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John Oliver and the Media’s Woke Racial Supremacists
John Oliver attacks Tucker Carlson on Last Week Tonight, March 15, 2021 (YouTube screenshot)

Call them the Woke Racial Supremacists.

You know who they are — and so do they. These are the folks for whom race is always at issue because they themselves first, last, and always judge others by race.

This crowd is overwhelmingly composed of members of the American Left — and there is a reason for that.

The reason is as simple as it is crystal clear. The main political force behind the Left in America is the Democratic Party. And, as I’ve documented in historic detail, this is the Party of Race. After being formed by slave owners, issuing six platforms supporting slavery, staunchly supporting segregation, and writing Jim Crow laws, the party has now moved on to identity politics — the son of segregation. Now every American is to be judged by race, and Dr. King’s dream of people being judged by the content of their character instead is, itself, now racist.

And heaven help you if you stand up to this. If you do that, the Woke Racial Supremacists of the media will come for you.

The other day there was this headline at Mediaite:

Watch: John Oliver Dedicates Entire Segment to Exposing Tucker Carlson as a ‘White Supremacist’

The story begins:

It’s no secret that John Oliver has a habit of calling out Tucker Carlson, often calling him “racist,” judging his intelligencemocking his appearance, and even labeling him a “failed human.”

Oliver railed against Carlson yet again on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight — this time dedicating the bulk of his show to exposing the prime time host as “the most prominent vessel in America for white supremacist talking points.”

In a blink Oliver began displaying the tell-tale signs of Woke Racial Supremacy (or WRS) by calling Tucker a “racist” and “the most prominent vessel in America for white supremacist talking points.”

Talk about a raging case of unawareness. There is Brit John Oliver foaming with WRS. He not only judges Tucker by his race — a judgment that is, of course, racist — but he goes on a rant about “white supremacist talking points.” Which is WRS-speak for classifying everybody by race.

But Oliver isn’t alone in spewing this vile racial garbage. It comes from all kinds of places in the American media. From CNN to MSNBC to the New York Times to the Washington Post and on and on, Woke Racial Supremacy is the coin of the realm — just as it has been in the Party of Race for over two centuries.

It is impossible to build a political party with a culture of outright skin-color-judging racism, as Democrats did, and assume that just because the 21st century is here this outright racism will somehow disappear.

Another example: The other day Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson said he wasn’t as bothered by the January 6 riot as he would have been if the mob had been “tens of thousands of Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters.”

In a blink the Woke Racial Supremacists attacked Johnson as, you got it, racist.

They would have you ignore the obvious: BLM has white supporters, and Antifa is overwhelmingly white.

Here are a few headlines that go directly to Johnson’s decidedly non-racial point about violence from BLM and Antifa:

ELECTION NIGHT PREVIEW? Cops declare riot in Portland as Antifa and BLM protesters smash shop windows after march ‘against capitalism’

The story in November 2020 from the U.S. Sun begins this way:

COPS declared a riot in Portland on Saturday as Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters smashed shop windows in a march “against capitalism.”

Fired-up rioters lobbed projectiles at police and pepper-sprayed people passing by, police officers in the Oregon city said.

Then there was this headline from the New York Post in August 2020:

 BLM protesters set Portland police station on fire as riot intensifies

That story began this way:

Black Lives Matter militants set fire to a police station in Portland Sunday night during yet another night of violence in the Oregon city.

The march on the Portland Police Bureau’s north precinct had already been declared an unlawful assembly as police say they were pelted with “rocks and bottles” and had “powerful green lasers” pointed at them.

Then there are plenty of stories like this one, which appeared in the U.S. Sun:

Black Lives Matter protests and ‘riots’ after George Floyd’s death did as much as $2BILLION worth of damage

And, of course, there are many stories of people being killed in riots caused by either BLM or Antifa activists.

To suggest, as Sen. Johnson did, that an assault on the Capitol by BLM and Antifa activists would be typified by exactly the kind of violence these activists have so vividly displayed in cities across the country is to observe the decidedly non-racist obvious.

The bottom line: as they have done for their entire history, Democrats have used race to push their narrative of the moment. In this case, it was the leftist John Oliver’s attack on Tucker Carlson and the calls of “racist” after Sen. Johnson’s comments about the Capitol riot.

Oliver and others in the left-wing media who are obsessed with race are in fact the real problem here. They are the very embodiment of Woke Racial Supremacy.



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