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Our Cubacrat President and His Revolutionary Handlers
President Biden gives voting rights speech, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 13, 2021 (YouTube screenshot)

Let’s make something clear at the outset of this column: when we talk of President Joe Biden, we’re talking about the product of the agglomeration of leftist hacks and wannabe-autocrat thugs who handle and control him. No one outside of the nursing home our White House has become really knows exactly who makes up that cabal, but it’s not an unreasonable analysis to say the men behind the curtain are actually a quartet of women — Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Jill Biden — ahem, Dr. Jill Biden — and Susan Rice.

There are probably others. It takes a village to raise an invalid president, after all.

Any realistic portrayal of Biden as president must take into account that he is an empty, hollowed-out husk of a man, and that he is the living, breathing tragedy imitating the farce that was Ron Burgundy. He says whatever is on that teleprompter, at least until he can’t anymore, and he then devolves into mindless babbling.

People in his own party are beginning to lose their nerve over Biden’s mental incompetence. Foreign leaders take it for granted. China readies their invasion of Taiwan by illegally chasing our naval vessels from the South China Sea, or at least that’s their claim. Russia has unleashed a flurry of aggressive activity, from warning Biden not to intervene in Cuba or to base any more troops in Central Asia to a rash of cyberattacks on government and business websites. Even Iran is lecturing Biden on Cuba.

None of that need happen, of course. The Biden administration isn’t going to act to promote democracy in Cuba. Biden’s handlers and allies are wholly on the side of the Castroite regime there, tepid congratulations to Sunday’s demonstrators shamed out of his administration by Capitol Hill Republicans notwithstanding.

As they ought to be. There is no difference between the people who run Cuba and the people who run Biden. They are the same.

Bernie Sanders and AOC are longtime fans of the Castroites, after all, just as Barack Obama was happy to take pictures under Che Guevara’s gaze and canoodle with Raúl Castro at a ball game. After a few days of shocked silence that the victims of communism on that enslaved island took to the streets shouting “Freedom” and “other anti-government slogans,” Sanders’ best response was a weak attack on the United States for having imposed sanctions on Cuba and thus having been the cause of the deprivations of the Cuban people.

Sanders didn’t explain how those sanctions didn’t stop Fidel Castro from dying richer than Mitt Romney. He also didn’t mention the fact that his words parroted those emanating from the Cuban regime.

And he’s the one writing the federal budget, which apparently is going to top the $6 trillion mark, an amount that will do to the dollar what Sanders’ socialist pals have done to the Bolívar and the moneda nacional.

AOC had nothing to say. Her pals at the Democratic Socialists of America are — of course! — in solidarity with “the Revolution” in Cuba.

It was against this backdrop of foreign policy malaise and decline, and emboldened enemy tyrants, along with living proof of the hellish existence and human misery that Biden’s handlers’ ideological fetishes ultimately produce, that they sent him to Philadelphia.

To do what? you ask. To defend freedom? To encourage the Cuban people? To warn China that conquering its neighbor and polluting the waters off the Philippines with fecal matter, a true environmental crime if ever there was one, won’t stand?

Surely you jest.

No, Biden went to Philadelphia to accuse the American people of bigotry and racism for their legislators in 17 states having passed election reform legislation:

President Joe Biden claimed on Tuesday that January 6 rioters are worse than slave-owning Confederates in the Civil War because they breached the U.S. Capitol.

During a Tuesday speech in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Biden mocked Republicans for their attempts to pass voter integrity legislation.

That isn’t hyperbole. It’s an accurate, or at least completely reasonable, interpretation of this:

The assault on free and fair elections is just such a threat — literally. I’ve said it before. We’re facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War. It’s not hyperbole — since the Civil War. Confederates, back then, never breached the Capitol as insurrectionists did on January 6. I’m not saying this to alarm you. I’m saying this because you should be alarmed. 

What should we be alarmed about, Joe? Should we be alarmed that people who came to the U.S. Capitol unarmed seeking to, as the First Amendment to the Constitution prescribes, petition Congress for a redress of grievances have been imprisoned for months without trial? Certainly there were crimes committed during the idiocy of that day, but most would be disposed of with fines and community service rather than solitary confinement, no? Should we be alarmed that Pelosi’s Capitol Police, having shot and killed one unarmed protester on Jan. 6, is now branching out across the country to seek out more “insurrectionists” to arrest and detain on charges of … what? Trespassing?

