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It Ain’t All About Twinning

The mystery is solved. So many earnest Republicans were puzzling over Chris Christie and his apparent affinity of the company of President Obama. Now we know the answer. He is cut from the same cloth of dirty politician.

Obama is a brutal punisher of all who dare stand up to his agenda or his party or him. He was only in office a few months and already he was using his leverage over General Motors and Chrysler to shut down successful dealerships for those brands. Why shutter the ones making money at a dire moment in the history of those corporations? Simple. They were owned by Republicans.

When the Supreme Court issued the Citizens United decision allowing campaign contributions by corporations, Obama insulted them in public during his State of the Union address. He could not gain sympathy if he criticized their view fairly, so he misrepresented their position to soften it for the scalpel. Nothing like this had ever been done before in the history of the presidency or of the Court for that matter. Apparently, Obama thought Teddy Roosevelt meant this kind of behavior when he called the presidency a bully pulpit.

When the Tea Party movement began as an honest cry from citizens fearful of runaway spending and debt, Obama had nothing but invective for them, no respect whatsoever. He even went so far as to use the dirty word “tea baggers,” easily the most obscene utterance in the history of the presidency. 

Most famously, the Internal Revenue Service under Obama has targeted Republican groups and individuals for rigorous audits, while stalling requests for nonprofit status by organizations not fully behind Obamacare or green energy.

When Rep. Paul Ryan dared to challenge Obama during the debate over the Affordable Care Act, he was sent an invitation to attend a public presentation by the President. When he came, he was escorted to a seat in the front row of the audience. Obama then took to the podium to mock and humiliate Ryan in front of a crowd.

Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona dared to speak out against the federal government going to court to fight Arizona’s immigration law. Shortly afterward, Obama flew to visit her state. When she stepped onto the tarmac to greet him, he began berating her over her earlier comments. General McChrystal made a remark Obama didn’t like and he was fired before he could blink.

Although Obama has expanded this sort of thing in his own caustic way, the general approach of slash-and-burn personal politics has long been Standard Operating Procedure for Democrats, alongside their rampant voter fraud, voter intimidation, and dirty tricks like slashing the tires of all Republican Party vehicles in Milwaukee the night before an election. This is one of the reasons a post-Nixon clean politics guy like me has been consistently repulsed by Democrat tactics.

To see Governor Christie play on this same nasty turf is an awful disappointment. His staffers have followed the exact playbook used by Obama’s team, whose main strategy in fighting the Sequester and the government shutdown has been to inconvenience ordinary people as much as possible. The Christie team learned those lessons well. To exact some picayune political revenge, they shut down the on-ramps from Fort Lee, New Jersey, to the George Washington Bridge, snarling traffic for days.

Christie claims to be incensed— “shocked and appalled” goes the old satiric phrase— over the unacceptable behavior of his aides and their subsequent lies to cover up the misdeeds. Baloney! No one is fooled by this paper-thin fig leaf, just like no one is actually fooled By Obama’s Benghazi lies. No one can function as a decent person in the midst of scheming and corrupt staffers. As King Solomon says (Proverbs 29:12), “A king who seeks false goals surrounds himself with immoral assistants.”

Some Republicans have been chortling in my ear about how turnabout is fair play and all that sort of thing. They are tired of being beaten by unethical tactics, so they would like to show that two can play at the same game. I beg to differ. Let us play fair and pick honest candidates. And if you want turnabout against the liars, you do it by opposing and exposing, not by emulating.

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