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Obama’s Julia All Grown Up
Barack Obama in 2012 (BarackObamadotcom/YouTube)

Remember Julia from the Obama campaign years? As she’s aged, she’s been the Democrats’ secret weapon. She is hip to the crisis du jour. She is educated, frustrated, and an agent of societal destruction. Julia champions the leftist life cycle, such as it is, and has created chaos. Death followers her wherever she goes. Julia is the perfect Democrat.

Julia began her quest for motherhood at age 38 after years of promiscuous sex, career creation, a couple undiagnosed sexually transmitted diseases, and an abortion. She feels ready to have children now. She’s debating between IVF and surrogacy. Her husband has a low sperm count and is 45. The “boys” aren’t swimming so well and the doctors will have to be choosey to pick good sperm. Having a baby grow inside sounds alternatively exciting and new, and also scary and parasitic. She was so relieved after the abortion. (Okay, abortions, plural, but the one with the one night stand doesn’t really count. She only took the abortifacient a few days after finding out she was pregnant.) She wonders how she’d feel carrying a baby to term. There’ll be unavoidable misery when her hormones cause her body to produce more eggs. She’ll find having a surrogate enticing. No stretch marks and no loose vagina. Ew, just the thought of that makes her feel physically ill. Why women are asked to sacrifice sexual satisfaction for babies is unfathomable. That’s the deciding factor, ultimately. Using a surrogate also means getting the most bang for her buck from maternity leave and no travel disruption. Clear winner.

After two years of fits and starts, the surrogate pregnancy sticks and as luck would have it, a boy and a girl embryo take root. Although this superficial gender designation makes her uncomfortable, Julia is secretly happy to have a boy and a girl. She’ll raise them neutrally, though. The nursery is painted khaki with touches of jungle green. The children can be whatever they want to be! Gender neutral toys are scattered throughout. Wood blocks and Lincoln logs and slinkies fill the space. There’s no pink or blue to be found.

Babies are more trouble than even Julia imagined and so she hired a “mother’s helper” but had to fire the Mexican lady because Julia caught her using gendered language. Good help is hard to find.

Julia feels great about her bonding time and goes back to work at six weeks. She’s excited to see the babies when she gets home. Thank God for the manny — although she does worry that the babies are more bonded to xer than Julia.

When the children turn three, their son Kelly started throwing fits because he couldn’t wear the dresses that his sister Kai threw fits to wear. Julia was upset and excited. On the one hand, her daughter was adhering to extreme gender norms and insisting on a pink bedroom and dresses. On the other hand, her son wanted dresses, too. Her husband thought that Kelly was just wanting to be like his sister and wasn’t going through a big identity crisis. The child psychologists encouraged the dress wearing and to honor the fact that her son wanted to identify as a girl. Obviously, the experts know what they’re talking about. Her husband got onboard, albeit reluctantly. His friends and family thought they were nuts. He shrugged and went along.

Since Julia valued public education and they lived in an exclusive enclave within the city, they decided to send the kids to the public school. It was quite progressive. In second grade, after her teacher gave a discussion about sexual identity Kai declared that she identified as non-binary. Between second and third grade, Julia and her husband divorced. She was granted custody because she affirmed the children’s gender identities. By 6th grade, Kai was pretty sure she was a lesbian. She liked hanging around girls more than boys. Almost all her friends were lesbian. In 9th grade, Kai died her hair pink and got a nose ring. In 11th grade, she started to attend Pride parades and associate with some friends in Antifa. Meanwhile, Kelly had been on puberty blockers for years. His (her) growth was stunted and as he (she) hit high school, feeling alone, and distressed, he found a group of friends online. They all agreed that the cis-normal world was unfair and adding to that, the materialistic capitalistic society was empty. Kelly, like his sister, became a devout communist.

Above-average students, Kai and Kelly were accepted to an elite private New England school known for progressive activism. Kai fit right in and continued her marching and parading. Kelly became increasingly depressed. No therapy or other interventions seemed to help. During the summer between his Freshman and Sophomore year, Kelly committed suicide. Julia and her boyfriend came home from Europe to see Kelly hanging in his bedroom. Julia blamed the cis-patriarchal power structures and mourned the heteronormative world. She went on Prozac.

