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Joe Biden Is a Bald-Faced, Lying Slimeball
Joe Biden on last campaign day (YouTube screenshot)

We’re about to make a decision as a country in a presidential election that is fundamental.

It’s fundamental on a number of levels.

Ideologically, we’re about to choose between a president who aggressively champions America as founded, or at least as close to it as modern realities allow, and a Democrat challenger whose handlers are openly socialist.

In foreign policy, we’re about to choose between an America First stance demanding that our allies pull their weight, that trade deals don’t sell out our workers, that Islamic militants and other international villains not be coddled, that we stand up to China, and that the UN not eat our sovereignty … and someone bought and paid for by foreign influence with a proven record of being wrong on every element of that.

Economically, we’re about to choose between 33.1 percent annualized GDP growth in the third quarter of this year, and COVID, tax, energy, and regulatory policy that mean the effective end of wide-scale American prosperity.

Politically, we’re about to choose between regular, “flyover” America and a corrupt Washington Deep State elite, which, should it take down President Trump in this election, will never be brought to heel again. A study of the history of Ancient Rome will note that a corrupt, incestuous elite in the capital ultimately destroyed the Roman Republic, and this election is an inflection point at which our own elite will either be reined in and reformed or allowed to putrefy the entire country.

Morally, we’re at an inflection point as well.

Because while Joe Biden ambles about the country, now that political realities have forced him from his basement playroom claiming we’re in a “battle for the soul of America,” the limited truth in what he’s saying cuts opposite to what he means.

Joe Biden is the moral reprobate in this race, not Donald Trump. His manifest corruption aside, Joe Biden is the most aggressively mendacious, insultingly dishonest and shamelessly contemptuous liar in modern American political history. Biden’s campaign has told so many lies one often can’t quite understand what the point of the lying is.

Case in point was one of its most recent productions, in which Team Biden claimed that a gaggle of Trump supporters who were shadowing the Biden campaign bus as it rambled down I-35 between Austin and San Antonio had “rammed” an SUV driven by a Biden staffer, and called the Trumpers out for their “thuggish” and “violent” behavior. The truth, as it always is where Biden’s camp is concerned, was quite different: according to the San Marcos, Texas, police department, citing publicly available video footage, it was the Biden staffer, who was straddling two lanes, who caused the accident.

That’s par for the course. All Team Biden had to do was to say it was extremely impolite and juvenile for Trump supporters to tail the campaign bus, and they would have been right (though it would still have been hard to generate too much sympathy for them given Team Biden’s wink and a nod to street violence committed against Trump supporters).

But this is a campaign incapable of restraint in deference to truth. Its candidate managed to tell 65 lies in three hours during the two presidential debates, and they’ve not let up a bit since.

Take Biden’s principal campaign narrative, which is that Trump has “killed” some 200,000 Americans with a failed COVID-19 policy. I’d say every element of that narrative is false, though it doesn’t actually have any elements. Biden’s statement lacks any specificity, and not just because in his current cognitive state he isn’t capable of discussing public policy in detail. He simply makes the accusation, and then the evasions fly.

Were Trump’s travel restrictions a bad idea? At one point they were “xenophobic,” and then not so much. Were the shutdowns, which were state actions rather than federal ones, wrong? Not really, as Biden proposes more of the same — belching out the platitude that he’ll “shut down the virus, not the country” without any exposition of what that means.

Biden is running a TV attack ad claiming Trump’s management of COVID-19, which given what’s currently happening in Europe doesn’t look so bad at all right now, has been a disaster and that he has a better plan. But he won’t say what that plan is. He directs viewers to his website, where they find out that Biden’s plan is indistinguishable from Trump’s governance other than that he would impose Gretchen Whitmer/Gavin Newsom–style shutdowns nationwide.

It’s a level of contempt for the public you rarely see in a campaign for a major political office, but it shows up again and again. Even Biden’s Twitter following is spurious; it’s bought and paid for from troll farms in India.

Take the controversy surrounding his son Hunter and all the corrupt foreign deals he’s done clearly trading on the Biden name and Joe’s influence in foreign policy. Biden won’t even attempt to offer a plausible justification for the millions of dollars in bribes he’s clearly taken through intermediaries from less-savory regimes around the world.

One of those bribes came in the form of a $3.5 million wire transfer into a bank account of a Hunter Biden-owned company from the former first lady of Moscow, a corrupt oligarch involved in exceptionally seedy activity. Biden has offered absolutely no justification or explanation for that money, despite the fact there is little dispute it was paid. It’s especially obnoxious that he would remain silent on the issue considering Biden continues to slander Trump as a puppet of Vladimir Putin’s. The Trump–Russia smear, which Biden perpetuates by claiming, without evidence, the entire Hunter Biden laptop issue is “Russian disinformation,” was debunked by the Mueller Report, and what was more it was exposed as a 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign lie acted upon by the Obama–Biden administration as it opportunistically and malignantly spied on Trump’s 2016 campaign.

