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At Least He’s Consistent — Eric Cantor Urges Timidity

After he left the ring, the late, great Sugar Ray Robinson became a hoofer. A reporter asked him once which he liked best, fighting or song and dance. The great one replied, with a smile befitting a champion, “I’ve found my métier.”

You can hardly blame him. Robinson probably drew much smaller crowds as a dancer. But he didn’t need a cut man. And he didn’t have Jake LaMotta or Gene Fullmer blowing their nasty breath in his face.

Former House Majority Leader, Eric “K-Street” Cantor, has apparently found his métier as well. And it’s yet another form of song and dance.

Defeated last June for nomination for a 13th term in Congress by conservative David Brat, Cantor is now a Wall Street investment banker. It would probably have been better for Cantor, for his Virginia congressional district, and for the republic if Cantor had gone into this fitting line of work earlier. He surely takes to it.

Still dispensing the kind of advice that lost him his congressional seat, Cantor crooned in a Monday CNBC op-ed (hat tip: that members of the new Republican majority Congress should not worry their pretty heads about the depredations of Obamacare, economy-crushing regulations to defeat non-existent global warming, or the refusal by Caesar Obamus to maintain our southern border or enforce our immigration laws.

“Republicans want to repeal the president’s health-care law and oppose his efforts to regulate climate change and his unilateral moves on immigration,” Mr. Establishment said. “The president opposes the Republican plans for entitlement reform and tax reform. It would be a disservice to the American people if the next two years are spent simply relitigating these differences.” Cantor wants Republicans instead to “focus on areas where they (Republicans and Democrats) agree and where progress can be made.”

Today the number of things Republicans and Democrats agree on could probably be listed and analyzed on the back of a postcard with room left over for the Gettysburg Address. So we’re entitled to wonder what Cantor would consider “progress” while Obamacare dismantles the health care system, hyper-regulation nobbles the economy, and Obamus issues a get-into-America-free card to every undocumented Democrat on the planet.

Cantor says he would like to see Congress “moving swiftly on trade promotion authority and finalizing the Trans-Pacific Partnership and a new agreement with Europe.” He also thinks “swift approval of updates to our patent laws” is vital to the republic.


Now there’s a milk and cookies, testosterone-free, non-judgmental, Mr. Rogers-autograph agenda designed not to offend or discomfit anyone. And, by the way, not to address any of the serious threats facing the republic. Either Cantor still doesn’t get it, or he’s just singing the same old establishment song that’s been his, in or out of the Congress.

We can hope the folks at Moelis and Company are happy with their new vice chairman and managing director. It seems to be a marriage made not in Heaven but on K-Street. (Was John Boehner best man?) There may be more of these. As long as elected Republicans are too timid, or too devoted to representing established interests, to engage the Left, Wall Street recruiters will continue to have talent to pick from in Washington in November of every even-numbered year.

At least Sugar Ray had a brilliant and exciting career before he put on his tap shoes. And sticking with the boxing references, as long as Republican voters send featherweights like Cantor to Washington, so long will that party punch well below its weight. If the GOP is to succeed, it will ignore Cantor’s pacifist advice. And if Sugar Ray were still with us, he would probably offer more useful advice, to wit: (1) Use your jab, (2) throw combinations, and (3) work the body.

Larry Thornberry
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Larry Thornberry is a writer in Tampa.
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