Bernie Sanders Just Nominated a Man to the Democratic Platform Committee Who Accused Israel of Committing a Holocaust

In an effort to placate Bernie Sanders, the DNC (via Hillary Clinton) have seen fit to allow Bernie to appoint five people to the DNC’s Platform Committee.

Sanders appointed environmental activist Bill McKibben (who I saw introduce Bernie here in Boston last October), Native American activist Deborah Parker, academic Cornel West, Congressman Keith Ellison and Arab American Institute President James Zogby.

This would be the same James Zogby who has said Israel is committing “a Holocaust” against the Palestinians. For good measure, Zogby has also called Israelis “Nazis.” Not surprisingly, Zogby also supports the BDS Movement characterizing it as both “legitimate” and “moral.” West also supports BDS. Congressman Ellison is more cagey, but has long been associated with individuals and organizations who are overtly anti-Israel.

Yes, the Obama Administration has long been unsympathetic to Israel, but now that Bernie Sanders (a Jew no less) sees fit to add overtly anti-Israel people to write the party’s platform, the DNC’s approval is an exercise in useful idiocy. Given all the anti-Semitism that has enveloped Britain’s Labour Party, I shudder to think what the Democratic Party will look like in four years from now thanks to one socialist.

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