A more honest candidate would never mention Russia. Joe Biden doubles down on provable lies involving Moscow.

What else has he lied about?

Well, he said he didn’t oppose Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation, after it was clear the public liked her. That was an obvious falsehood.

He’s said Trump would kill the insurance of “100 million Americans” with pre-existing conditions, when it’s Biden who would toss 180 million Americans off private health insurance plans and inflict Medicaid, which U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy has rightly called “the illusion of health insurance,” on the lot of us.

He’s claimed that he isn’t in bed with Bernie Sanders, when Sanders essentially wrote the Democrat Party’s 2020 platform, and Biden bragged about that fact.

Part of that platform includes defunding the police, which Biden denies. But when the platform talks about spending money on social workers and mental health instead of law enforcement, that’s defunding the police unless you make a specific statement about increasing funding and then explain where the money comes from — which Biden has not done (at the same time the hard Left to whom he pays obeisance openly demands the police be defunded).

He said Trump has done nothing to help small businesses. That’s one of the most brazen lies in American political history, and it comes from a man whose publicly stated tax policies would wipe out small businesses en masse.

Biden continues to flog the lie that Trump paid $750 in taxes in 2016, when the figure quoted was a filing fee Trump paid and not his actual income tax bill, which ran into the millions.

Biden said the economy was “busted” just a couple of weeks before it was reported to have grown at a 33.1 percent annualized rate in the third quarter, an American record. He also claimed to have handed Trump over a booming economy; if that’s so, how come more than half of the American people say they’re better off now than four years ago even amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

He’s said his son did “nothing wrong” with Burisma, and that Hunter was “the smartest guy I know” and “an honorable man.” Brazen, bald-faced lies have been a staple of Joe Biden’s politics for decades, but … wow. Perhaps we can start an Honorable and Smart Crackhead Society and name Hunter as its first president.

Biden has claimed Trump defended white supremacists countless times, though even the legacy media types who repeat and promote this lie admit (sometimes) that it lacks basis.

Biden said increases in violent crime have happened in Republican cities, which is another bald-faced, obvious lie.

He’s said street violence is being promoted by Trump and that Trump “benefits” from it. The first part of that is clearly false; the second is gibberish Biden is saying now since the polls turned against his BLM allies in the streets. Previously his running mate touted the riots, saying they wouldn’t go away and they “shouldn’t.”

He’s spread the “losers and suckers” smear, which originated as an unsourced, or “anonymously” sourced, article in the partisan Democrat rag the Atlantic claiming Trump disparaged World War I military dead; some two dozen people with knowledge of the subject went on the record to denounce it as a lie. That didn’t stop Biden for a second from continuing to flog it.

Biden has denied he’s for the Green New Deal, but he’s publicly in favor of virtually every element of it. He’s denied he’s for banning fracking, and then he’s said he would eliminate the use of fossil fuels. His blatant dishonesty has its ground zero in Pennsylvania, where while he says he won’t ban fracking he campaigns with the grotesque pop star Lady Gaga, an anti-fracking activist.

He lied about the size of our trade deficit with China. He lied about violent crime statistics in the Obama administration. He repeated the unproven and almost certainly mendacious allegations that Trump knew about Russian bounties paid to Taliban fighters in Afghanistan for killing American troops. He claimed Trump had a “secret bank account” in China. He repeated the fundamental lie of Obamacare, that nobody lost their health insurance after it was passed. Millions did.

Biden accused Trump of trying to cut Medicare.

Biden says the Obama administration didn’t separate illegal immigrant kids from their families.

He said Obama freed 38,000 people from federal prison. He blamed a “Republican Congress” for a lack of criminal justice reform under Obama.

He’s so dishonest that on Monday, he claimed a University of Delaware jacket was a Philadelphia Eagles jacket when he was campaigning in Pennsylvania. It was a clear lie, and no, it wasn’t a mistake.

He says nobody who makes less than $400,000 a year would pay more under his tax plan. He also says he would roll back the Trump tax cuts. Those two statements are irreconcilable, and yet Biden routinely makes them at the same time.

Biden claims Trump’s payroll tax deferral plan would bankrupt Social Security by 2023, which is a lie, and a cruel one given that Biden has been an advocate of cutting Social Security payments for decades.

And on, and on, and on.

It’s so bad that one has to look very hard to find anything emanating from Biden’s mouth that is true.

These are not embellishments or hyperbole. They aren’t jokes or examples of trolling, as Trump so commonly tweaks his critics with. Biden isn’t capable of telling jokes anymore.

No, they’re substantive, rehearsed, scripted lies. They’re intended to deceive and propagandize the public, to present Biden as someone he is not.

The smart money says that this septic, pitiful, unfit, disgusting rotten husk of a man will fall short in his effort at achieving America’s highest political office. One can only hope that is the case, because Joe Biden is a bottomless pit of falsehood and deceit. Should he be elected, there is no depth to which he and the shadowy handlers controlling him will refuse to sink.

Scott McKay
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