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Is Kamala Harris Being Forced Out by the Dems?

As the desertion rate of Vice President Kamala Harris’ staff has turned to a flood and as President Joe Biden’s polling tanks (with Harris’ poll numbers even lower), each passing day makes clear that the Democrats are maneuvering to force Kamala out — and they plan to do it soon.

They are in a panic following their dismal showing in the recent elections. Staring them in the face are the mid-term elections less than a year away. The Democrats are having heartburn over two concerns. The first is they see the president’s obvious decline, both physically and mentally. They realize that he will not be capable of stumping for candidates across the country. Their second concern is that they know that the veep is alarmingly unpopular across wide swaths of the electorate. The candidates in down-ballot races fear that having Kamala campaign in their districts would be a drag on the whole ticket.

And the Dems are terrified that Biden might become incapacitated or perhaps die in office. Kamala would immediately become president and also become the presumptive nominee in 2024. The Dem leadership is convinced that she could not win the presidency. Don’t take my word on it. Liberal political blogger Matthew Yglesias wrote last July, “Perhaps the worst-kept secret in Washington is that tons of Democrats are terrified of the prospect of Kamala Harris becoming the Democratic Party presidential nominee at some point in the future.”

In sum, the Dems are facing a drubbing in the 2022 elections. They are almost certain to lose their majority in the House (Rasmussen gives the Reps a 51-38 edge), and quite possibly in the Senate as well. Add to that the likelihood that several state legislative chambers will flip to Rep, and you can see why next year is shaping up to be “Annus Horribilis” for the Dems. Their leadership has concluded that they must do something dramatic to change the political landscape before next year’s campaigns begin.

Many factors lead me to conclude that the West Wing and congressional leadership are working behind the scenes to remove Harris from office.

When the Democrats settled on Biden as their nominee, many assumed they could prop him up in office until 2024 when their new “star” Kamala would ascend to the Oval Office — sort of a Weekend at Bernie’s scenario. However, the president is rapidly decomposing before our eyes. Combine that with Harris’ dismal performance in office, and the Dems have concluded that Harris must go — and soon.

The White House has been undercutting the vice president since Inauguration Day. She was assigned a portfolio of controversial and virtually impossible-to-achieve issues: stemming the flow across our southern border and passing legislation to federalize elections to overturn state laws that make it harder to commit voter fraud. More recently, Harris was dispatched to Paris for the thankless task of trying to mend our relationship with France in the aftermath of keeping President Emmanuel Macron in the dark as the Biden administration canceled the French contract to build submarines for Australia.

They are intentionally giving her tough assignments to torpedo her, and the consequent negative press she has generated has eroded her support to the extent that only 28 percent of voters approve of her job performance. Another poll found that 47 percent did not think she was qualified to be president.

A string of negative stories began appearing starting in May with headlines like “Kamala Harris Bombs at the Naval Academy.” Negative stories attributed to “anonymous White House sources” have appeared at an ever-increasing rate: “White House ‘Perplexed’ By Kamala Harris Performance on First Foreign Policy Trip: CNN,” “Biden’s milestone VP pick is looking more like a millstone,” and “The Long Knives Come out for Kamala Harris as Her Vice Presidency Continues to Collapse.”

The drumbeat picked up with a June 30 Politico story headlined “Not a healthy environment: Kamala Harris’ office rife with dissent.” It quoted anonymous White House “sources” who said that Harris’s office was dysfunctional: “It’s become an all-too-familiar pattern for a politician who has churned through several iterations of staff on her rise.” Similar stories denigrating Harris continued all summer. Then, on election night, November 2, the world collapsed on the Dems with dismal showings in state and local elections across the country. It was time to reassess their plans for the elections in 2022.

How the Dems Plan to Dump Kamala

A little more than a week after the Dems’ disastrous showing in state and local elections, the press unloaded withering broadsides at Kamala. On November 10, the Hill published a scathing critique of Harris: “At 28 percent, say goodbye to Kamala Harris being Plan B for an aging Biden.”

