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Voting Republican

On our main site, Quin makes a good case for the merits of the "As bad as the congressional Republicans are, the Democrats would be worse" argument. Over at Alarming News, Karol Sheinin writes a letter to Republicans arguing against the "losing to win" theory. Regardless of where you stand on this issue, the mere fact that conservatives have to make these arguments to counter other conservatives so close to the election –rather than it being a given that everybody would be rallying around Republicans — is a bad sign. But according to one reader, I'm ignorant of the way things are going in the rest of the country:

Well Mr. Klein, it appears the beltway conservatives have thrown in the towel. Fortunately, many of us outside the beltway bubble don't pay a lot of attention to media cycles or late night comics.We leave that stuff to you nuanced guys. We get what's happening. We've heard the Democrat orchestrated phone calls on the heals of this media induced frenzy. We know who's really exploiting the children's issue.We know ABC sat on this story for months. We also know that flawed Republicans resign but flawed Dems. get rallied around. Why don't you do something constructive with your access to TAS, try a blog on how the Bush economy topped the vaunted Clinton stock market, or did the late night comics already do that?

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