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The Perils of Telling It Like It Is

Jim Geraghty laments:

And just as Reagan had had it up to his keister with leaks, I’ve had it up to there with people whining that I’m unfair and biased against their guy (since I’m getting it from every direction). Sorry, McCain fans, but your man has had a lousy month in the polls and the base loathes his position on immigration. Sorry, Fredheads, but Thompson’s handling of the abortion lobbying inquiries will not be studied for years to come as a triumph of p.r. crisis management. Sorry, Rudy fans, but Rudy’s speeches do sometimes fall flat and some of his debate answers have looked haltering and tentative. Sorry, but Mitt Romney’s dog-on-the-roof story will go over about as well as a dog-walking service sponsored by Michael Vick and pointing out that some voters will never vote for a Mormon does not make me “an accomplice to bigotry.” If Sam Brownback doesn’t want to get whacked around for switching his vote during the immigration deal, he ought to lay off making attacks on other candidates for flip-flopping.

Ladies and gentlemen, I didn’t get your candidates into these messes, your man did. Stop giving me grief for noticing the flaws of Republican candidates on what is first and foremost a news site. You want nothing but happy talk? Go visit your candidate’s web site, ’cause this ain’t it.

Oh, and Ron Paul will never become president. There, I said it. Live with it, Paulites.

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