remember Dem Antifa minions burning down Federal Courthouses and police stations in 2020?

Various states hosted peaceful protests after the 2020 election. The people involved knew that the election certification happened January 6th. That was the last day of hope for many, and so they went to the U.S. Capitol January 6th to make their voice heard in a protest.

As Jeff notes, the president and his administration offered thousands of National Guardsmen to help maintain order at this very large event. Nancy Pelosi turned down that offer.

When violence broke out in one part of the Capitol, Trump was still speaking and the event organizers were still listening to him. The mood was joyful and light.

Far away, though, agent provocateurs were on the move, the Capitol Police fired flash bangs into a peaceful crowd and started using pepper spray provoking fury and an outburst of aggression. In another part of the Capitol, violence broke out — by the police. They were beating protestors. In one case, it looks like, beating a woman to death.

And then, on another side of the Capitol, the police opened the doors and ushered hapless protestors into the Capitol. There are multiple images of some of the most absurd protestors talking to the police and goofily entering the chambers with the police in tow. The men who did this have been in jail, in solitary confinement, for nearly a year. The DOJ refuses to provide defendants with official video footage that would likely exonerate the trespassers. Instead, they’re dragging their feet for what are misdemeanor charges. The defendants have had their lives ruined, they cannot get out of jail. Those who have accepted plea deals have had to make Kafkaesque denunciations of the thought crime of believing that the election was stolen. They have promised to not watch Fox News as if doing so is outside of their rights. Believing nonsense is not a crime last I checked, but in Biden’s America, your thoughts must conform OR ELSE.

The January 6th Committee is attempting to find evidence for their Conspiracy Theory that all of the above was planned by Donald Trump, some Republican Congressmen, some Trump officials and #StoptheSteal activists.

Many logical inconsistencies exist:

  1. No #StoptheSteal rally up until January 6th had been violent. (Unlike Antifa who always is.)
  2. The organizers of the Trump speech (one group of people) and one of the marches (another group of people) were all listening to Donald Trump when all heck broke loose at the Capitol.
  3. The organizers, once they were notified of chaos breaking out, attempted to stop the (agent provocateur-induced) frenzy but couldn’t.
  4. The organizers who tried to stop the frenzy were afraid for their own lives and went home. Some, like Roger Stone, sniffed a rat ahead of time and never went to the event at the Ellipse or to the Capitol.

The January 6th Select Committee wants to tar the majority of the peaceful protestors as insurrectionists who had hatched some great plan with the President of the United States to take over the government. It’s absurd and is, itself, another Dem-Media conspiracy aided and abetted by two Republican representatives, not appointed by the Republican caucus which is in direct contradiction to House Rules, who want to see Donald Trump drummed from public life forever. The actual Republican appointees were rejected by Nancy Pelosi including Jim Banks and Jim Jordan.

The American Spectator has exclusively learned that the January 6th Select Committee’s document production subpoenas are so broad that they want to know personal contacts, family members, private conversations, and things far outside of the scope of the events that occurred on January 6th or leading up to that point. In some cases, they’re asking for 13 months of unrelated data.

Mark Meadows, President Trump’s Chief of Staff, attempted to comply giving the committee even his personal text messages. When Meadows asked for additional time to work out legal challenges, the committee threatened to hold him in contempt. Because of this, Meadows has changed his posture and is suing Nancy Pelosi. Still, he has given up private conversations with friends and family and exposed innocent people to harassment by an aggressive unlimited political committee. Who knows what his friends and family will be asked to endure with this information.

If people choose to not show up to the committee, like Steve Bannon, the uni-party committee is sending criminal referrals to the DOJ to press charges and assume guilt before even gathering testimony. It’s important to note that Steve Bannon did not contemptuously ignore the Select Committee. He was corresponding with them and asked for time to allow the judicial branch of government to work out a conflict between Congress and the former head of the Executive branch. Nancy Pelosi and her minions denied his request. This is unprecedented. In addition, while the DOJ has kept protestors incarcerated for months on end in solitary, they’re trying to rush the prosecution of Bannon and asked the court to expedite the process while asking the court for months more time to prosecute protestors.

Isn’t that strange?

Meanwhile, if people plead the 5th, the committee is sending over their trove of information to the DOJ and treating pleading the 5th as a sign of guilt and recommending prosecution.

There is NO presumption of innocence. There is no counterpoint in the questioning of witnesses, as John Eastman says. It is all a perjury trap on one side or automatic prosecution on the other. Either way, the witnesses lose. They cannot maintain their claim to not incriminate themselves without inviting further, costly legal actions.

Not that anyone is asking, but all people hauled before this committee should plead the 5th and refuse to cooperate with this Stalinesque show trial. It is a grievous miscarriage of justice. At least a real trial (although in the D.C. court system it’s questionable whether any Republican can get a fair trial) would be public. The committee is not allowing the media into the depositions but they have invited the media into the buildings to harass those who choose to cooperate making sure their faces are plastered all over MSNBC and CNN tainting a potential jury trial, should it come to that, before the DOJ begins their political prosecutions.