Not a single person has been charged with sedition, treason, or insurrection connected to the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. It’s been six months and not a single “insurrectionist” has been judged by a jury of his peers for those crimes. But dozens languish in jail nonetheless.

In Cuba, something similar is going on. The Castroite regime, currently run by a flunky of the revolution by the name of Miguel Díaz-Canel, employs a group of hired thugs under the name of Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, or CDR. They’re neighborhood enforcers in service to the Communist Party, and they’re the eyes and ears of the oppressors there. After Sunday’s demonstrations, the CDR has been going door to door interrogating Cubans to find out who were the insurrectionists, grabbing the folks ratted out by their neighbors, and hauling them off to be imprisoned without trial. And anyone with a reputation as a troublemaker — the Usual Suspects who have spoken out against communist tyranny there — finds himself rounded up and jailed.

Because a demonstration against an unrestrained, lawless government that runs sham elections and harbors no respect for either limits on the power of the state, natural law, or the God-given rights of the individual cannot be countenanced.

Here’s hoping Díaz-Canel doesn’t read too many American papers, or he might pick up a few pointers. The regime in America is sending people door-to-door and now apparently wants to spy on private text messages, all under the cover of promoting vaccines and stopping people from spreading “misinformation” about COVID. Wonder if they’ll start with Anthony Fauci. In Cuba they just shut the internet down, which is far too primitive an approach — if the Castro remnant wants to do it right they’ll have their tech bureaucrats selectively censor those they disfavor, because that’s how you can stop free people from getting the word out. Just ask the New York Post and the others trying to report on Hunter’s laptop. Díaz-Canel perhaps isn’t quite panicked enough to call out the National Guard or put razor wire around the government buildings in Havana. Or maybe he is. Or maybe after six decades of socialism there isn’t enough razor wire to go around, just like there isn’t enough toilet paper or hypodermic needles.

Biden called the Republican Party “bullies and merchants of fear and peddlers of lies” who are “threatening the very foundation of our country.” He said this as he plans to meet with the “fleas” — the Texas Democrat House members who fled that state for their ideological home in D.C. rather than lose votes on social media censorship, critical race theory, protecting girls’ sports, and promoting election integrity. Biden is railing against the filibuster in the Senate while feting the practitioners of an identical tactic in the Lone Star State’s Legislature.

It doesn’t matter that vast majorities of Americans, including vast majorities of blacks, Hispanics, and other minority groups, are in favor of a voter ID requirement, or that practices like ballot harvesting and unaccountable drop boxes for mail-in ballots are widely seen as the open invitations to fraud that they are. To legislate against such abuses of a competent system of elections is to “threaten the very foundation of our country.” And of course Biden’s Texas pals must “defend democracy” by thwarting its mechanism in a state legislative context.

And that isn’t hyperbole at all.

The hack who runs the Cuban regime wasn’t in Philadelphia when his own “very foundations” were threatened. He might as well have been, though. Díaz-Canel accused his own demonstrators of trying to “fracture the unity of the people” and urged his lickspittles to “go out in the streets where these provocations will occur, from now on and in the next few days. And to face them in a decisive, firm, and courageous way.”

Biden hasn’t called for his own people to take to the streets. He doesn’t need to. They already did it last year, and when they did Harris encouraged them. She and her staffers even paid for their bail. And the Democrats who run the cities Biden’s voters destroyed won’t even prosecute them for the hundreds of millions of dollars in property crimes they committed.

So no, the Russians, Chinese, and Iranians have nothing to worry about. We aren’t going to help the Cuban people throw off communist tyranny. Not when the people in charge of Joe Biden are on the side of the communists and have been for a long time.

Scott McKay
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Scott McKay is publisher of the Hayride, which offers news and commentary on Louisiana and national politics, and RVIVR.com, a national political news aggregation and opinion site. Additionally, he's the author of the new book The Revivalist Manifesto: How Patriots Can Win The Next American Era, available at Amazon.com. He’s also a writer of fiction — check out his three Tales of Ardenia novels Animus, Perdition and Retribution at Amazon. Scott's other project is The Speakeasy, a free-speech social and news app with benefits - check it out here.
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