On the same day, the Globe and Mail cited leaks from the Biden White House: “There are stories of dysfunction in her office as there were in her failed campaign for the nomination, the one in which she couldn’t build a ground game…. It would be helpful to have a second-in-command tending to his woes instead of adding to them.”

Four days later, CNN delivered the coup de grâce in a lengthy article: “Exasperation and dysfunction: Inside Kamala Harris’ frustrating start as vice president.” They reported that “Worn out by what they see as entrenched dysfunction and lack of focus, key West Wing aides have largely thrown up their hands at Vice President Kamala Harris and her staff.” (READ MORE: Who’s Surprised That Kamala Harris Is Toxic?)

When CNN, the lapdog of the DNC, launches a savage attack on Harris while quoting anonymous White House sources, it is obvious the White House is moving to dump Harris.

I am sure you are asking how can the Dems replace a sitting vice president mid-term? The answer is: put heavy pressure on Harris to resign — but do it out of public view. It has happened before. As Richard Nixon’s presidency came under increasing scrutiny for the Watergate break-in, the Nixon team sought to satiate the political bloodlust by throwing his vice president, Spiro “Ted” Agnew to the sharks.

The Nixon team dug up “evidence” of Agnew’s alleged corruption when he was county executive of Baltimore. The Nixon team presented Agnew with an “offer he couldn’t refuse” — resign or be indicted. Agnew read the handwriting on the wall and resigned. He pled nolo contendere to a single federal count of failing to report $29,500 in income that he had received while governor of Maryland.

Years later, I was a guest of Ted and Judy Agnew at their modest home in Palm Springs. Over dinner, we discussed a wide range of topics. Of course, the circumstances of his resignation came up. He said it became obvious that the Nixon team had decided to jettison him. He told me he knew the fix was in when Nixon’s team filed a brief arguing that a sitting vice president can be indicted while in office. That is contrary to the position of the Department of Justice, which clearly holds that a sitting vice president cannot be indicted while in office. And that remains the policy of the DOJ today.

In retrospect, he concluded that the lawyer recommended by the White House wasn’t really representing him but was instead doing the bidding of Nixon and his team. The lawyer was the Judas Goat leading him to the slaughter.

The Dems have the same ability to “encourage” Kamala to resign. She could use any excuse to explain her resignation, e.g., family or health reasons could be cited. If she resists their “offers” — all my sources say she is likely to fight them — the Bidens would turn the screws by “discovering” she had done something illegal during her decades in public office. They would then leak that she was under investigation and that criminal charges were possible — just as Nixon did to Agnew. They’ll certainly find something. As Beria, the head of Stalin’s secret police said, “You find the man; I’ll find the crime.” As an IRS agent bragged to a colleague of mine, “We can carve our paddle to fit anybody’s ass.”

But are the Democrats willing to go that far? With disaster looming in the coming elections, I think the answer is “yes.” In fact, the wheels are already in motion to push Kamala out.

In the last few weeks, there has been a flurry of inquiries by the White House and congressional offices about the process for approving an appointed vice president. The law is easy to understand — should a vacancy occur in the Office of the Vice President, the president nominates a replacement. The law requires that a majority of each house separately concur.

If the Democrats were to lose their majority in either house, the Reps could defeat Biden’s choice. The Democrats know they have a very short window to replace Harris because their chances of losing their majority in either house get more likely each day. Should that occur, the GOP will be in a position to defeat whoever Biden nominates. The Democrats reason that if Harris is to be booted and replaced, it has to be done soon after the new year so that the new vice president can hit the trail ASAP to stump for candidates up in 2022. The Dems’ sense of urgency is palpable.

Who Will the White House Pick to Replace Harris?

So, who will Biden choose to be the successor to Harris? There is a sudden flurry of speculation that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is being primed. For example, Buttigieg was chosen to take part in announcing and doling out the $1.2 trillion authorized in Biden’s signature infrastructure legislation.

