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Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah

First, the headline. If you were a kid when MTV was still playing music videos, you’ll recognize it. It’s not an accident that it’s atop this piece.

If you remember the old Thompson Twins song, you might recall this line from the lyrics:

You told me you loved me
So I don’t understand
Why promises are snapped in two
And words are made to bend

And a little later on:

White ones and red ones
And some you can’t disguise
Twisted truth and half the news
Can’t hide it in your eyes

Yeah, I get it. The Thompson Twins were known more for the beats and the hair than for the depth of their lyrics.

But it isn’t like Joe Biden is known for the depth of the things he says, so it fits. And that old Thompson Twins song, which didn’t quite come from the 1970s (“Lies” was released in 1983 as part of the “Quick Step & Side Kick” album), it’s close enough. In 1983, Joe Biden was a second-term senator who for some reason was being talked about as a rising star in the Democrat Party.

Why? At times, he said things that sounded reasonable. For example:

“President Roosevelt clearly had the right to send to the United States Senate and the United States Congress a proposal to pack the court,” Biden said. “It was totally within his right to do that. He violated no law, he was legalistically absolutely correct.”

“But it was a bonehead idea,” he continued. “It was a terrible, terrible mistake to make and it put in question for an entire decade the independence of the most significant body — including the Congress, in my view — the most significant body in this country, the Supreme Court of the United States of America.”

Huh. How about that?

It wasn’t too long after, though, when Biden was exposed as a shameless, bald-faced liar and plagiarist whose early attempts to run for president were laughed off the stage. He’s been known since before the Thompson Twins faded out of the Top 40 list for good as a man without a truth-telling way, but as we know, his party isn’t particularly put off by liars.

That’s why absolutely nobody was surprised to see this:

It’s a mercy, perhaps, that he could get through at least this part of his Buffalo speech without it devolving into a jumble of babbling and pitiful, confused facial contortions like Biden so often exhibits.

But there is no mercy in the ridiculous lie Biden was spreading Tuesday in Buffalo. In his speech Biden not-so-artfully attempted to blame Tucker Carlson for what happened in Buffalo.

And Tucker Carlson is not to blame for what happened in Buffalo.

This is clear, despite Biden’s attempts to assert otherwise, because the mass killer in Buffalo was not influenced by Carlson, or by any other conservative pundit of note. He was instead by his own admission, in a manifesto he’d written before bringing a weapon to a supermarket in a mostly black neighborhood and killing 10 innocent people, an “atheist” and a self-described authoritarian leftist. The kid trashed Fox News, Ben Shapiro, libertarianism, and conservatism. He called himself an eco-fascist and spewed out most of the talking points the Green New Deal crowd has been warbling for years.

He ain’t one of ours, Joe. He’s one of yours. There are no “Green nationalists” in the MAGA movement.

That he was bothered by the concept of the Great Replacement hardly makes him special. Most Americans want a handle on illegal immigration which the Biden administration refuses to do its job and provide. A Rasmussen poll from a month ago found that only 14 percent of likely U.S. voters think the illegal immigration problem is improving under this president, while 55 percent say it is getting worse. That’s why a full 50 percent also give Biden a poor rating on his handling of the immigration crisis, while just 32 percent give Biden at least a good rating.

Do you think that’s because they want the Great Replacement?

To catch you up here if you aren’t aware, the flood of illegal immigrants into this country from the Third World, which has unquestionably been exacerbated and assisted by left-wing nonprofits funded by the usual suspects, has been touted by the Democrat Party for decades as the political game-changer, the “browning of America,” that would create a permanent majority for their party. It isn’t a lie to identify it as Carlson and many others have done. Democrats bragged about it for a long time.

It was only when the Republican Party and the conservative movement stopped addressing immigration as though cheap labor for members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was the only important factor in the equation and began recognizing the downside of mass, uncontrolled and unskilled Third World immigration on our economy, demographics, and infrastructure that suddenly it wasn’t fashionable to spike the football over mass immigration and what it would do to the electorate.

Hilariously enough, seeing as though the migrants streaming across the border are disproportionately coming from places like Cuba, Venezuela, and Peru — otherwise known as refugees from the kind of authoritarian leftism the Buffalo shooter said he likes and the Biden administration seems to be demanding in its public policy — perhaps the Great Replacement might end up more like the Great Boomerang.

The point is that, like the Thompson Twins noted about “half the news,” Biden and his handlers picked up on the shooter’s Great Replacement reference and used it to wrap him around modern conservatism when the kid, had he been eligible to vote in 2020, was more likely to vote for Biden based on his ideology. Someone in his camp, possibly the Maoist Anita Dunn, whom this column discussed on Tuesday, obviously decided spinning the narrative that modern conservatism is based in white nationalism despite the fact it’s attracting a whole lot more adherents who are black, Asian, and Hispanic was a good idea. And a mass shooter in Buffalo who scribbled out 180 pages of psychopathic semi-political drivel including one fairly widely recognizable item Tucker Carlson has talked about gave them just enough of a thread to hang on to.

So Sleepy Joe is trotted out before he sundowns to make the kid out to be Charlie Kirk.

It’s obscene, but it’s normal.

All we get are lies. Twisted truth and half the news, can’t hide it in your eyes.

Did you hear that turnout for the Georgia electoral primaries is setting records? How about that voter suppression with the new election law, Joe? You said it was “Jim Crow 2.0,” but yet it sure doesn’t look that way. Maybe the graveyard vote is a little thin, but the live bodies seem to be able to manage.

That was a little like the assurance that inflation was just a passing fancy or that his disgraceful pullout from Afghanistan was a success. Or the ongoing attempt to call the “mostly peaceful” January 6, 2021, protests which delayed a congressional vote certifying his election an “insurrection.” Or that his moronic Build Back Better plan wouldn’t add to the national debt. Or that he’s responsible for deficit reduction because he hasn’t tinkled away an extra trillion dollars this year like he did on the hyper-wasteful “infrastructure” plan, which passed last year. Or that he’d fixed the supply chain crisis.

Or that vaccines shouldn’t be mandatory, or that the federal government didn’t have the constitutional power to mandate them. Or that a “winter of severe illness and death” was coming for those who refused to take the jab.

Just last week Team Biden tried to sell us the stinking fraud that the “ultra-MAGA” narrative around which his Buffalo lies were built was somehow a Joe Biden creation. Even the Washington Post couldn’t buy that, and it outed Dunn as its author just after Jen Psaki tried to claim otherwise.

I could go on.

This administration is the most shameless, brazen passel of liars ever assembled in a White House. Even Biden’s presidency is a lie, and not just because of the dubious and underhanded appearance of how the 2020 election was concluded — Biden is, as I’ve said and now as Elon Musk has noted, essentially Ron Burgundy reading a teleprompter. He isn’t running the country, or anything else. Somebody else, somebody we didn’t elect even in the fraud-tainted November 2020 polling, is actually in charge.

It’s an empire of lies. A bottomless sea of them. And as the Thompson Twins said,

You say you’ll try harder
But I think it’s just too late
Well the car is revving in the drive
And I’m not the sort to wait

November is coming, and the American people will get to weigh in on these lies soon. They’ll weigh this administration and its party against the truth, and Biden won’t like the results.

Scott McKay
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