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To the Left: You Suck, and Your Things Do Not Work: Part One
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon (Evan Lamos/Shutterstock)

I realize I probably could have been doing columns like this for a long time now, and I’ve certainly touched on this subject a bit.

But really, at this point, just how terribly much the cultural and political Left sucks can’t be ignored anymore.

We can do this while recognizing that the Republican Party has a lot of suck in it as well. On Tuesday, when Melissa Mackenzie and I recorded The Spectacle podcast episode for this week, I proposed discussing the fact that Ronna McDaniel was reelected as the RNC chair on Friday and Melissa almost hit the ceiling about it; she was so disgusted by McDaniel’s victory that she couldn’t talk about it.

We did talk about it, a little. Not that much. And the conclusion we came to was that the RNC sucks, horribly, on so many levels as to make it very depressing even to discuss the situation.

So we don’t need the whataboutism here. The kind of suckage at issue isn’t organizational or tactical. When I say the Left sucks, I’m talking about suckage on a deep, basic, lizard-brain root level. I’m talking about the kind of suck that doesn’t even know which way is up.

I’m talking about, for example, Nicola Sturgeon kind of suck.

Who’s Nicola Sturgeon? You’re excused if you don’t know anything about her. She’s not a big deal. Sturgeon runs the Scottish National Party, the wacko leftist/fascist/Marxist gaggle of defective toys in charge of Scotland. As such, Sturgeon is Scotland’s first minister, which isn’t exactly the prime minister but might as well be.

And in case you haven’t heard about this, a man found guilty of raping multiple women in Scotland decided to pleasure himself by alleging that he is now a woman — a trans woman, to be more specific, but since it’s the position of the Scottish National Party, and Nicola Sturgeon as its head by extension, that trans women are women, then, well…

And this newly minted woman — who was guilty of raping women before realizing that, despite his, er, her, plumbing, he, I mean she, is actually a woman — is now demanding to be incarcerated in a women’s prison.

Seems only rational, right? Since trans women are women and this erstwhile male rapist is clearly a trans woman. Just ask him … or her.

But Nicola Sturgeon has slightly different ideas on the subject. Recognizing that choosing ideological consistency over natural consistency would likely lead to bad political consequences, she and her government decided that, in this case, a chick with something extra is not quite a chick.

Hilarity ensued.

Oh my. That was not a good interview.

It’s almost like Nicola Sturgeon shouldn’t be running things, in Scotland or anywhere else. In fact, it’s exactly like that.

Back on this side of the Atlantic, we’ve got even more comical suckage. You might not have heard of Angela Belcamino, and we won’t fault you for that either. She’s even less important than the first minister of Scotland. Belcamino is a Twitter celebrity, if that’s a thing; she used to play bass for a girl band you’ve never heard of called SMB Project, and she’s an “actress, musician, writer and social media personality based in New York City.”

In other words, she’s somebody who’s a kinda-sorta celebrity because she’s tweeted things that got shared. Including insulting Donald Trump’s golf game and getting blocked by Trump. You get the picture.

Angela Belcamino sucks. This is how much…

What about this could possibly have been thought of as a good idea?

First of all, the comments noted how incredibly narcissistic and obnoxious this was. But of course, narcissism and obnoxious behavior are literally all we get from the lefty Twitterati like this person.

But then the reactions became a bit more serious and spot on…

Soon Twitchy arrived on the scene, and then things devolved into, well, the usual.

And Belcamino’s political compatriots attempted to note that, for example, New Orleans is in a red state. Yeah, OK.

None of this changes the fact that unathletic white girls walking the streets of a city at night are better off if that city isn’t run by the typical Democrat mayor. Even the most partisan leftist Democrat has to admit this, which is one reason they’re such angry people.

Why advertise this fact if you’re Angela Belcamino? The most obvious answer is that you suck, and so you don’t know any better.

Finally, we have this classic example of institutional suckage:

An employee of Caddo Parish Schools has been placed on administrative leave after a video of him speaking to a class using profanity and demeaning language about weight surfaced on TikTok.

On Thursday, TikTok user Sherls posted a video of Captain Shreve High School teacher and swim coach Mike Diffie speaking to a class.

In the video Diffie can be seen talking to students saying:

“If you’re fat, whose fault is that? Yours. And I’ll say that straight up.”

“Everybody wants to be body positive. Let’s celebrate fat people. Why? They’re gonna f****** die because they’re fat.”

When a student brings up that it could be a case of genetics for some people, the shuts them down calling it an “excuse” saying his whole family is fat, but he’s in shape.

“I do marathons. All my parents are fat. My parents are fat and so is my brother. That’s not genetics, that’s a f****** excuse,” he said in the video.

“Immediate action was taken by the district once we became aware of the video. We take these matters seriously and started an investigation,” said Director of Communications and Marketing for Caddo Parish Public Schools Marquel Sennet. “The person involved in this incident has since been placed on administrative leave.”

They suspended the swim coach because he chided out-of-shape fat kids for being fat.

The swim coach. For fat-shaming fat kids who won’t get in the pool and swim.

It’s almost like the soft lefties who run Captain Shreve High School in Shreveport never had a swim coach growing up. The swim coach exists to berate people into swimming. Swimming is the most terrifying activity possible for fat, out-of-shape kids — once you get in the pool, you have no choice but to engage in exercise or else you sink to the bottom and die. So yes, the swim coach is a stickler for the promotion of physical activity.

And for displaying the proper attitude underlying his job, they’ve suspended Mike Diffie.

This is how badly they suck.

How on earth can people like this run a society? The answer is easy: they can’t. Their society sucks, it does not work, and it will shortly collapse under the weight of their suckage.

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