What is happening is un-American.

Americans are allowed to use inflammatory language (incitement has a very specific definition and nothing in this situation even comes close). Americans are allowed to protest. The President is allowed to believe he was robbed of the election, even if he’s wrong. He’s allowed to talk to his staff about it.

That this committee is attempting to get privileged Presidential communications is outrageous. Nancy Pelosi will cause a Constitutional crisis in the attempt to make it so Trump can never run again.

Notice, too, that the Republicans have been silent. Why? Well, there are enough Senators eyeballing running for the Presidency and if Nancy Pelosi takes out their chief competition, more to the better. Furthermore, the Democrats and Republicans agree on one thing: they all hate Trump and his base of voters. Implicating many of the most passionate defenders of Trump and tangling them in legal proceedings, and taking them out of helping the man they fear and loathe is a two-fer. In short, this Committee achieves aims of both Republicans and Democrats establishmentarians eager to put Trump and anyone who might vote for him in the rearview mirror.

Here’s the thing. I have mixed feelings about Trump running again. But what is happening is not about my personal like or dislike of the man. What is happening in the wake of January 6th is worse than the McCarthy hearings, which at least had the political opposition on the panels to protest and witness the proceedings. These hearings are in secret and done exclusively by the Democrats. (And no, Cheney and Kitzenger don’t count. The opposition is allowed to pick their own committee chairs. Nancy Pelosi took the unprecedented step of booting them. It will be interesting if a Republican majority decides to treat Democrats with the same disregard.)

It is a political witch hunt. It is, again, the Democrats using all levers of the government against their political opposition à la the Russia Collusion hoax. These people hate Trump so much they’re willing to throw out the rule of law, and their so-called beloved “norms” to destroy their political opposition and anyone who would stand against them.

Like the James O’Keefe search and seizure and the persecution of Project Veritas, the Democrat-led government is using the process to punish their political opposition and anyone they deem a threat.

This started under Obama. He surveilled journalists. He weaponized the IRS under Lois Lerner (who still receives her pension). He used the DOJ against political enemies. He stoked racial tensions for power.

Maybe you hate Donald Trump and Steve Bannon and some of the other organizers and are glad they’re all suffering.

Maybe you, like me, like many conservatives, believe in law and order and were horrified by the images of people crawling up the side of the Capitol like spiders and want the book thrown at the violent protestors.

Just know that the Left knows that many on the Right have these concerns and they’re exploiting those feelings to destroy the rule of law and deny the protest organizers and the President due process or any sense of a fair trial.

“This isn’t a criminal trial,” sneered one of the Congressional lawyer investigators to one of the witnesses. Like hell it isn’t.

It’s a no-win situation. Either talk to the committee and risk perjury (the witnesses were deposed for up to eight hours) or plead the 5th and be prosecuted by the DOJ and spend your life savings trying to defend yourself from the full weight of the government in a venue that hates Republicans. Either sell out your friends and family or be in contempt of the committee.

Stalin would be impressed.

They seek vengeance and they’re using their power to achieve it. They are hoaxers in search of criminals and seem willing to make up crimes to fit their pre-conceived notions of what happened. Even if not one person is convicted, they know that the process of defending themselves is ruinous financially and will destroy the reputation of the person. Or, that’s the hope.

Finally, realize that none of what happened on January 6th would have happened if Nancy Pelosi had done her job. Had the Capitol had the necessary security and standard protest protocols, January 6th would have been just another energetic protest.

Instead, as time wears on, it looks like the protestors were infiltrated by government agent provocateurs, that the law enforcement resorted to dastardly violence, and that Nancy Pelosi was either incompetent or purposefully created the environment where this event could happen.

I’ve covered conservative protests for years. In nearly every protest, elements trying to make the protestors look bad have infiltrated — either with racist signs or violent actions. They’re usually escorted out and dealt with peacefully. The Capitol, though, was Nancy Pelosi’s home turf, and she could introduce elements that framed the protestors to her liking.

The January 6th committee should be seen for what it is: A commie-like show-trial of political enemies. It is a dangerous time to be in opposition to a regime that demands total submission — body (vaccine mandates), mind (public professions of beliefs), and soul (the State as the only authority).

Melissa Mackenzie
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Melissa Mackenzie is Publisher of The American Spectator. Melissa commentates for the BBC and has appeared on Fox. Her work has been featured at The Guardian, PJ Media, and was a front page contributor to RedState. Melissa commutes from Houston, Texas to Alexandria, VA. She lives in Houston with her two sons, one daughter, and two diva rescue cats. You can follow Ms. Mackenzie on Twitter: @MelissaTweets.
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