Biden obsesses about being “the first” to do something, and the LGBTQ community would be ecstatic to have Buttigieg become the first gay vice president. There is no doubt that gays carry outsized clout at the highest level of the DNC. The Dems figure that the LGBTQ community is a much larger voting bloc than black voters. Plus, gays are DINC’s (Double Income No Children) and have lots of disposable cash to contribute.

The Dem leadership calculates that the enthusiasm generated by the prospect of the first gay vice president (who will be the odds-on favorite to be the Dem nominee in 2024) will outweigh the expected blowback from Black voters who will resent kicking Kamala to the curb. It’s their thinking — when the Dems nominated and elected Obama twice, they ticked the “Black President” box on their “interest group checklist.”

But Buttigieg has made several missteps. He stumbled badly when he claimed that roads were racist instruments of segregation. Social media exploded with derision at his laughable claim. His two-month parental leave was even more problematic. The timing was awful because Buttigieg was AWOL while Congress ground to a halt over negotiations on the president’s infrastructure bill. To further complicate matters, our supply chain was bogged down with dozens of ships idling outside ports waiting to unload their cargo. Buttigieg had principal authority over crises. His unannounced leave embarrassed the administration.

Buttigieg’s resume is very thin on executive experience. He was the mayor of a mid-size Midwestern city, and that’s it. A common concern among Dem bigwigs is whether he is capable of managing the sprawling federal bureaucracy.

Many “wise men” who are concerned about foreign policy fear his inexperience and image as a lightweight will further harm our image abroad. After all, the totality of his foreign policy experience consists of having ordered French roast coffee occasionally. Dems at the Pentagon and the State Department worry that he is incapable of dealing with the seasoned and tough leaders around the globe, especially in China and Russia.

While the media have focused on Buttigieg as their “beau idéal” candidate, he is merely a stalking horse to gauge the reaction to removing Kamala. If I am correct, then who else might Biden nominate who would excite the party, be ready to step into the presidency, and make a strong nominee in 2024?

I believe the plan is for Biden to nominate his wife Jill Biden to replace Kamala as vice president, and then succeed him as president, becoming the first female president in our history.

In fact, I think the plan all along was for Jill to run for president in Joe’s place in 2024. However, last month’s election calamity has forced the Dem leadership to move up the timetable. The plan to oust Kamala has been in place for many months. With one or both houses of Congress likely to flip red, Dems must act post-haste.

I wonder: who was behind saddling Kamala with a trifecta of thorny issues? Who is behind the steady drip, drip, drip of negative stories about the veep, beginning with many stories strongly criticizing her performance in Guatemala?

It’s interesting to note that while Harris was getting battered in Guatemala, Jill was with Joe on Air Force One jetting to Geneva for the G-7 meeting. And lo and behold, the White House released a photo of Jill sitting behind the president’s desk carefully studying files that were laid out in front of her.

Jill immediately tweeted that photo with the telling caption, “Prepping for the G7.” One reporter quipped, “Who do you think got Kamala Harris sent to Guatemala during the G7 conference?”

Jill has a long memory, and she is reportedly still furious that Harris in effect called Joe a racist for his stance on forced busing. In a phone call with supporters, according to Politico, the First Lady bitterly ripped into Harris: “With what he cares about, what he fights for, what he’s committed to, you get up there and call him a racist without basis? Go f—k yourself.”

Jill has been criticized in some quarters for subjecting her husband to the rigors of a campaign and a term in the White House, as well as the many embarrassing incidents that followed that decision. Her critics have called it “elder abuse” to put her husband in the spotlight when his mental and physical health are clearly in decline. Some of those detractors attribute it to Jill’s own ambitions to be president.

Whether that criticism is valid or not, it is clear that Jill is heading in that direction. My advice to Kamala and Pete is: “Watch out: you are in Mrs. Biden’s way.”

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