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Biden Destroys Trump’s Pro-Life Progress
President Biden at the White House, March 10, 2021 (Adam Schultz/Official White House photo)

In just a few months as president, Biden has revved up America’s abortion machine, temporarily slowed during the Trump administration. All progress is being rolled back.

President Trump enacted a regulation closing a loophole in Title X that allowed medical professionals at government-supported clinics, unable to perform abortions themselves, to refer women to abortion clinics such as Planned Parenthood. Last week, Biden revoked this rule.

Beyond simply resuming Obama-era policies, Biden is expanding abortion access through telemedicine. With a new FDA policy, abortifacients become available with remote appointments DIY abortion drug Mifepristone delivered right to one’s door. This new update is being marketed as an effort to protect women’s lives from exposure to COVID-19.

Biden has also lifted Trump’s 2019 restrictions on the use of fetal tissue for federally funded medical research. As of Friday, taxpayer-funded laboratories will be able to use fetal tissue from abortions in their research. While not always supported by the government, fetal tissue has been used in vaccine research since the 1960s and has contributed to vaccines for rubella, rabies, and hepatitis. But in the 21st century, technology has improved, and such methods are increasingly outdated, as other research options are available. The Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines did not use fetal tissue in the research process. Instead, they used innovative mRNA vectors — the first widespread vaccines to do so. The creators of the recently suspended Johnson & Johnson vaccine used aborted fetal cells in their research.

As if the situation at home were not bad enough, Biden is exporting his hardline pro-abortion views around the world. After just a week in office, Biden rescinded the “Mexico City” policy, which banned U.S. funding for international NGOs that provide abortion counseling and referrals. Biden also restored funding to the UN Population Fund, which Trump had stopped funding in 2017. The UN Population Fund states that its mission is “to deliver a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person’s potential is fulfilled.” This innocuous mission hides a sinister history, one that includes early support for China’s one-child policy and Vietnam’s two-child policy. The UN Population Fund denied alleged support for Peru’s forced sterilization campaign in the 1990s. 

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is also committed to global abortion expansion. In a January 28 press release, he stated that “the United States is re-engaging multilaterally to protect and promote the human rights of all women and girls, consistent with the long-standing global consensus on gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights.” Apparently, the best way to do this is by funding abortions and supporting Malthusian population control organizations. The Blinken State Department will be updating its 2020 Report on Human Rights Practices to include “reproductive rights,” newspeak for unlimited abortion access.   

On abortion, Biden has already proven worse than all of his predecessors, Democratic and Republican. While no Christian is perfect in living out his or her faith, Biden’s actions have been abysmal. And with judicial action on abortion looking unlikely, any hope for improvement on the national level will have to wait until 2024. That’s time that the unborn cannot spare.

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