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Pushing Back on the Pedocrats

It’s going to take strong men and sane women to fully engage the American revival. The more that is revealed about our culture and politics, and those who are shaping it, the more dire things appear to be.

The people in power in this country want desperately to thin the ranks of strong men and sane women. And they’re starting with your kids.

Not their kids. So many of these people don’t have any. Those who do seem almost pathological in their need to rob them of their childhood.

So imagine what they’ll do to yours.

You don’t have to, as it happens. The evidence of the Left’s designs on America’s children is everywhere. You just have to be willing to see it, and to be called names for pointing it out.

Last week, a Christian organization called the Family Policy Alliance put out a press release worth noting. It discussed the current presidential administration and its sinister agenda where our nation’s youth are concerned. The release led with a statement from the FPA’s spokesperson Meridian Baldacci:

The White House is having a complete meltdown about this week’s array of new pro-family laws. According to the Administration, it is “disturbing and dangerous” to keep teachers from sexualizing kindergarten classrooms, it is “extreme” to give women a level playing field in sports, and it is “wrong” to protect children from irreversible and mutilating surgeries such as double mastectomies. In a nutshell, the Administration is distressed because states are protecting women and children.

It’s not everyday Americans who are extreme — it’s the White House. Polls show that Americans support fair sports for women and commonsense child safety protections for children. And even Democratic primary voters support the new Florida Parental Rights in Education law.

Instead of listening to Americans’ voices and supporting commonsense measures, the Biden Administration is doubling down with an authoritarian support for extreme ideology. It’s Biden versus America. And if Americans keep pushing back, we know our side will win.

The release went on to document the Biden administration’s reaction to the entirely unremarkable (at least in Realville) Florida anti-grooming bill:

  • President Biden called the “onslaught” of laws “simply wrong” (echoing his statements in the State of the Union address)
  • Press Secretary Jen Psaki tweeted about the laws, calling them “extreme and harmful”
  • Education Secretary Cardona responded to the Florida law by encouraging students to file discrimination complaints with the Department of Education, and calling the law part of a “disturbing and dangerous trend”
  • The Department of Justice sent a memo to state attorneys general “reminding them” of “provisions that protect transgender youth against discrimination, including when those youth seek gender-affirming care”
  • The Biden Administration referenced a Department of Health and Human Services document which refers to transgender interventions as “crucial” for youth who identify as transgender
  • Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced an “X” sex marker on U.S. passport applications
  • The Department of Health and Human Services raised a pride flag outside its headquarters

And this led to an utterly bizarre exchange between future MSNBC presenter Jen Psaki and Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy:

The Florida bill forbids teaching five-year-olds about sex. There is nothing harsh about that. And there are no gay or trans five-year-olds, no matter what anyone tries to tell you – those kids haven’t the faintest idea what any of that is. They don’t know anything about straight sex, either, and that’s also a good thing. (READ MORE from Scott McKay: DeSantis Signs the Anti-Grooming Bill)

In our political class, though, no one on the left seems to be willing to recognize these things. The meltdown among Democrats over the idea that education of kindergartners and third-graders should be mostly limited to reading, writing, arithmetic, and perhaps very basic citizenship, and that sexual social engineering is inappropriate for kids so young, is striking.

It shows they’re dangerously out of touch with the rest of America and even their own party’s voters. Some 53 percent of Florida Democrats support that state’s anti-grooming bill. But Charlie Crist, the turncoat Republican of questionable sexuality in his own right now running against GOP incumbent Gov. Ron DeSantis, sputtered so loudly and badly over the bill’s passage that comedy ensued:

Your author has no comment whatsoever on the size of DeSantis’s toes — or those of the legislation he signs.

But the place where such outrage emanates from is not fit for mirth. It’s a dark, oozy cave in which societal horrors live. At the Federalist, Carina Benton tells the uncomfortable truth:

The obscene obsession with hypersexualizing children that exploded about two years ago needs to be understood in the context of the left’s wider agenda to promote moral relativism and sexual deviance, a campaign they have been gaslighting Americans into accepting as “progressive.” Decades ago, Marxists ditched class warfare and economics in favor of sexual politics and culture as a vehicle for executing revolution. Ever since, they have been shrewdly redefining marriage, family, sexuality, and gender, to the point where “tolerance” and “diversity” now means foisting porn, perversion, and predators on our families. Those who won’t stand for it are cunningly condemned as bigots….

Brainwashing school-aged children as young as five into becoming transgender-affirming disruptors of the nuclear family is not just a thing happening out west in crazy CaliforniaOregonColorado, and Washington State. In VirginiaMichigan, and Texas, parents have expressed disgust and outrage over sexually explicit materials in school libraries.

