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Mitch, Stitched Up
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell speaks on the Senate floor on Aug. 6, 2022 (YouTube/Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell)

There are a few Senate Republicans who’ve been bold enough, in the aftermath of the weekend’s disastrous passage in that body of the Orwellian-titled Inflation Reduction Act, to have taken a poke at the current minority leader, Mitch McConnell.

Most notably among them was Josh Hawley, who is young enough and bold enough to actually demand better than the cold porridge the party’s establishment has been feeding its voters this spring and summer.

Hawley didn’t call out McConnell by name, but he certainly assailed the small-ball style of the status quo Washington GOP in a tweet Monday…

He’s right.

He’s not the only one noticing, either. Check out leftist shill John Harwood turning into a Joe Biden fanboy on CNN after the passage of that abominable bill…

Lost in all this is something obvious, which is that the “inflation reduction” bill won’t reduce inflation. It’ll accelerate it, potentially catastrophically.

I talked about this Monday at the Hayride, and I’m going to borrow from what I said…

The Democrats are touting this thing as giving “relief” to Americans based on things like making prescription drugs cheaper. But it’s a colossal tax hike on America’s producers and suppliers, so it has the significant potential to create hyperinflation.

Why? Well, you need to understand what, fundamentally, inflation is: it’s too many dollars on the demand side chasing too few goods and services on the supply side.

There are two ways to fix inflation. The first is to decrease demand. That’s what raising interest rates does, and it’s the fastest way to clamp down on inflation – you’re pulling money out of the economy with those higher rates and with less money around, demand subsides. The problem with that program is that when demand subsides you get an economic recession.

And as we saw in the 1970’s, you can’t truly fix the problem unless you address the supply side. You have to have productivity in an economy to get prosperity. Interest rates were in the high teens as the Fed tried to tamp down inflation in the late 1970’s, but it didn’t really work that well. What you had was stagflation – a stagnant or shrinking economy and still a high inflation rate.

That doesn’t go away until production – supply – in the economy begins to match the demand.

Of course, everything the Democrats are doing — not just in that terrible bill they passed over the weekend but all year long, or really ever since Biden’s inauguration — has increased that imbalance rather than addressing it.

It’s now harder to produce goods and services in America than it’s ever been. Between workplace regulations, environmental regulations, the debauched supply chain, the tax environment, energy costs, and lots of other things affected or driven by public policy, the supply side of the economy is being beaten with tire irons.

While at the same time the clown car parked next to the U.S. Capitol is spewing out morons who think the answer is to boost demand again and again.

Nancy Pelosi, when she isn’t flying to the Orient in an attempt to start a war with China, won’t shut up about how the way you make the economy sing is to give consumers more money to spend. She thinks more welfare means more stuff getting bought. Call it Dollar Store America. But what good is all that consumer cash when the store shelves are empty, or when the shortages of … well, almost everything force prices beyond what these consumers can afford?

What this is about is the Democrats doing everything they can to buy off their voters in advance of this election, and essentially insulting the rest of America with outright lies like calling their Green New Deal bill an “inflation reduction” piece.

It isn’t Mitch McConnell’s America anymore. We no longer have a politics like he grew up in, where there were conservatives and liberals and everybody wanted essentially the same things but argued over how to get them.

Mitch is a dinosaur in this new world where Democrats will spend trillions of dollars on a 50-50 vote in the Senate. He can’t fathom the kind of warfare it takes to put a stop to that.

And what happened over the past month shows it.

Sean Moran at Breitbart, after rattling off a list of recent budget-busting legislative “successes” the Democrats are now touting, as though the passage of bad policy which produces worse results can be positively termed a “success,” noted something which has not gotten enough attention, particularly on the conservative side of the fence…

Much of his legislative success arose from Republican support for these bills. It also arose from the failed legislative strategy of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who promised to block the CHIPS bill if Democrats chose to pursue the Inflation Reduction Act. Once Schumer passed the CHIPS bill with Republican support, Democrats moved forward with the Inflation Reduction Act.

Other Senate Republicans admitted Democrats tricked them into passing another major bill and creating a pathway to passing the Inflation Reduction Act.

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) said, “Yesterday’s announcement by Joe Manchin and Chuck Schumer showed again that too many Senate Republicans unfortunately trusted Democrats and got duped. Some are pretending to be shocked. It’s not shocking at all.”

Classic Stupid Party Republicanism.

You cannot afford to be the Washington Generals when the Harlem Globetrotters are now brandishing guns and robbing and raping members of the audience. It takes more than that.

It takes more than 80-year-old Mitch McConnell, the most unpopular politician in Washington, whose act was tired when he sandbagged much of President Trump’s legislative agenda. That act was even more tired when McConnell slapped down Scott’s efforts this spring to craft a populist agenda for Senate Republicans to run on and be accountable to.

It was tired when he failed to ensure there was a filibuster of the awful gun bill the Democrats passed. And it’s been getting more tired as McConnell has continued prattling on about Ukraine and the need to shovel billions of unaccountable dollars their way as ordinary Americans watch their household finances go up in flames.

And it’s especially tired now that Schumer is running a train of abuses on the American people which will — as the stupid tax and tariff increases during the transformationally awful Herbert Hoover administration did — turn a recession into a depression.

We need much more than this. The Republican voters, in primaries across America, have made clear they demand more than this.

There should have been nothing passed this year that required a single Republican vote, unless it was authored by Republicans. All of those items could be run through a GOP-majority Senate and House next year, and the bills would be cleaner, cheaper, and more likely to produce positive results for Americans — or if not, then that’s a separate problem the GOP would need to address.

That’s how you avoid getting stitched up the way McConnell did with the CHIPS bill. And it was scandalously easy to see it coming.

It’s time for McConnell to recognize it’s over. And it’s time for the Senate GOP caucus to start choosing somebody newer and fresher to replace the octogenarian albatross around the party’s neck. The American revival cannot begin with him in charge.

Scott McKay
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