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La Gingrich Payback

ABC News, as all the world now knows, has interviewed Marianne Gingrich, one of the Speaker’s ex-wives. What she has to say is distinctly not to the advantage of our Newt, according to Drudge Report.

The suits at ABC, a network that has brought us chapter and verse of Newt’s charges that Mitt Romney’s business career has been mostly made up of snatching food from the mouths of widows and orphans and stealing from the poor box, are in a swivet over whether it’s ethical to broadcast the former Mrs. Speaker’s charges and specifications before the South Carolina primary. One way or another we will likely be treated to Newt’s alleged loosey-goosey view of marriage vows.

This sorry business goes a ways toward confirming Joseph Epstein’s view in his latest book (seeGossip” in Buy the Book) of gossip as news and news as gossip.

What candidates would survive if required to be vetted by their ex-wives? And how tricky of Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum not have one. Is this fair? Perhaps candidates without ex-wives, including those who cannot afford an ex-wife, should have one appointed at no cost, sort of like public defenders. This would help level the playing field in this instance.

This item raises interesting philosophical questions similar to that well known conundrum about the tree falling in the forest that no one hears. To wit: If a man has no ex-wife, is he still an SOB?

Larry Thornberry
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Larry Thornberry is a writer in Tampa.
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