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The New York Times Can’t Cancel Tucker Carlson

It wasn’t long ago that no one — regardless of how prominent — could survive a front-page evisceration by the New York Times, America’s “newspaper of record,” like the one unleashed against Tucker Carlson.

Those days are over, though, and Carlson won’t stop smiling. Here’s proof…

Carlson had fair warning that the Times‘ hit piece was coming, and on Thursday of last week he responded in advance…

And on Sunday, the first of a three-part attempted takedown of Carlson said exactly what he predicted it would — it castigated Carlson and his show as “racist.” In fact, according to Nick Confessore, the twerpy NYT reporter under whose byline the piece appeared, Carlson’s show “may be the most racist program in the history of cable news.”

Confessore claims this is a Stone Cold Fact and not his opinion.

These people are so obsessed with racism that they’re now apparently inventing metrics so as to do Rankings of Racism among talk show hosts. It’s beyond bizarre.

There was a time when such things would be laughed out of the journalism profession. After all, Confessore’s pronouncement claims that something he says “may be” the case is a “fact.”

These things come very close to mutual exclusivity. If Carlson is the most racist TV host around, you wouldn’t say he “may be” the worst of the bunch. “May be” means he’s arguably the most racist host, and arguably isn’t a factual state of being.

Such is the level of objectivity and intelligence produced by our universities. But Nick Confessore, a Princeton graduate who majored in political science, has been a professional journalist since at least 1998. He’s written for practically every hifalutin left-leaning journal imaginable, from the Atlantic to Rolling Stone to the Los Angeles Times to his current berth at the Gray Lady, and he’s been given awards for his work.

Oh, and he’s a paid talking head at MSNBC, which is a cable news competitor to the network employing Carlson. And if Confessore has ever been offended by the open and obnoxious racism that peppers, for example, Joy Reid’s show on the network which pays him for his takes, we’ve not seen that.

But if you didn’t know his curriculum vitae, reading through his tweets promoting the hit piece on Carlson and the piece itself, you might be confused into thinking Confessore is straight out of J-school. There is very little to be impressed by in the piece.

Confessore says that Carlson “regularly disparages Black women,” an assertion backed by the fact he’s criticized the likes of Maxine Waters, Ilhan Omar, and Kamala Harris. Black women who aren’t unhinged morons, one imagines, would be less than impressed by the broad brush.

There’s a discussion of a petty HR feud by a nondescript former Fox News employee who now works at MSNBC over things said about Omar, and reading between the lines one might assume that’s what truly underlies the decision to launch this hit piece.

But it leads with an attack on Carlson’s “racism” based on the fact that Carlson, back in 2018, said illegal immigration makes America poorer and dirtier.

That isn’t racism. It’s truth. Mass, uncontrolled illegal immigration, flooding the country with low-skilled or unskilled people makes labor cheap and lowers the standard of living for Americans, particularly in the working classes. That’s true regardless of the race of the immigrants, and to call Carlson a racist for pointing it out is in itself racist — Confessore and his ilk are the ones assuming the low-skilled and unskilled illegals are black and brown people. They could just as easily be from Greece or Iceland as Zaire or Paraguay — the point is they’re illegal and we have no control over who they are or where they came from.

And anyone who’s been to the border can tell you it’s becoming one massive, 2,000-mile trash heap. Of course the invasion is making us dirtier.

And there is this…

Mr. Carlson explained to an interviewer a few weeks before accusing impoverished immigrants of making America dirty — his show teaches loathing and fear. Night after night, hour by hour, Mr. Carlson warns his viewers that they inhabit a civilization under siege — by violent Black Lives Matter protesters in American cities, by diseased migrants from south of the border, by refugees importing alien cultures, and by tech companies and cultural elites who will silence them, or label them racist, if they complain.

News flash to Professor Confessore — most Americans don’t need Tucker Carlson to reach those very same conclusions. His show attracts massive audiences, viewership which will be thoroughly unaffected by Confessore’s hit pieces, precisely because he’s willing to say the things millions and millions of Americans perceive through their own experiences but are nonetheless denied by corrupt legacy media outlets like the New York Times.

This is all a nothing burger, which is why Carlson was smiling upon seeing himself on the front page of that ridiculous paper. Nick Confessore lacks the power to destroy Tucker Carlson. The entire New York Times, which is wholly without credibility for a decades-long string of lies told to support a particular political agenda stretching all the way back to the degenerate Walter Duranty’s cover-up of the Ukrainian Holodomor and forward to the propagation of the Trump-Russia hoax and the Hunter Biden laptop denials, can’t destroy Carlson.

They used to have that power. They don’t anymore. Nobody gives a damn about the New York Times. Or the mainstream legacy media as a whole, for that matter.

Those days are over. And while Nick Confessore will no doubt be slathered with yet another journalistic award for his craven hit piece attacking Carlson as racist for articulating what the bulk of the American people believe — a gag so old its whiskers have whiskers — in Realville this is nothing more than a fart in the wind.

And if the New York Times’ editors who commissioned this lame assault think that trying to discredit Carlson will hold back the wave coming for their friends in the Democrat Party this fall, they’ll be quite disappointed. That wave doesn’t even depend on Carlson. It’s coming, and the Times can’t stop it.

Because the voters who’ll deliver it don’t read the New York Times. They haven’t for years.

Scott McKay
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