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The Delicious Tucker Carlson-AOC War

In case you missed it, on Friday night Tucker Carlson ditched the opening monologue he was going to talk about, which had to do with the impending military conflict between Russia and Ukraine or the fresh Castro-esque tyranny in Canada, and instead started a public war with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Carlson wasn’t angry at AOC. His ire was directed at New York Magazine, which has produced a hagiographic book about her entitled “Take Up Space: The Unprecedented AOC.” The editors at that magazine go on and on about the importance of the leftist congresswoman from Queens, prompting Carlson to compare it to a box of Fig Newtons that one cannot put down until it’s empty despite the knowledge that what’s inside isn’t healthy.

“We still feel sick” after reading it, he quipped.

As Carlson puts it, the book “opens by comparing Ocasio-Cortez to Jesus and then it suggests that because she once got second place in a high school science competition, she could have gone on to win the Nobel Prize. It is a remarkable piece of journalism.”

The whole thing is ridiculous, and so Carlson spent 12 minutes ridiculing it.

Perhaps the most salient point made during that rollicking takedown of AOC and the sycophantic scribes who penned that laughable propaganda piece came in this bit…

They don’t take me seriously when I put on eyeshadow. People are calling me unintelligent just because I’m dumb. It’s pretty funny, but the funniest of all was hearing Sandy Cortez describe herself as a “woman of color.” She often does. No one ever dares to challenge that description, but every honest person knows it is hilariously absurd.

There is no place on Earth, outside of American colleges and newsrooms, where Sandy Cortez would be recognized as a “woman of color,” because she’s not. She’s a rich, entitled White lady. She’s the pampered, obnoxious ski bunny in the matching snowsuit who tells you to pull up your mask while you’re standing in the lift line at Jackson Hole. They’re all the same. It doesn’t matter which shade they are. Apparently, the editors at New York Magazine don’t ski. They spend the entire book pretending that Sandy Cortez has just emerged from some teeming favela in the slums of Rio to save the world’s poor. Reading it, you would have literally no clue she was a credentialed member of the over-class. You’d think she was St. Francis.

You had to know that this part would get Carlson in trouble, though it’s the good kind of trouble to get in now that the counterattack against cancel culture has been engaged.

Because despite the insistence of the ink-stained wretches of New York Magazine and other corporate media clowns, AOC doesn’t get to play Shaun King, Liz Warren, or Rachel Dolezal. She’s a woman of pallor, not a woman of color.

Is she Hispanic? Of course she is. Hispanic is an ethnicity and a culture, though; it isn’t a race. And like most Hispanics, the vast majority of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ancestry is Spanish. Spain being part of Europe, meaning AOC is an American of European descent.

Otherwise known as a white woman. And not a “woman of color.”

She comes from a wealthy family in Westchester County, not the set of West Side Story.

She was tending bar before she ran for Congress because her fancy, expensive Boston University double-major degree in economics (they must give those away in cereal boxes if this woman could get one) and international relations didn’t lead to a big-money job right out of school. As Carlson says, this business of AOC coming up from the slums is a pathetic ruse.

Naturally, the monologue went off like a Roman candle once clips of it hit the internet, and it took no time whatsoever for AOC to do what she most often does — namely to furiously and childishly whine on Twitter.

Oh, but there was more.

Basura is a Spanish word for trash, in case you don’t habla español.

And more:

Actually, the word she was looking for is slander, not libel. Libel is when you write something maliciously false about someone; slander is when you do it verbally. But a transcript of the monologue was later posted on Fox News’ website, so maybe she wasn’t off-base after all.

But: “allowed?”

What does this mean? Does this mean that it is verboten for people to ridicule AOC on a nationally-televised cable news show? Or for clips of it to be viral on the internet?

It’s interesting that AOC thinks now she’s going to take up for people who don’t have access to resources for protection because when Tucker Carlson had a mob of leftist loons in lockstep with virtually everything that comes out of her mouth — other than perhaps her thoughts on bronzer and eye shadow — come to his house, threaten his family, and try to break down his door, AOC was nowhere to be found.

She had nothing to say when the physical safety of Carlson and his family came under significant threat, but now screams bloody murder and suggests Carlson ought to be taken off the air for merely ridiculing New York Magazine for its stupid biography of her?


Cortez’s excretions on Twitter were so over-the-top that Kim Iversen, the left-leaning host of The Hill‘s Rising podcast, went off on her for the irresponsibility of her statements. Iversen was particularly freaked out by the idea that someone like Carlson, of whom she’s no particular fan, would be de-platformed for ridiculing a member of Congress.

When Kim Iversen is ripping AOC on Carlson’s behalf, it says something. In soccer parlance, that’s an “own goal.” Even though Iversen’s rather dainty Rising co-host Ryan Grim did manage to dilute the point by calling Carlson “gross” and suggesting that he shouldn’t be ridiculing anyone on his show.

Which means Carlson might next consider ridiculing Grim. Except nobody knows who the hell Ryan Grim is.

Then again, perhaps Grim would fall into precisely the same trap AOC did — take a bit of rhetorical chin music and be laughed at a little, respond childishly and emotionally, and watch the entire world not only laugh more loudly but then pronounce you a threat to free speech.

It’s amazing how brittle today’s arrogant media and political elite are. Good for Carlson that he picks these fights and exposes them.

Scott McKay
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