In Connecticut, eighth graders were given a foul school assignment asking them to share their sexual desires in the form of pizza toppings. A couple in Florida accused their 12-year-old daughter’s elementary school of covertly coaching her in gender confusion, which they believe led to her suicide attempt.

After last year’s gubernatorial election in Virginia, Democrat Terry McAuliffe learned the hard way that parents don’t want this trash for their kids. It turns out white suburban women don’t take kindly to school boards covering up the brutal rape of a 14-year-old girl by a “gender-fluid” student.

Then there’s the Wisconsin teacher who apparently used a link in her email signature block to redirect students to an LGBT resource site and sex toy shop, and the Missouri teacher charged with sending dozens of nude photos and videos of himself to students, including a girl under 15.

Against this stunning backdrop, the U.S. Senate is poised to confirm the catastrophic Biden administration’s Supreme Court nominee, a radical judge with a 25-year career history of leniency toward individuals convicted of possessing or distributing child pornography. The left-wing media was quick to normalize and defend this disturbing trend, while endeavoring to humanize the depraved pedophiles in question.

You may not read this anywhere else, but that makes it no less true: the only real value to be derived by teaching 5-year-olds about sexual practices and predilections, exotic or otherwise, is desensitizing them against sexual advances by others. Kids that young don’t profit from having their heads filled with the ways they could lose their innocence, but predators who might use those kids in ways most of America believes should result in the death penalty (and often does when their perpetrators end up in a prison’s general population) can profit quite well. If the victim knows all about what might happen and has been taught there’s nothing wrong with it, and if the victim has been further taught his or her parents are bigots and mouth-breathing hicks out of touch with modern America, then it gets a lot easier to abuse that victim and get away with it.

This is not an accusation that our public schools are engaged in a vast conspiracy to sexually abuse our children. It is a recognition that America is awash in pedophiles and predators and that the political party in power is very much part of the problem — and constitutes the opposition to doing something about it. If you listen, they will tell you who they are.

What else should one make of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s conspicuous goodwill toward child pornographers?

Or the White House’s awkward celebration of National Transgender Day of Visibility, complete with an advocacy for giving little kids puberty blockers?

And shouldn’t we remember that the current President of the United States has an open history of wildly inappropriate and highly suggestive behavior toward children?

Not to mention what’s in Ashley Biden’s diary — an unmistakable accusation of unacceptable behavior by the president toward his own daughter.

It’s not fire. It’s nonetheless rather heavy smoke. And all of this was known by the Democrats’ insiders long before they nominated this man as their 2020 candidate. He and his behavior are acceptable to them. They want it to be acceptable to you. That’s obvious.

And then there are the Democrat pols, donors, and activists who keep turning up in child sex and porn investigations. Terry Bean. Larry Brinkin. Eliot CutlerSam Adams. Bruce Hensel. Neil Goldschmidt. Bryan Singer and Marc Collins-Rector. The CNN and Disney staffs. The list goes on and on. To be sure there are Republicans who get busted for bad behavior with the kinder (Denny Hastert forever being the poster child for it, may he burn in hell), but the GOP isn’t running a political movement to normalize this horror.

And the Democrats are. Were there any Republicans on that infamous Zoom call at Disney, do you think? The one where that company’s high executives talked about inserting gay and trans content into children’s stories and their own families full of multiple gay and trans kids? How does that highly unusual family dynamic even happen without active grooming, anyway?

There weren’t a lot of Republicans on Jeffrey Epstein’s flight manifests, you know. And the GOP wasn’t all that well-represented on the NXIVM client lists. We don’t even need to get into the thicket that is Pizzagate, other than that nobody ever answered the questions about John and Tony Podesta and what the hell was in those emails. And thanks to the Hunter Biden laptop scandal now finally receiving a 20-months-overdue airing, no one is obligated to trust the corporate press when it claims that a “conspiracy theory” is “debunked.” Especially not when the pattern is so unmistakable.

David French aside, it isn’t Republicans promoting Drag Queen Story Hour, you know.

When the Left isn’t denying that they’re on the side of the child predators they’re trying to sell this grooming of kids as sex objects as liberation. It isn’t. It’s abuse of the most despicable kind. And the same pseudo–civil rights, cultural Marxist agitation engine the Left used to wedge open the door for somewhat-defensible societal departures like gay marriage is now rumbling away at the grooming of children.

At a time when a staggering number of teachers are being arrested for sex crimes with kids. Much more than the Catholic Church was ever accused of.

It’s going to take strong men and sane women to beat back the pedocrats. The outrage of both must be channeled into this fall’s elections, but it can’t stop there.

Scott McKay
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