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Biden’s Bogus ‘Summit for Democracy’

Joe Biden is holding a virtual “summit for democracy” this week. It is the fulfillment of one of his campaign promises. He has long considered himself a great expert on the subject of democracy, even as he increasingly embraced the undemocratic elitism of his own party.

He says that he “fears” for democracy, as if his party is open to robust disagreements. The truth is the exact opposite. The Democrats celebrate undemocratic measures, such as Silicon Valley’s silencing of their political opponents. The Democrats are afraid of, not for, democracy. They seek to build a one-party state, free of “deplorables” — a state in which the most important decisions lie not in the hands of the people but in the hands of liberal judges and bureaucrats.

What animates him is not a desire for democracy but the acquisition of liberal power.

For Biden and company, “democracy” is just a euphemism for results that they like. If democracy fails to produce those results, liberals turn despotic. Their response to the people passing pro-life laws, for example, is to call for court-packing.

So it is no surprise that Biden has invited undemocratic countries that he likes to his “summit for democracy” while withholding an invitation from Hungary, a democracy that he dislikes. Biden’s rhetoric about “perils” to democracy conceals his real agenda: the promotion of leftism at the expense of democracy. Biden won’t say a word at his summit about the left-wing autocracies that the Democrats have long envied and seek to replicate in the United States. (READ MORE: Christian Hungary Is Not the Problem)

What Biden condemns abroad — the persecution of political opponents, curbs on free speech, edicts to eliminate civil liberties — he practices at home. His administration has treated everyone from parents concerned about what is taught in their children’s schools to conservative soldiers like domestic enemies.

Biden’s first year in office has been an index of undemocratic abuses. Far from respecting a democratic people’s choices and sovereignty, Biden has consistently subverted them. He has pursued a globalist and elitist program in defiance of the people, telling them that they shouldn’t object to an open border, climate accords set by the United Nations, and the activist rulings of courts.

Indeed, Biden’s view of a fundamentally transformed America rests largely on judges restricting the democratic choices of the people. He needs liberal judges to ratify his conception of “rights” and thwart the people from passing laws that impede them.

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other,” said John Adams, one of the Founding Fathers. That is the antithesis of Biden’s view. He wants a democracy of, by, and for elites who separate the people from the Judeo-Christian foundations of their country.

Beneath most of Biden’s complaints about “democracy” lies a hostility to the participation of conservatives in democracy. Mere democratic resistance from conservatives to liberal propaganda and mandates is hyped up by Biden into “threats” to democracy. Meanwhile, he advances actual threats to democracy, supporting measures that would increase voter fraud, cheering Twitter as it muzzles Donald Trump, and encouraging the use of the criminal justice system to exact punishments against the politically disfavored.

His party is on record saying that the people shouldn’t have the right to vote for Trump ever again. How is that different than Putin determining who can and can’t oppose him? Almost everything that the Democrats say and do is designed to neutralize the effective political participation of half the country.

Beneath most of Biden’s complaints about “democracy” lies a hostility to the participation of conservatives in democracy.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said of Biden, “In every conversation I’ve heard him have with a foreign leader, the centerpiece of the conversation has been that he sees the fundamental struggle of our time as the face-off between autocracy and democracy. And that’s its fundamental for the U.S. to lead the effort towards democratic resilience and reinvigoration around the world.” What nonsense. Biden is not reinvigorating democracy but corrupting it. (RELATED: Joe Biden and the Fine Art of Political Lying)

The Hungarians are right to tell Biden that he is more qualified to attend a summit on democracy than host one. He is setting a bad example for the world. What animates him is not a desire for democracy but the acquisition of liberal power. He seeks to create a country alien to its democratic origins, subject to a dysfunctional left-wing political order that the Founding Fathers would not have recognized as American. Biden’s summit is not a cure to the “crisis” of democracy but just one more snapshot of it.

George Neumayr
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George Neumayr, a senior editor at The American Spectator, is author most recently of The Biden Deception: Moderate, Opportunist, or the Democrats' Crypto-Socialist?
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