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Seeing Stephen Hawking Off

Years ago, as I sat at a local Los Angeles Coffee Bean, the windows started to shake and the ground started to move, and a homeless man started to scream “this is the end.” This being my first “awake quake,” I wasn’t sure which was more disconcerting, the shaking or the homeless man screaming. My friend, an L.A. native and a recovering addict, assured me that the quake was mild, and that many an addict wished that the world would come to an end. When I inquired why, he explained: well if the world were to be destroyed, those left would be on an equal playing field. When I, in turn, responded “yes, but they would still need drugs,” he responded that it wasn’t exactly a well-thought-out plan.

Every time Stephen Hawking types, I am reminded of that homeless man. He has this notion of constant doom and gloom, of the universe ending. A notion shared by Mr. Hawking and so many on the left. Rod Serling, who probably was one of the greatest writers of all time, had a constant theme through almost all Twilight Zone episodes. That theme was “forget about external, out of this world enemies”— if they do exist, we don’t need them to destroy us, we are doing a pretty darn good job of it by ourselves. There is no better example of this than Mr. Hawking and his cohorts on the left, thinking the climate is more of an imminent danger than Islamic terrorism, or this North Korean Garbage Pail Kid.

Sure, the climate and weather patterns are a tad hinkey, but if we allow the world to continue to burn, and let every dictator and regime acquire weaponry of destruction, there really won’t be much of a conversation. So, maybe there is a deal to be made. If the left can acknowledge that terrorism is the imminent threat, and not the seas rising, the caps melting, and the cows farting, then we can start to have a discussion about the seriousness of climate change. When the left can assure those of us, a bit worried, about the “climate” of absolute terror being perpetrated throughout the world, and the need to, at the very least, acknowledge it, then, and only then, can a conversation start.

How people on the left do not understand the concept that if you are dead, you can’t speak, is beyond me. It is amazingly ironic that many on the left believe that science is God, and that they are the apostles. They are often so apocalyptic and biblical in their forecast of the upcoming rapture. If Republicans could get their act together and stop acting like petulant children, they could be in power for at least the next 20 years. If they would just unify and let the left speak of the “real issues” and showcase their “hope” for mankind, in two years they would have landslide victories of “biblical” proportions.

What the left doesn’t and will never get is that a majority of Americans do not like to hear how bad you perceive them to be. They don’t want to hear that every one of their actions has an equal and opposite reaction, while the left’s actions have no reaction. Who wants to be browbeaten on a daily basis, other than those with severe masochistic tendencies and mommy issues? What the left doesn’t understand is “to err is human” and “to forgive is divine,” while they believe humans err and they are divine. We are a good people, though flawed and imperfect. We are the human race, as ‘God] created us.

So, Mr. Hawking, as you plan to leave for orbit, just go. You have absolute disdain for most of us, so why not call this what it will hopefully be, “a break-up, not a break.” You can observe the world as you sit in isolation, watching the snow fall and the leaves grow, the children play and the terrorists try to destroy. The world might be quaking, but it’s not ending. Good luck, sir, and safe travels, my friend, and say hello to “the most interesting man in the world” for us and tell him he is missed.

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