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Kamala Harris Is Getting Destroyed on Spanish-Language Radio

Attacks against Vice President Kamala Harris are becoming more frequent on Spanish-language radio stations in Miami, and Democrats don’t see warning signs of her declining popularity among Hispanics. Instead, they see a coordinated Republican disinformation campaign. 

Fernand Amandi, a Democratic political strategist, told Politico that he was flipping between Hispanic radio stations and heard one person “talking about Kamala Harris, and they [said] the same thing. ‘This is the woman who’s done nothing.’ It was a different person than was on the other [station]. And I was like, ‘Oh God, they got a phone bank.’ ”

There’s no way these criticisms of Harris could be organic, Democrats believe. The opinions use key phrases like “inefficient,” “disappointing,” and “doesn’t do nothing at all,” so of course they must be coming from Republican operatives. There’s no way that the explanation could be that Hispanics are moving towards the Republican Party, as has been shown in polling and in the 2020 election. 

In 2020, enough Latino voters swung from the Democrats to the GOP to deliver Florida to former President Donald Trump. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris garnered eight percentage points lower support from Hispanics than Hillary Clinton did in 2016. 

According to YouGov, Harris had a 54 percent approval rating and 37 percent disapproval rating among Hispanics immediately following Inauguration Day. On December 10, that had fallen to 47 percent approval and 43 percent disapproval among Hispanics. In comparison, she had a 72 percent approval rating and a 21 percent disapproval rating among black Americans on December 10. 

Roberto Rodríguez Tejera, a radio host in Miami, also told Politico that he thinks the negative calls about Kamala Harris are coming from partisan operatives. “It’s a trend that you see that is growing by the day; is growing by the week,” he said. 

The critiques against Harris include that she is “ineffective and ill-prepared to serve as president.” Callers also voiced their belief that Harris is focused more on black constituents than Hispanics. Politico deemed this attack “racist.”

Politico wrote that Biden also faced critiques on Spanish-language channels in Florida during the 2020 campaign. The media outlet described these critiques as “disinformation and partisan propaganda” that was present in “WhatsApp chats, Facebook pages and popular radio shows.”

Sasha Tirador, a Democratic operative in Florida, told Politico regarding the negative attention towards Harris: “They’re starting early. ‘We must begin to attack her now and make her look like a demon.’ And the problem with that is that the Democratic Party doesn’t realize that this narrative is being born in Miami-Dade County, and it will spread to other Hispanics across the U.S.”

Democrats are terrified that Hispanics are turning away from their party, as they have long seen the U.S.’s demographic change towards greater numbers of Hispanics as a guarantee that their party will gain power. 

In October, a Hispanic Virginia voter appeared on Telemundo and said, “I believe that Biden turned me into a Republican. Biden is destroying the economy, inflation is through the roof. Everything is terrible.”

Media Research Center Latino’s Jorge Bonilla said the clip “will become the subject of nightmares” for Democrats. 

Democrats have repeatedly assumed that all minority voters are a lock for them. On Friday, Harris appeared on “Tha God’s Honest Truth” show with host Charlemagne Tha God. When he asked her who America’s real president is, Harris said, “Don’t start talking like a Republican, about asking whether or not he’s president.”

Her response was interpreted as showing the same assumption that all minority voters will automatically vote for Democrats that Biden demonstrated when he told the same host in 2020 that “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Ellie Gardey
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Ellie Gardey is reporter and assistant editor at The American Spectator. Follow her on Twitter @EllieGardey.
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