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I Begala Your Pardon

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s Rush to Rush:

Reading R.E. Tyrrell’s comments on Paul Begala’s appearance, I recalled that Rush once described James Carville as looking like “something sired from the love scene in Deliverance.”
Will Pickering

Let us not overlook that the left always relies on personal attacks and slanderous attacks on their rivals. They rarely offer any logical or substantive arguments. This was developed during the Clinton administration as a parallel strategy to demonizing Republicans as an “attack machine.” These were the glory days of the serpent faced Satan, James Carville, ( see how easy it is?), who to this day can be sure to use the words “liar, stupid, racist and evil” in any sentence when asked about a Republican.

Today Republicans “hate children” because they halted Democratic attempts to make taxpayer pay for medical care for illegal immigrants — all of them — and children up to age 30. Republicans are “anti-American” because they are opposed to President Obama’s unprecedented grab for government take over of most of the economy. There are no longer substantive discussions of any issue. The Democrats take to the airwaves and media pages which they control and spew venom and hatred. That is the new bipartisanship.
Jay Molyneaux
North Carolina

I’m surprised it took so long for Begala and Carville to crawl out from whatever bridge they were living under. Is it conceivable that Mr. Obama would keep them under wraps intentionally so that he could spread his message of change without the taint of the goon squads of the Clinton era? Is Mr. Obama really that devious? I think so, he’s a product of the Chicago Political Machine. He came to Washington with his pet Pit Bull in tow.

With a resume so thin as to be transparent, he blew in on an ill wind and has left a stink of Chicago politics in his wake, with the MSM fanning so as to disperse and misdirect. Witness the Rush Limbaugh misdirection with the ease of a master magician as he slips this country into the greatest peril it has ever faced, done it within a mere month or two and now attempt to drag the rest of the world down with us. While he wines and dines, I can imagine Mrs. Obama with a “Let Them Eat Cake” grin on her lips, and the rest of the world watches as we self-destruct.

Given enough time, the once great USA will become just another third world country. And all because our elected officials on both sides of the aisle can only spend money; they have NO other ideas. What happened to the Contract with America? What happened to integrity? What happened to honesty? Where did America go?
Greg Mercurio
Vacaville, California

The campaign against Rush Limbaugh is a cleverly organized, well executed, and largely successful effort to distract the American people from the disaster that the Obama presidency has been in its first couple months. Who cares whether Rush wants Obama to succeed? The vital question is whether Obama’s policies are or can be successful. The markets have answered that resoundingly. President Obama appears to be perfectly capable of converting a serious recession into an economic disaster that will last at least four years. The combination of hubris and naivety that the Obama administration exhibits has not been seen at least since John F. Kennedy brought “the best and the brightest” to Washington in the 1960’s. May God have mercy on us all.
John W. Hockert

Re: George Neumayr’s The Big Tent in the Wilderness:

Many thanks. Mr. Neumayr’s argument is persuasive. That Republicans must re-discover a clear mission may be reinforced by consideration of the nature of the electoral “middle.”

“Moderates” and “undecideds” and “centrists” and “independents” — however they may choose to identify themselves — have been denied a necessary Manichaean choice by Republican polytheism.

The one major party with a core is now the Democrats, and it’s straight Left. Denied the choice of a major-party straight Right alternative, a statistical Leftward electoral drift was inevitable. The game is no longer Right v. Left, it has morphed into Left v. Muddle.

The electoral result becomes a stronger statistical Leftward advantage when that phenomenon is compounded with the fact that conservatives and libertarians have been denied clear champions. Why be involved in an electoral process that refuses to represent one’s needs?

The New Mediocrity “compassionate conservative” axis-of-anything movement represents no Majority! It can represent at best only a minority of middle-grounders, those of principled confusion. Almost by definition, muddlers reject (or perhaps, fear) the responsibilities of a principled ideological stand. My guts tell me that the majority of muddlers would rather switch votes back-and-forth, that most of them want clear menu choices.

No Right-principled party can hold permanent sway over the majority of middle-grounders every election. Yet just as the country can drift Left, it can drift Rightwards once more, if and only if Republicans (grow a set and) confidently embrace principled conservative-libertarian values.

The Left-principled party can — and will — hold permanent advantage if, as Mr. Neumayr warns, Republican leaders fail “to pull the Big Tent down and start taking their platform seriously,” on every issue, with the confidence that bespeaks leadership. It is not enough in these times to stand athwart history and yell STOP! One must plant one’s heels and shout BACK! and push. Push hard.
Ranald Hay
Bexley, Ohio

Re: Daniel J. Flynn’s Stuck in a Moment:

I do like U2’s music a lot. I have found it’s their lyrics I have trouble getting past. Rock ‘n’ Roll is about drivin’ mom and dad’s car too fast, havin’ a party when they’re out of the house, skippin’ class or sneaking beers. Where rock usually falters as pop art is when it swerves into Heavy Trips. To paraphrase Black Flag’s Henry Rollins, imagine yourself at a Midnight Oil concert and a song is introduced: The singer says; “LISTEN PEOPLE! This song’s about world hunger. Hey you! Third row center! Stop smiling!” This is turf where U2 has tread too often. Awesome musical talent taking itself too seriously to have fun, and forgetting their audience.

After 20+ years of being a semi-pro musician, I have come to realize that it is difficult to consistently write positive, upbeat, happy pop tunes that the listening audience will positively respond to. The audience doesn’t care what we think, or our skill as musicians, they want us to reflect what they think and want. It’s that simple.

Almost every week our band is in a pub playing our own versions of the entertainment world’s joyful pop songs. The bar crowds we play for just finished a Michigan work week (unless they’re already laid off!) and they want to unload and unwind. Those Pub owners and their crowds stay with us because of our business model: It’s never about us! It’s about them!

Posing in our cheesy cover band, we don’t let them down. It seems that U2 can afford to.
P. Aaron Jones

Re: Ronald D. Rotunda’s A Modern-Day Bleak House:

The only sure winners in any extended litigation are the lawyers and their friends. I would love to know how much has been spent in attorney fees and in preparing the case for its various hearings and appeals. The money expended for depositions, travel, expert witnesses, photocopying, etc. often goes to friends and relatives of the attorneys who are hired to perform these essential services. The Marshall case will go on and on, because with over 450 million dollars at stake, the attorneys will be sure to drag it out until they get their share.

I speak as one having some knowledge. I began practicing law in Ohio in 1966, and by 2002, I couldn’t wait to retire. “Big litigators” have turned the profession into a joke. Sadly, it is another example of a relative few giving a bad name to the honest and trustworthy many.
James F. Csank 
Seven Hills, Ohio

Re: Joseph Shattan’s The Right to Development (in Gaza):

While Mr. Shattan’s article was most excellent, he did drop a stitch. He writes with every right comes “a corresponding obligation to enforce that right.” Did Mr. Shatton forget or take for granted that all readers naturally understand that with every right comes responsibility, not just an obligation of (state) enforcement of that right? Forgetting the corresponding responsibility to a right is what has gotten America into the very messes we are facing now.
Ira M. Kessel
Rochester, New York

Re: Ryan L. Cole’s Don’t Give Up on Jindal:

That title is a joke right? Give up on Bobby Jindal? I am counting on him for VP ’12-’20 and for Prez ’20-’28.

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