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Morphine Mitch and McCarthy Aren’t the Same on Mar-a-Lago
Mitch McConnell evades questions about Mar-a-Lago raid, Aug. 9, 2022 (Mr Producer Media/YouTube)

In a couple of conversations I’ve had with hard-core conservative members of Congress who’ve been reasonably well impressed with The Revivalist Manifesto (which is my new book that you should immediately buy and read), I’ve heard encouraging things said about Kevin McCarthy, who if and when the Republican Party is able to retake control of the House would become its new Speaker.

I’m not a McCarthy fan. I’m willing to listen. What I’m told about McCarthy is that while he isn’t Newt Gingrich, in terms of being somebody with a transformational vision or an ideological warrior committed to the long political game, he is a guy who wants the position badly enough that he’s willing to go where the House Republican conference wants to go.

And the House Republican conference wants to go to the mattresses against the Biden administration and the train of abuses it has set forth, which culminated in the historically significant debauch that was the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. This is what I’m told by my correspondents, and I see reason to believe it.

I can’t speak to whether Kevin McCarthy will follow through on this particular message he sent out on Monday night following that raid, but what I can say is it fit the bill of what I was looking for from the GOP leader in the House:

Look, if you don’t want to credit this because your instinct about the Republican Party in Washington is that they’re all hat and no cattle, I get that, and I don’t disagree. But I’m not going to ask Kevin McCarthy to ask Republican voters to take up arms against the government or make citizens’ arrests of FBI agents in their towns. Those are stupid ideas, which will do more harm than good.

Essentially vowing to put the federal bureaucracy and specifically the Justice Department on trial for its relentless, partisan pattern of abuse is the right and proper thing to do at this point prior to the midterm elections.

If you want a stronger statement from McCarthy, I’m willing to listen to what you’ve got to say in the comments. But I was fine with McCarthy’s reaction — and if he’s able to follow through on this, which my correspondents who are his colleagues seem quite sanguine in believing will happen, then Kevin McCarthy might just be an asset in bringing about the American revival this country so desperately needs.

You might not be so optimistic. I get it; we’ll see who’s right. But it’s becoming clear that you can’t lump McCarthy into the same pile as the Republican “leader” on the Senate side.

Because while McCarthy was vowing to put the attorney general and the Justice Department on the griddle over not just the Mar-a-Lago raid but also the assault on concerned parents at school board meetings and the grandparents who essentially took tours of the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, and lots of other law-abiding, patriotic Americans who are being targeted for political beliefs that the D.C. ruling elite has decreed to be heterodox amid the woke tyranny that is Joe Biden’s America, what we get from Mitch McConnell is … crickets.

And that dodge was absolutely the most brazen piece of political cowardice I’ve ever seen:

He wanted to talk about “the flood,” but he didn’t show up in Kentucky until a day after Joe Biden, who is now incapable of putting on a sport coat without help and the people of Kentucky now know that fact having had it proven to them in person, made it there.

And after doing a Johnny-come-lately routine in his own state — or the state he calls his own, because Mitch McConnell is a creature of Washington, D.C., who hasn’t really given a damn about Kentucky since he escaped from the Bluegrass State courtesy of the 1984 Senate election there — he can’t even comment on perhaps the most significant law enforcement action since the Palmer raids over a hundred years ago?

Mitch McConnell has been actively sandbagging the GOP’s attempts to win back the Senate majority, for a specific reason: if there is a large red wave that nets the Republicans four or five or six seats, there will be no majority within the GOP caucus for McConnell to lead it. Trump has issued endorsements, basically all of which have become nominees, in Republican primaries in Senate races contingent on voting against McConnell as the leader. So the J. D. Vances and Blake Masterses of the world will certainly vote against McConnell — but so, potentially, will the Katie Britts and Mehmet Ozes as well.

And what that means is Mitch McConnell wants a Senate that’s no more than 51-49 or 52-48 in the GOP’s favor.

It’s all this 80-year-old fossil cares about. The utter breakdown of American culture, law, politics, and economics that the Biden regime is presiding over, with the not-impressive opposition by McConnell’s 50-member Senate minority quite well noted, seems not to matter much at all.

Mitch McConnell is all about Mitch McConnell. Every once in a while that aligns with the needs of the American people. But, as this column noted yesterday, that is nowhere close to good enough. And this cannot continue.

So what’s the complaint here? What are we looking for beyond a tweet from McConnell that, yes, he’s unhappy with the Mar-a-Lago raid (he isn’t, but that’s reason enough for this column to call him out)?

There is a quite practicable and fairly timely reaction that a Senate GOP worthy of a future majority would present to the regime.

Which is that by September 30, there is a continuing resolution coming due that would provide for the funding of the Department of Justice.

And that continuing resolution must be killed bv a Senate filibuster.

It must be killed unless certain contingencies are agreed upon by the 50-member Democrat majority.

One, the most important one, being that a special prosecutor must be appointed to investigate Hunter Biden and the obvious ties of his illegal influence-peddling business activities to the current president of the United States, not to mention the clear crimes evidence of which is widely known thanks to his laptop computer surfacing in the public eye nearly two years ago.

If Chuck Schumer will not agree to the appointment of that special prosecutor, then shut it down.

Because no one has confidence that the U.S. Attorney in Delaware has either the resources or inclination to give that investigation its proper due. And because the whole of America has no confidence that Hunter Biden will ever face any real justice, there is a corrosive perception that this country has a two-tiered justice system so pervasive and corrupt that even a former president not among its in-crowd can escape its mistreatment while notorious and transparent criminals are immune.

If you can’t face poor notices from Rachel Maddow and Brian Stelter over this disgrace to American governance by using the powers of the purse to leverage some sort of forceful response, then you don’t deserve your position.

At present, Mitch McConnell — who we’ll call Morphine Mitch, rather than his old nickname Cocaine Mitch, because cocaine is a stimulant and nothing about Mitch McConnell is stimulating — has done nothing to demonstrate he’s willing to fight against the Biden regime.

It isn’t good enough, and if this is all he has, it’s time for him to be put to the side so a better Senate GOP can move forward with real leadership.

Can’t even tweet out concern over an FBI raid on a former president’s home over pieces of paper. Unbelievable, and far below the standard of the American revival to come.

Scott McKay
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