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Dems Favor Open Borders During Coronavirus
Joe Biden on April 22 (YouTube screenshot)

The other day the Washington Post ran a piece entitled, “Trump’s new immigration focus could squeeze Biden into a Democratic tug of war.” The suggestion of the piece is that Biden, in order to appear reasonable during the coronavirus crisis, will have to buck the open-borders voices within his party.

“President Trump’s sudden announcement that he would bar immigrants from entering the country could present a challenging proposition for probable Democratic nominee Joe Biden, potentially thrusting him back into a tug of war between a Democratic base firmly opposed to stricter border policies and more-moderate voters willing to consider them, particularly during an economic calamity,” the Post’s Sean Sullivan writes.

Trump is calling the Democrats’ bluff, showing the American public that the party that is pretending to be oh-so-careful about risks during this crisis is utterly careless when it comes to immigration.

The problem is that no such tug of war exists within the party. Biden and every other major figure in the party all agree that it should be a de facto open borders party. They are all in favor of health care for illegal immigrants, essentially no deportations, no wall, and emasculating border security. They have gone beyond supporting sanctuary cities to proposing that America be a sanctuary country.

Trump is calling the Democrats’ bluff, showing the American public that the party that is pretending to be oh-so-careful about risks during this crisis is utterly careless when it comes to immigration. Why should anyone take seriously a party that wants the country shut down but its borders left open?

Biden’s response to Trump’s suspension of immigration indicates that he is going to maintain the party’s reckless stance. Biden bleated, “Rather than execute a swift and aggressive effort to ramp up testing, Donald Trump is tweeting incendiary rhetoric about immigrants in the hopes that he can distract everyone from the core truth: he’s moved too slowly to contain this virus, and we are all paying the price for it.”

Leave it to the Democrats to favor more rights for foreigners during this crisis than American citizens. They pooh-pooh citizens leaving their houses while encouraging foreigners to leave theirs. According to Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, it is dangerous to let citizens travel between their own houses, even as her party says that travel between countries is no big deal.

Biden lacks the backbone and common sense to buck his party at this moment. He remains in pander mode. He is still worried about impressing AOC and company that he too stands in solidarity with illegal immigrants.

Biden is to the left of Obama on immigration. He has been running away from the “deportations” that took place under him, saying that it “took too long” to get that policy right. Biden has promised to stop all deportations during the first 100 days of his administration. He says that he will deport illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes, but who knows if even he will follow up on that? He is on record saying that illegal immigrants guilty of drunk driving should not be deported. He even suggested punishing ICE officials who do so.

“I think Joe Biden has lost his mind,” Tom Homan, former acting director of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, told Fox News. “He was in Congress for decades. He knows how this works. There is no prerequisite, you commit any crime to be removed from the United States if you’re here illegally. That is the way the law is written in statute. If he doesn’t like what ICE is doing then he can change the law, but you cannot fire a law enforcement officer to enforcing the law that he took an oath to enforce, a law that was enacted by Congress. It is a ridiculous statement.”

Biden’s babblings on the subject of immigration expose the depth of unseriousness the Democrats bring to the issue, even at a time of national crisis. It shows that the party of “health,” supposedly so worried about scarce resources, is willing to expend resources to accommodate immigration. And it shows that “middle class” Joe doesn’t care a whit about protecting American jobs as America slides into recession.

Trump, once again, is displaying his shrewd instincts, taking measures to strengthen the country while boxing Democrats into embracing their foreigner first policies.

George Neumayr
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George Neumayr, a senior editor at The American Spectator, is author most recently of The Biden Deception: Moderate, Opportunist, or the Democrats' Crypto-Socialist?
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