Kai, distraught, decided that she never wanted to endure that pain and got her tubes tied for good measure. She quit school, moved home, and participated in Antifa “protests” full time. Arrested after three violent clashes,  and living with the homeless and disavowing herself of any possessions, Kai decided that the last rape attempt was the final straw. Julia told her daughter that she’d have to start paying her phone bill. After all, she was turning thirty. At 32, Kai went back to community college and became a social worker. Her girlfriend taught fourth grade. After saving for ten years, through a surrogate using an egg from her partner, they had a little boy they named Sue.

Julia, at 80, was thrilled, finally, to have a grandchild. Two years later, at 82, Julia died from Covid after being vaccinated and boosted four times. At her funeral, Kai and her friends eulogized her mother. Julia was a champion of every important cause. From her 8,000 square foot beachfront second home, she sent money to support Climate Action. She did her part, accepted the subsidies, and drove a Prius as soon as they were made. She ate vegan, voted for far Left politicians, and marched in pro-abortion parades. She flew the flag of Ukraine. She didn’t live in a sanctuary city anymore (the crime was getting bad and she didn’t feel safe, plus the heinous stench), but she supported open borders. She was compassionate that way. Julia’s only regret is that she made all her money working for a business in the capitalist system. (To rebel, she wouldn’t shave her armpits or legs and refused to fly the American flag on July 4th.) She loved her job, though! How could she take down the patriarchy by staying at home and caring for children? It was difficult to reconcile her feminist needs with the problematic capitalistic system. She died in relative peace knowing that she’d recycled, wore double masks in public, and kept her thermostat at 80 degrees in the summer.

Julia was a good person. Everyone agreed.

Julia is an AWFL — affluent, white, female liberal. Self-righteous and self-assured, these women lead the way to death and destruction. Their thinking is disordered. The consequence of their actions is death. Abortion = death. Gender disorders = death and genetic dead ends. Climate interventions = environmental destruction, job destruction, despair and death.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm speaks of the clean energy transformation. It will result, is resulting already, in starvation and deprivation. It will lead to war and death as people panic for resources.

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten pushed for closed schools during a pandemic that didn’t harm children. She and the other teachers have put a generation of the most vulnerable children behind.

Julias populate the government and public health field. They voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden and continue to remain his chief supporters. These are the women that take their children to Drag Shows with pedophiles. These are the women who wear shirts saying that they can kill the babies in their wombs. Julia gets on Tik-Tok and as teachers tell others how they avoid the rules and sexualize their students. Mothers goad their children into spewing gender-bending nonsense for the camera. They give their children puberty blockers.

From the most personal decisions to the biggest ones in scope, liberal women lead the charge to the dystopian utopia they hope to create — a place where Americans are energy dependent, destitute, sexually libertine, and ensconsed in safe places. This utopia exists: It’s San Francisco. Every form of sexual deviant lives there. People step gingerly over the human fecal matter belonging to drug addicts “living their truth.” Citizens move out for fear of the crime and destruction. But nearly everyone there uses accepted pronouns, worries over his carbon footprint, and embraces communism.

What is the solution to this problem? Some commenters claim that America has reached “peak woke,” but the evidence doesn’t support that. The struggle is on between freedom and this form of suffocating female insanity. Women willing to kill their babies, neuter and sexualize their children, and starve the planet to save the environment are willing to do anything to achieve those ends.

Julia, all grown up, is a social menace. She must be stopped.

Melissa Mackenzie
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Melissa Mackenzie is Publisher of The American Spectator. Melissa commentates for the BBC and has appeared on Fox. Her work has been featured at The Guardian, PJ Media, and was a front page contributor to RedState. Melissa commutes from Houston, Texas to Alexandria, VA. She lives in Houston with her two sons, one daughter, and two diva rescue cats. You can follow Ms. Mackenzie on Twitter: @MelissaTweets.
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