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New York State’s Democratic Crime Syndicate

FBI officials thought they had put an end to La Cosa Nostra in New York State decades ago. They were wrong. The mob in New York is still alive and well; it merely changed its name to the Democratic Party. New York State continues to wallow in crime and corruption, and it is not limited to cities like Rochester where a violent multi-time felon out of jail waiting for sentencing was involved in a recent gunfight that critically injured a toddler. Criminal corruption goes right to the top of the Democratic Party hierarchy in Albany. Kathy Hochul, who succeeded disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo, has found herself in a pay-to-play scandal of her own having misused her COVID-19 authority to give a no competition contract to heavy campaign contributor Charles Tebele, head of a company called Digital Gadgets.

The Governor’s staff insists that she had nothing to do with either the $330,000 in campaign donations or the $637 million sweetheart contract for COVID test kits to Tebele’s company. If you believe that, you will believe that John Wilkes Booth had nothing to do with the Lincoln assassination; of course, Booth was a Democrat. Tebele’s son James was hired a member of the Hochul campaign; his qualifications are listed as “college student.” Tebele was also a heavy donor to Hochul’s former Lieutenant Governor who was indicted on separate campaign corruption charges. According to the Albany Times Union, Tebele also threw a major fundraiser for Hochul.

Hochul is ahead of her Republican challenger in her election campaign because she is promising continued bread and circuses to the entitled Democrat rabble in New York City. It would vote Democratic if Bozo the Clown were on the ticket. Of course, Bozo would not be nominated by the Democrats because he is apparently an honest clown.

The crime syndicate that the New York Democratic Party has become continues to drive talent and productive taxpayers out of the state in droves while pandering to the felons, drug addicts, and illegal aliens who infest the inner cities of places like Brooklyn, Queens, Buffalo, and Rochester. The rot is so pervasive and self-perpetuating that it rivals anything that Al Capone or Lucky Luciano ever cooked up. Rochester has become the poster child for everything that is wrong with the state. Its former Mayor — Lovely Warren — was indicted for campaign finance crimes while her live-in estranged husband was running a drug ring out of her house where a raid by law enforcement found an illegal firearm in her underwear drawer. The city’s corrupt legal system gave her a slap on the wrist.

Meanwhile in Albany, the Governor was collecting campaign funds in the time-honored tradition of bilking the state’s taxpayers with sweetheart deals to donors. The Democrat-dominated legislature was “shocked, shocked” that this has occurred but declines to investigate because, as Democrat State Senator James Skoufis explained, the legislative committee set up to investigate such corruption can only instigate legislative solutions. Apparently impeaching a Democrat governor is not considered a legislative solution. The Democrat State Attorney General Letitia James is too busy going after Donald Trump, who is no longer a state resident, to investigate something as minor as criminal conduct by this governor who is a fellow woman, abortion advocate, and — most important — a Democrat. Andrew Cuomo was fair game because he was a skirt and state trooper chasing male as well as a potential political rival. James and Hochul teamed up to send Cuomo a dead fish wrapped up in a copy of the New York Times, along with an unsigned copy of his resignation.

Meanwhile, as violent drug- and gang-related carnage piles up in the street abetted by illegal guns — such as were found in among Lovely’s unmentionables — Hochul has cracked down on the state’s legal gun owners. These include historical reenactors. Hochul’s California-inspired gun law will eventually be found to be unconstitutional, but it is emblematic of Democratic solutions that worsen virtually every problem. Now, every type of place where a mass shooting has occurred has been declared a gun free zone (to include schools, hospitals, and shopping malls). The old saw, “if guns are criminalized, only criminals will have guns,” has become doctrine in New York.

The Democratic crime spree that resulted from the COVID-19 crisis included Cuomo awarding a contract to Rochester’s flailing Eastman Kodak company to provide unneeded hand sanitizer to the state’s prison system. Now that the sanitizer has proved worthless, the Hochul administration has given Kodak yet another contract to get rid of it.

A snowbird friend of mine rode out Hurricane Ian in his property along Tampa Bay last week. He told me, “While Florida is a disaster area, it will recover; New York will keep getting worse.” Democrat candidates across the state are labeling their Republican opponents as extremists. The Republican candidate for governor hasn’t yet found a severed horse head in his bed, but there are still five weeks to the election. If this continues, the state will have to change its motto from “Excelsior” to “Nothing personal, strictly business.”

Gary Anderson lectures on Alternative Analysis at the graduate level.

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