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Kerry: Oh Yeah, Some of That $100 Billion We Just Gave to Iran Will End Up With Terrorists

Here is an excerpt of I wrote about the Iran nuclear deal in my article posted this morning:

As Brett Stephens of the Wall Street Journal wrote in 2014, “It isn’t fun being friends with America these days.” But it is sure a whole lot of fun to be an enemy of America these days. And very profitable. When you’re trying to become the dominant nation in the Middle East, the advance of $100 billion into your treasury sure can prove helpful. Never mind that Iran still remains the world’s foremost sponsor of terrorism. This is but a minor detail to the Obama Administration.

Well, during an interview with CNBC, Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that some of that $100 billion will end up in the hands of terrorists:

I think that some of it will end up in the hands of the IRGC or other entities, some of which are labeled terrorists. You know, to some degree, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that every component of that can be prevented. But I can tell you this: Right now, we are not seeing the early delivery of funds going to that kind of endeavor at this point in time.

Where do I begin?

Kerry begins by saying the Iranian Revolutionary Guard are “labeled terrorists”. Ah, yes, that would be by the State Department, the governmental entity over which Kerry is presumably in charge.

The Secretary of State then says that he cannot prevent those funds from getting into the hands of terrorism. Well, he could have if they didn’t give Iran $100 billion in the first place or had been a halfway competent negotiator. Better yet Iran could not fund terrorism with that $100 billion if the Obama Administration wasn’t so desperate to negotiate a nuclear deal for the sake of negotiating a nuclear deal. There was plenty that could have done to prevent this state of affairs. But evidently the possibility that Iran would use these funds for terrorism either didn’t enter into the discussions or perhaps it did, but it was a position they quickly abandoned just like not allowing Iran to enrich uranium.

But don’t worry, Kerry tells us. We’re not seeing those “funds going to that kind of endeavor at this point in time.” This is not at all assuring. Give the Iranian regime time. Perhaps it won’t be today, tomorrow or this year. But sooner or later there will be a terrorist operation carried out by Iran or one of it proxies. If that terrorist operation targets American civilians or military personnel and results in the loss of American lives then Kerry and the rest of the Obama Administration should be made to answer for this decision in the harshest possible terms because they will have blood on their hands. 


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