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Strzok and His Rabid-Dog Handlers


Wow. What a day on Capitol Hill. Rogue FBI agent Peter Strzok, married, long-time FBI powerhouse, having long-term affair with other FBI agent named Miss Lisa Page, had sent texts over his official FBI phone calling Trump supporters “pieces of s–t,” had said he could “smell” them at a Walmart in southern Virginia. Had promised Lisa Page that the FBI would prevent Trump from being elected just as he was starting the fake Trump-Russia collusion probe. Had said that even when Trump was elected, the FBI would cook up something to keep Trump from being President.

This was a megalomaniac madman — and today, as he was examined by a House committee, he showed it again in spades. Did he apologize for what he had done? Far from it. With the rabid leftists on the committee literally cheering him on, he spat on the Republican committee members, insisted he had done nothing wrong — and said he would not show the committee the hundreds of anti-Trump texts he had on his personal cell phones.

With the leftists actually applauding him the sassier he got, he refused to take any responsibility for taking a big fat bowel movement on the reputation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation by showing how much of a political instrument it has become. (Actually, it was that when Mark Felt, another charmer, used his position at the FBI to attack Nixon — but that’s another story.) Mr. Strzok (whom a barely literate woman Representative kept calling “Mr. STROH-ZAK”) showed that the highest law enforcement body in the land had become — at least in part — a Praetorian Guard for the left in the nation’s capital, plotting, and carrying out acts of sabotage against conservatives. The prime example is the fake Trump-Russia collusion investigation. Eighteen months and not one American indicted for anything like “collusion” and, of course, there is no such crime as “collusion.”

It’s an incredible historical tragedy: the body charged with protecting the Constitution, the FBI, has been betrayed by one of its own and had dirt smeared all over its once pristine reputation.

But that’s just part one. Yes, Mr. Strzok, just as an opinion, is the most arrogant man I have ever seen on a news show, except for the hosts. But his shield bearers in the Committee were far worse. When Louie Gohmert, an elderly GOP Congressman from Texas, asked why we should believe a man who lied to his wife about his adultery for years — maybe decades — a Democrat on the committee shouted out, “You didn’t take your medicine this morning,” an obvious slur on elderly people. Imagine if the GOP had done anything like that. Time after time, just like Joe McCarthy, the Democrats interfered with the running of the hearings by calling for “point of order.” I am old enough so that the eerie replay of dark Committee hearings was not lost on me. I guess the leftists are so utterly without shame now that they don’t even care that they are emulating a man they supposedly hated, Joe McCarthy. (By the way, McCarthy was like Emily Post in terms of politesse compared with many leftist members of the Committee today.) The leftists on the Committee were just rabid dogs, over and over trying to make it seem as if Mr. Trump had been convicted of some sort of treason, when, of course, no one has laid a glove on him in that regard. Endlessly, the leftists on the Committee sought to make it seem that the Committee was tilting at trifles instead of going after real trouble, like Russia. But Mr. Strzok is the most real of real trouble. An actual political assassin in the highest priesthood of law enforcement meant to protect law and order and instead becoming a highwayman.

My friend Trey Gowdy was the star of the day. At one point when Mr. Strzok said he did “not appreciate” some words of Mr. Gowdy, Mr. Gowdy said angrily, “I don’t give a damn what you don’t appreciate.” This man is a master prosecutor.

But my head is just spinning about the hearings today and how every black member on the Committee attacked Trump. I’m also spinning about the endless suggestion that it’s wrong for the President to meet a questionable foreign dictator like Putin or Kim Jong Un. It’s always better to talk than to fight. FDR held hands with the cruelest killer of the first half of the 20th century Joseph Stalin. Eisenhower went to the summit to meet Khrushchev. RN shook the bloody hands of Mao Tse-tung and from that came a genuine generation of peace.

So what do we have now on the Democratic side of the aisle — ignorance, rage, insult, obstruction. Thank God we have Mr. Trump. I don’t think he’s going to be pushed around by the likes of the Democratic Party today, the worst day for that party since it fought and killed the anti-lynching law proposals of FDR. Just a disgrace.

My friend, Judah Friedman, put it brilliantly: how would Mr. Nadler feel if the FBI were doing that number on him? How would any American feel knowing that the FBI had been turned into a nest for monsters to work out personal grudges? How must the brave, incorruptible men, and women of the FBI who do their jobs with a clean badge and a clean conscience feel about a Peter Strzok and the party that defends him?

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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