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A Very Strange Fellow Is Our Joe

Our more than slightly off-plumb president is a fount of odd and counterintuitive claims. One of his latest and most cynical is that our Constitution is “always evolving.” I’ll wait here while you think about this for a few seconds.

A few seconds is all that’s needed to see that there is no difference between having a “constantly evolving” Constitution and having no Constitution at all. With an evolving Constitution there’s no guarantee that what it is said to mean on Monday would bear any resemblance to what it will mean on Tuesday. It would simply mean whatever is consistent with the policies and prejudices of the party in power. An evolving Constitution is simply words on old paper, words with no more effect on our laws and the daily conduct of government affairs than a note passed in study hall.

Biden’s policy positions have evolved depending on where the center of gravity of the Democrat Party has been.

Of course our Joe’s positions on the large issues of the day have been “always evolving” since he chose politics over legitimate work back in the butt end of the Tricky Dick administration. The eccentric voters in tiny Delaware first coughed up this hairball in 1972 and regularly sent him back to the U.S. Senate every six years (I can see their point — it got him out of Delaware) until Barack Obama, needing a white guy to share his presidential ticket, drafted him.

Biden’s policy positions have evolved depending on where the center of gravity of the Democrat Party has been, merging effortlessly from the center-left/reasonably moderate Democrat Party of the ’70s to the present two steps left of WHOOPIE! socialist Democrat Party. The man is a political and philosophical empty suit with no center of gravity of his own. A windsock. He’s gone from being tough on crime to the current Democrat creed that cops are criminals and criminals are victims faster than you can say focus group. He’s gone from being tough on illegal immigration to the current voter replacement stance of his party — economically stated, “We don’t need no stinking border” — faster than you can say Bienvenidos a los Estados Unidos. It’s no wonder that his handlers keep him away from mirrors, for fear that the world might notice that he doesn’t reflect in them, there being nothing to reflect.

On this last issue, the Biden knee-slapper is that his administration is trying hard to “figure out” why so many Central and South Americans are leaving their homes to come to el Norte. He made this remarkable statement Monday at the White House when meeting with members of the National Governors Association. He enlarged on this:

It’s not like people sit around and say, in Guadalajara, “I got a great idea. Let’s sell everything we have, give it to a coyote, take us across the border, leave us in the desert in a country that doesn’t want us. We don’t speak the language. Won’t that be fun?”

Sorry, Joe. My guess is that, save for the part about the journey being fun, people in Guadalajara and all across Central and South America (as well as other parts of the world) have conversations exactly like this. And shortly thereafter are on their way north.

Biden’s inane remarks echo those of Vice President Kamala Harris, who, months back, said that she was searching for the “root causes” of immigration to the United States. Of course these two frauds know exactly why people are leaving their Central American homes to come to what remains a much better place than where they are. As for “reasons” or root causes, how about the obvious fact that much of Central and South America are poor, corrupt, and dangerous? Add to this the splendid piñata of goodies that await gate-crashers in the U.S., including but not limited to food stamps, free health care and education, a better roof over their heads, and the prospects of better jobs than they could hope for where they are now. Those incentives were designed by the Democrats for the express purpose of drawing future Democrats to the United States. And it’s working.

Of course the search for “reasons” and “root causes” are just a stall so that the Democrats can continue to do nothing about a very serious problem for the United States that Democrats consider no problem at all. The only chance we have during the current administration to staunch the flow of undocumented Democrats from south of the border is for recent immigrants to start voting Republican. Should this happen, the Democrats would build a wall. And Joe Biden would be on top of it with an AR-15. I’m sure his “always evolving” Constitution would allow this.

Speaking of guns, one Biden inanity leads to another. In his recent trip to New York City, supposedly to reassure New Yorkers that his administration is with them in their battle against rampant crime, Biden repeated his claim that the “root cause” of the escalating murder rate in the Big Apple and other American cities is guns. No mention of prosecutors who won’t prosecute, meaning villains face no consequences but enjoy rewards for their predations. If guns, the instrument so often used by bad people to do bad things, are the cause of the current pandemic of murder, then the current pandemic of obesity can be blamed on knives and forks, the instruments used to shove another piece of cheesecake or mashed potatoes into one’s mouth.

Shortly before his death in 1898, German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck is quoted as saying, “God has a special providence for fools, drunkards, and the United States of America.” Let us pray that this providence has not run out. We are in great need of it just now.

Larry Thornberry
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Larry Thornberry is a writer in Tampa.
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