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Next Time It’ll Be Jet Black and Blue

So it’s okay for two grown men, one holding a child, to verbally accost the first daughter and her family as they sit quietly on a plane? Can you imagine for a nanosecond the national uproar if this had been done to the current President’s daughters? You know what we would hear, but somehow, the JetBlue incident is for a second acceptable. That these two guys, who we know had intent based on their Twitter post prior to this event, are not shunned and euthanized is beyond me.

You verbally accosted a woman with her children, tough guys. Here is the issue for now, and just for now it is words, but what will we see next? People throwing stuff at her? Is that okay, libs? Would a smack be okay, if it were done by a woman? I just want to know where you draw the line, because I want to know what the line is when a Trump supporter or a Trump himself again gets accosted and then kicks the living crap out of his accoster from here to kingdom come. And, yes, I am furious right now. This is disgusting and a disgrace, and honestly, these two guys should have child welfare being called to their homes for holding their own child while verbally accosting a woman and her kids, so very progressive of you.

That our current impotent President has let fear mongering and hate go on and continue toward Trump supporters is an absolute dereliction of duty. That he can play golf after hearing about a terrorist attack, shameful doesn’t cut it. You want to know why you guys lost and everything you have worked on will be lost? Because we hate hypocrisy. We as a nation despise it. Why are all of the feminist and women’s groups not tearing these two guys a new you know what? Mr. Impotent, what happens the next time someone comes to defend the first daughter and her children? What if someone on that plane said enough and kicked the crap out of these two guys? You would probably call it a hate crime or work place violence, because they were gay. I have never ever witnessed a person, much less the President, defend the perpetrator more than the victim. It’s almost like you have some deranged form of the Stockholm Syndrome.

You of the Left with your anti-bullying campaign, you are the king bullies. But I’m giving you all fair warning; one of these days, you just might end up messing with the wrong type of folk. People, who when they hear sticks and stones might break my bones, just might try it and then say, “How do those broken bones feel?” For irony, they might actually use sticks and stones. Hey, I’m a peaceful guy, but the reality is some of you do deserve a pounding.

Mr. Impotent, you have 30 days left; it’s time to put up or shut up. Here is the thing: If anyone had accosted your daughters like this, I would be writing the exact same thing. The thing is, we on the right don’t do this. Of course, there are some fringe people, but this is a couple from New York City; that’s New York City, not the Klan, not the White Nationalists you claim to be a danger to society but a white, gay, Jewish couple from New York.

This is just not okay, and I commend the Secret Service letting the situation play out how it did, and I’m sure they were on guard, if it had escalated. But a woman with her kids, I just can’t get past it. For that matter, I can’t get past anyone getting accosted for their vote or beliefs. You haven’t just let the destruction of other countries happen through your neglect and fake red lines, you have let it happen to this great country — I would say your great country, but I just don’t believe that’s how you feel. Whatever your gripe, Mr. Impotent, you are the damn President for another 30 days. Act like it. For a moment, care about all of us, not just some of us.

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